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Strong Meals Feeding Ceremony: Annaprashana Samskara

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Annaprashana Samskara contains a ceremony through which stable meals is fed for the primary time to the kid. This marks the change of meals patterns for the kid from liquid and semisolid to stable types of meals. Really the stable meals are launched to the kid on this ceremony. This can be celebrated amidst household and nicely wishers following all sacred rituals within the presence of clergymen and elders. The kid henceforth would graduate from ‘solely milk consuming’ state to ‘each milk and stable meals consuming’ state.
Anna = stable meals
Prashana = feeding
It’s also throughout this part that the tooth erupts within the youngsters. It’s also referred to as Annaprasan Sanskar.
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‘First feeding of stable meals’ ceremony is often carried out within the sixth month of the kid’s life. Grasp Sushruta too has opined the identical concerning the time of conducting this ceremony. Quite the opposite Grasp Kashyapa opines to offer fruit juices to the kid within the sixth month. He says that stable meals shall be launched to the kid within the 10th month. Later, steadily the kid ought to be put into observe of taking stable meals from 12th month onwards. Grasp Kashyapa has given an in depth account of ‘stable meals feeding ceremony’.

Strong meals feeding ceremony as defined by Grasp Kashyapa

A smart doctor ought to make preparations to feed the kid with varied sorts of fruits within the 6th month in a ceremonious manner.

Following this, as soon as the kid’s enamel have erupted stable meals feeding ceremony shall be carried out within the 10th month, once more in a ceremonious manner. This shall be finished on an auspicious day i.e Prajapatya / Rohini star constellation.
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Under talked about rituals shall be carried out –
The Gods and Brahmanas ought to be worshipped with reverence.
Meals combined with meat ought to be enchanted with holy hymns together with cash.
On the opposite aspect a platform ought to be constructed specifically for sacrificing the meals. This platform ought to be anointed with cow dung paste. On this, a layer of darbha grass ought to be unfold. Over this layer one other layer of contemporary jasmine flowers ought to be unfold out.

On all sides of the platform, huge pots stuffed with water embellished with aromatic supplies and garlands and different auspicious supplies and symbols ought to be positioned at locations meant and pre-designed for his or her placement.

After having organized all of the supplies which had been talked about in upaveshana i.e. seating ceremony of the kid, any one of many meat of lava, tittira or cock and plenty of different types of nicely processed dishes and forms of meals / edibles and drinks ready with thoughts pleasing supplies shall be saved on the heart of the platform.

Seating the kid – Doctor ought to stand going through east and make the kid sit going through the west course. Earlier than this, the kid ought to have been embellished with jewellery and garlands, made to put on new dressing and may have been protected by means of rakshavidhana / auspicious protecting measures.

Subsequent the doctor ought to ignite the sacred / sacrificial hearth and provides oblations of the meals which has been saved prepared on the platform together with varied sacred symbols, supplies and edibles by enchanting the under talked about hymn –

Which means of the hymn

‘Meals is essential for human beings and their sustenance of life similar to the nectar is for the Gods and sudha, the last word intoxicant is for the most effective elephants of the world. Meals is itself referred to as Prajapati, the guardian of creation. The meals can also be produced in the identical manner as are the Trivargas i.e. Dharma – righteousness, Artha – wealth and features and Kama – wishes and this world is created. Subsequently, hey Lord of Hearth, I’m sacrificing inside you this meals which supplies satisfaction and bliss like nectar. Please settle for my oblation. Might Lord Prajapati acknowledge my oblation and sacrifice..!’
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Feeding stable meals

After having supplied a serious a part of the meals as oblation to the fireplace as part of sacrifice, a small amount of remaining meals ought to be taken and floor into mushy paste. The kid ought to be fed with this stable meals for 3 to five occasions. After this, the kid ought to be given sips of water to drink. This additionally permits the meals to simply enter the abdomen of the kid.

Strong meals after 12 months of age
After having launched stable meals within the 10th month as stated above, slight modifications shall be made within the high quality and amount of the meals given to the kid as she or he progresses into the 12th month of age.

At this age, when the kid feels hungry, the under talked about meals ought to be fed in small proportions.

Previous rice and paddy grown in simply 60 days – ought to be taken and their husk eliminated and fried in a pan. This rice ought to be washed completely and cleansed. This rice ought to be correctly cooked, smashed and made into paste, combined with little ghee and salt, made right into a type of confection and fed to the kid. This type of meals is well digestible and nutritious to the kid.

Use of barley and wheat – As soon as the kid will get accustomed to rice; he shall be launched with barley and wheat. Similar to the rice, barley or wheat shall be smashed into mushy paste and fed to the kid.

Energetic and nourishing meals – The confection ready utilizing Embelia ribes, rock salt and ghee is nourishing for kids and ought to be given typically.

If as a consequence of this formulation free stools happen within the little one, a small amount of kodrava – Paspalum scrobiculatum ought to be added to the identical meals.

If extra of pitta is discovered, a combination of raisins, honey and ghee shall be given to counteract the identical.
If extra of vata is discovered, juice of Citron / Citrus medica combined with rock salt is given.

The dwelling place of the kid (geography), the season, the digestive capability of the kid, the power and tolerance of the kid and different components ought to be severely considered to determine and decide the kind of stable meals, the dose / amount of meals and the variety of occasions the meals must be fed to the kid.
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