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Weight-reduction plan And Life-style Recommendation For Pitta Dosha Physique Sort

Listed below are the recommendation associated to sexual well being, pores and skin well being, eating regimen, psychological well being that may be useful if in case you have a Pitta Dosha Physique Sort. 

In case you are new to dosha physique varieties, then learn about Prakruti here and right here (As per master Susruta)

Pores and skin

Further heat to the touch, heat physique
Extra facial marks, freckles, black moles
Recommendation –
Facial lotions with sandalwood paste, rose water, Manjishta (Rubia cordifolia), licorice
Oil therapeutic massage with coolant oil equivalent to Coconut oil.
Each time a physician recommends an natural oil, the coconut oil model will probably be higher for you.
For instance,
Neelibhringadi taila -> Neelibhringadi coconut oil (additionally known as Neelibhringadi keram).


Reddish tongue, lips, palms and toes
wrinkled pores and skin

Coolant oil therapeutic massage, equivalent to  – chandanadi taila or Manjishtadi taila.
Attempt to put on a cap or use an umbrella each time going below sizzling son.

Hair, nails, mustache 

Mushy, hair, mustache, and physique hairs.
much less amount of hairs on scalp, mustache and on physique.
Coppery crimson nails
Early greying
Early balding  / lack of hairs
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Put on caps going below Solar,
Coolant hair oils – every day software
Coconut oil, Amla taila, Neelibhringadi coconut oil and so on.

Sexual well being

Low high quality semen and ova, low sexual need and fewer off-springs
Recommendation –
Candy, coolant aphrodisiacs
Dry fruits equivalent to dates, raisins, almond.
Use cucumber, ash gourd, saffron, milk in eating regimen.
Kushmanda Avaleha , Kumaryasavam
Ikshuradi Lehyam
Eladi Vati and so on.

Physique elements

Tender, clear physique elements
yellowish tinge to physique
Brittle physique elements

Oil therapeutic massage, sweets, nourishing eating regimen
Average quantity of train

Fleshy odor Putrid odor of axilla, mouth, head and physique.
Troubled with suppuration within the cavity of the mouth. – frequent oral ulcers, oral thrush
Recommendation –
Coolant meals, use of sandalwood, Triphala, Usheera (vetiver) and so on.
Use good high quality perfumes.
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Starvation and thirst

Extreme starvation and thirst, sturdy digestion energy
Liable to gastritis.
Recommendation –
At all times carry a bottle of water.
Keep away from fasting
Keep away from extra use of spices
Take meals at common intervals.
Heavy to digest meals equivalent to non veg, oils and fat – in small parts.
Keep away from very gentle to digest meals equivalent to Powa (flattened rice). You’ll begin feeling hungry in a short time.

Meals consumption

Massive portions, Grasping eater
Management over-eating.
Be aware and methodical in your eating regimen plans.
embody just a few bitter veggies equivalent to pointed gourd, bottle gourd, curry leaves, turmeric and so on.

Weight-reduction plan recommendation –
Ayurvedic Pitta Diet – food suitable for Pitta body type

Psychological features

Psychological features / anger / temper
Lack of ability to face tough conditions, illiberal, quick mood, calms down rapidly
Anger controlling measures
Yoga and Pranayama – no less than for quarter-hour a day.
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Chilly or sizzling sensitivity

Can’t tolerate sizzling issues (spices and summer time)
Keep away from direct daylight within the afternoon.
Keep away from extra spices.


Looseness and softness of joints and muscular tissues;
Every day oil therapeutic massage with Mahanarayana taila is helpful.
In case you wouldn’t have time for full physique therapeutic massage, no less than apply a little bit of oil to the knees and decrease again, half-hour earlier than tub, on a regular basis.


Sweat, urine and feces in massive amount
Recommendation –
Use of usheera, Triphala, Sariva, Amla, Turmeric


Sensible, sharp speak
Skilled, clever, sharp thoughts
Intimidating whereas speaking, tries to manage the argument along with his phrases
Monopolize dialog

Attempt to be pleasant and fewer argumentative
Give others an opportunity to specific their opinion.
Be extra listening.


Much less to reasonable sleep.
Head therapeutic massage with amla taila – as soon as a day.
Apply amla oil to toes earlier than going to mattress. It retains the physique and thoughts calm and induces deep sleep.


Coppery crimson eyes. Liable to burning sensation in eyes
Use Triphala Ghrita – 1 drops to every eyes, for two months in an 12 months.

Seasonal recommendation

Throughout Autumn, Pitta goes up excessively.
Observe the autumn season regimen diligently.


