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Vikriti Pariksha – Examination Of Illness

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Vikriti means an abnormality. It’s an irregular change going down in fundamental bodily and psychological structure of the physique i.e Prakriti. Vikriti additionally means illness. It’s a time period which explains pathological manifestations within the physique and thoughts.
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Predominance of dosha shouldn’t be all the time irregular – Prakriti is made up of doshas. When a specific mixture of doshas which make up physique structure are at elevated ranges, they present indicators of improve and this isn’t pathological. It’s because an individual having predominance of a dosha(s) will clearly present their indicators and they’re regular. The predominance of a number of doshas itself known as prakriti. A specific dosha regardless of being elevated compared to the opposite doshas in a state of prakriti wouldn’t trigger illnesses as a result of it’s merely a rise in that dosha as per the legislation of dominance of 1’s structure. We can’t name it an imbalance. Although it’s a relative imbalance of doshas it’s a wholesome steadiness and contributes in direction of upkeep of well being.

Instance 1 – In Vata constitution person vata is predominant. This isn’t thought-about a pathological improve of vata. It additionally doesn’t trigger illnesses. Vata is simply predominant compared to pitta and kapha and is regular to that individual. Pitta and kapha are much less predominant compared to vata.

Instance 2 – In pitta-kapha structure both pitta or kapha or each are predominant compared to vata. Vata is much less predominant compared to pitta and kapha. It’s regular and never pathological.

The opposite constitutions too shall be thought-about and understood in an analogous manner.

Data of vikriti is important for a doctor for treating the illnesses in a complete manner. It’s because when vikriti occurs, imbalances happen within the physique elements and trigger illness. Examination of vikriti consists of understanding the illness.
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Examination of Vikriti

Illness shall be examined by understanding the beneath talked about elements in relation to the pathology of that illness –


Hetu means etiological elements of a illness. Publicity to etiological elements is important for the onset of the illness course of within the physique. They are going to first trigger imbalance of doshas. These vitiated doshas in flip will contaminate the tissues of the physique, thus resulting in the formation of illnesses. The character, amount and energy of etiological elements decide the character, amount and energy of the illness. Additionally assist the medical doctors to advise sufferers to maintain away the causative elements.
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The illnesses are precipitated as a consequence of imbalances within the doshas. These imbalances could also be in particular person doshas or relative to different doshas. Imbalance in a dosha will clearly trigger its relative imbalance with the opposite two doshas. The qualitative and quantitative imbalance of doshas needs to be understood. This imbalance could also be both within the type of pathological improve or lower. Thus the deformity of illness course of shall be examined by the use of understanding the concerned doshas within the pathogenesis of that illness.
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Dushya means the elements of the physique which are likely to get contaminated by the vitiated doshas. The tissues in wholesome state are the physique’s first line of protection. The amount and variety of tissues contaminated by the vitiated doshas determines the character and prognosis of the illness. The extent of injury of the tissues additionally displays reducing of energy and immunity of a person. The standing of tissues needs to be thought-about whereas analyzing the illness.
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The structure of the affected person known as prakriti. The structure of each individual is made up of dosha(s) and the identical doshas when imbalanced causes illnesses. The people who find themselves made up of a specific dosha / doshas structure can be susceptible to get illnesses attributable to the identical doshas compared to the opposite doshas. By understanding the structure of an individual it’s simple to deduce the type of illnesses that they’d undergo from. Instance – A vata structure individual is extra susceptible to develop vata disorders if vata aggravating etiological elements are consumed regularly. Vata individuals are extra prone to get degenerative issues. Pitta individuals are extra prone to undergo from inflammatory issues.

Examination of a illness from a prakriti perspective is essential as a result of it helps the doctor to know if the illness i.e. vikriti has been developed within the individual of the identical prakriti or completely different prakriti. This additionally determines the kind of remedy to be undertaken and in addition the prognosis of the illness. Instance – An overweight individual coming for remedy of weight problems and weight discount could not essentially be of kapha structure (kapha structure individuals are extra susceptible to undergo from obese circumstances, weight problems and its problems). She or he could inform that they have been born skinny and grew up with the identical physique body and immediately have gained monumental weight within the final couple of years. This reveals that it’s a case of obese or weight problems manifesting in a vata structure individual. Weight problems in a vata individual and weight problems in a kapha individual will want completely different remedy approaches and each needs to be seen as completely different pathological entities.
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The illness producing fundamental causative elements can be known as prakriti. In different phrases these elements which have the character of manufacturing specific illness are known as prakriti of these issues or elements.


Whereas analyzing the illness, the desha i.e. the land through which the affected person lives also needs to be thought-about. It’s because specific illnesses are predominantly manifested particularly locations. Vata illnesses are predominant in desert-like lands. Kapha illnesses in marshy and wetlands. By understanding the place the place the affected person resides we will infer the illnesses they’re susceptible to get.

The doctor also needs to take into accounts concerning the beneath talked about features relating to the place –
– native land, upbringing and at present residing place
– the variety of geographical locations the affected person has been in latest time
– the locations he frequents and many others

All these have an effect on our well being and illness. Some folks dwell completely satisfied and wholesome within the place of their origin and a few folks uncover their well being and happiness once they change their place of dwelling. Similar rule applies to illnesses and struggling too.
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Kala means time issue. It consists of many features of time like yr, month, week, day, hour, minute and second. It additionally consists of numerous seasons. Time issue needs to be thought-about whereas analyzing vikriti i.e. deformity / illness. Like land, the time issue too has an impression on illness and well being. Aggravation of each dosha takes place at completely different components of the day, yr and season. The vitiation of dosha at specific factors in relation to the time issue helps the doctor to grasp the illness and its manifestation and in addition to plan the remedy protocols accordingly.
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Bala Bheda

Bala means energy, tolerance and in addition consists of immunity. State of well being and manifestation of illnesses depend upon the energy of the individual. Folks having much less energy and immunity are extra inclined for illnesses. Equally, the frequency of manifestation of illnesses in an individual lowers the energy and immunity.

Bala is of three varieties –

– Uttama bala – good energy – has good tolerance in direction of the illness
– Madhyama bala – reasonable energy – has reasonable tolerance in direction of illness
– Alpa / avara bala – much less energy – has intolerance or much less tolerance in direction of illness
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Linga or lakshana means indicators and signs. Any illness is identified by the indicators and signs it presents. The illness needs to be examined for its indicators and signs. The quantity and energy of indicators and signs provides the doctor a exact data of the character and energy of the illness and in addition its prognosis.

If the indicators and signs of the illness are weak, the illness can be weak and so is its pathogenesis and might be handled simply. Equally if the indicators and signs of any illness are strongly manifested, the illness is troublesome to deal with or incurable.

If many or all indicators and signs of the illness are manifested the illness is troublesome to remedy. Equally if the illness is manifested with fewer indicators and signs, the illness might be cured simply.
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Want of analyzing the above stated elements associated to the examination of illness

The above stated elements should be examined whereas analyzing the illness as a result of the energy and nature of the illness can by no means be understood with out understanding in depth about these elements which mirror the illness to its fullest. Due to this fact it is extremely important to grasp these elements i.e. etiological elements, dosha, tissues, structure, land, time issue, sorts of energy and signs in relation to the illness to grasp the illness correctly. Due to this fact the examination of the illnesses shall be carried out from the attitude of those elements.
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Relationship between the etiological elements and different elements talked about above and the energy of the illness

Balavan Vyadhi / Robust illness – the energy of the illness is alleged to be at its fullest (extreme illness) when –
– doshas, tissues, structure, land, time issue and energy are comparable and
– etiological elements and signs are stronger and plenty of

Madhya bala vyadhi – the energy of the illness is alleged to be reasonable when –

– some among the many doshas, tissues, structure, land, time issue and energy are comparable and a few are dissimilar to one another and
– the etiological elements and signs are of reasonable energy and amount

Alpa bala vyadhi / weak illness – the energy of the illness is alleged to be weak when –

– doshas, tissues, structure, land, time issue and energy usually are not comparable to one another and
– etiological elements and signs are weaker and lesser

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