Raktamokshana – Blood letting remedy particularly  throughout Autumn season. You may donate blood throughout Autumn season. It actually helps your well being, as a lot because it helps the affected person receiving your blood.
Virechana – purgation remedy is helpful.
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Weight-reduction plan for Pitta

Ayurveda classifies physique structure primarily based on three elements. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Individuals with Pitta predominance can have options equivalent to – feeling extreme warmth more often than not, having frequent abdomen and digestion associated problems, who see fireplace of their desires, having  redness in eyes, face, palms and toes. [These are only the key features. Watch this platform in coming days for self-analysis of  body constitution will be discussed.]

In case you are of Pitta physique kind, listed here are the record of issues that ought to be a part of “pitta physique kind eating regimen”.  –

Pitta eating regimen:
Butter – Click on to examine How to make butter in keeping with Ayurveda and Butter benefits
Jack fruit (ripe)
Moth bean is coolant, helpful in nasal bleeding, heavy intervals, candy in style.
Lotus – lotus seed and stalk is utilized in preparation of sambar / rasam. A garland of lotus can also be suggested to calm Pitta.
Sugarcane – It calms Pitta, it additionally does kidney and bladder cleaning. Click on to learn Sugarcane juice benefits
Pointed guard (paraval) –  its fruit is utilized in Indian cooking. Additionally it is good for liver.
Date (kharjoora) – Dates used every day is sweet for calming pitta.
Fennel seeds – Other than calming Pitta, additionally it is an excellent pure mouth freshener herb.
Grapes – Are you aware “Draksha phalottamaa!” – Of all of the fruits, Draksha (grapes) is the very best!.
Neem leaves – It’s a frequent apply to chew neem leaves in some Indians, aside from calming Pitta, it additionally improves meals style and is sweet for pores and skin.
Turmeric – Utilizing turmeric in common cooking is superb. Its anti- most cancers property is scientifically confirmed, learn extra about turmeric remedy.
Rose – Rose water, rose petals are wonderful to calm Pitta. Additionally it is useful in lowering acidity
Coriander – Coriander is a wonderful pure cleanser. Examine simply make and use coriander soup recipe
Cucumber – its face pack can also be equally good for Pitta physique kind.
Amla treatment – One other technique to take Amla powder for Pitta is to take it together with jaggery. Discover ways to do it – Amla Home remedy for Pitta
Coconut and coconut oil – good for each Pitta and abdomen. As a common rule, all candy tasting meals substances are Pitta pacifying in nature. Candy apple, candy grapes, Apricots, candy Berries, Guava, ripe candy mangoes, water melon, Papaya, candy orange, Pears, Plums (candy), Prunes
Ripe Falsa fruit
Water chestnut
Shringataka – Trapa bispinosa
Yuthika – Juhi – Jasminum auriculatum:

VEGETABLES Generally candy, astringent and bitter greens – Asparagus, cooked beets, carrot, inexperienced beans, Corn (contemporary) Cucumber, Dandelion, Kale Lettuce,  Parsley, candy Potatoes, Pumpkin, Taro root, Wheatgrass, sprouts,

GRAINS Barley Cereal, Granola, Oats, Pancakes, Rice (basmati, white, wild), Spelt Sprouted, wheat bread (essene), Tapioca, DAIRY Butter, Cheese, Cottage cheese,
LEGUMES – Black beans, Kidney beans, Mung beans, Mung dal, Pinto beans, Soybeans Soy cheese, Soy milk, Tofu, White beans NUTS – Almonds (soaked and peeled)
SEEDS – Halva, Psyllium, Sunflower
Totally ripe, candy mango

Meals to keep away from

In case you are of Pitta kind keep away from this stuff so far as potential –
Mango that ripens on the tree, which is nice however little bitter, barely will increase Pitta Dosha (Bhavaprakasha)
Unripe mango, Bitter mangoMustard, fenugreek, cinnamon, chillies, Pepper, Asafoetida, Cumin seeds, Black caraway, Linseed oil, Flax seed oil, ajowan, Tulasi, Fenugreek, Vacha – Acorus calamus, Pepper-grass
Ajagandha – Gynandropsis gynandra
Unripe Mango
Unripe Falsa fruit
Amlavetasa – Garcinia pedunculata
Asthi Samhara – Cissus quadrangularis
Unripe Ceylon oak fruit – Koshamra – Schleichera oleosa
Leaves and shoot of Chakramarda – Cassia tora
Fruit of Shami tree – Prosopis cineraria

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