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Sattva Pariksha Examination Of The Thoughts, Tolerance

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Sattva Pariksha means examination of thoughts. This consists of examination of the thoughts standing, thoughts power, psychological endurance and evaluation of weak and powerful minds within the sufferers. Thoughts and physique type totally different sides of the identical coin.
Satva = thoughts
Pariksha = examination
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Ayurveda opines that the bodily illnesses are first attributable to the vitiated bodily doshas i.e. vata, pitta, kapha both individually or in mixtures of two or three doshas. In the end of time these illnesses might impression on the thoughts and in addition trigger psychological problems. The weaker the thoughts, the faster the involvement of thoughts within the bodily problems and stronger the thoughts the lesser are the possibilities of the thoughts getting bothered.

Comparable is the impression of psychological problems on the physique. First the psychological problems are attributable to vitiated thoughts doshas i.e. rajas and tamas. Later the thoughts problems will impression on the physique and capabilities of the organs and organ methods.
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Subsequently, the thoughts is concerned in both circumstances, be it bodily or psychological problems.

Many occasions, these bodily and psychological situations are masked and it’s tough for the doctor to establish whether or not it’s a bodily or psychological situation, whether or not the physique was bothered first or the thoughts. The affected person will be capable to confess that it’s his psychological issues, be it stress, anxiety, melancholy or trauma that are inflicting bodily signs provided that she or he has stored a clear observe of what’s occurring with them and if they’ve sufficient braveness to just accept that they’ve psychological points.

There’s a robust stigma that individuals don’t settle for that they’ve psychological problems despite having been recognized with the identical. One can readily settle for along with his physician that he had bodily illnesses / signs on the backdrop of which he has developed psychological points or that he’s anxious or pressured following lengthy standing bodily illnesses. However however it turns into very tough for folks to just accept that they’re severely upset with psychological problems which have been causal for bodily signs in the long term.
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Even from the remedy perspective it is very important take into account critically the involvement of the thoughts part. Thoughts can by no means be ignored if the prognosis of any ailment must be made. Any doctor can not deal with illnesses comprehensively and won’t discover good success in scientific follow if he doesn’t take into account the thoughts’s involvement within the illnesses. Many occasions, the bodily problems or signs are nothing however disguised psychological problems and their identification is the important thing for complete remedy of the affected person in query.

Fashionable drugs emphasizes on contemplating the thoughts angle in bodily illnesses and bodily signs in thoughts problems, aside from strongly addressing the thoughts in pure psychological problems. Many analysis works have targeted upon and lots of extra works are happening and can hold happening to know the thoughts entity and psychological problems.
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Examination of Satva, Thoughts

The doctor ought to look at the thoughts of the affected person whereas inspecting the illness. Sattva means thoughts. Being related to the soul / life component, the thoughts controls the whole physique and its capabilities.

Sanskrit verses

Varieties and examination of Sattva

Relying on the power and endurance of the thoughts, satva is taken into account to be of three sorts. They’re –

1. Pravara Sattva – robust minded
Individuals having robust minds are known as pravara sathva individuals. Sturdy mindedness can also be thought-about as ‘sathva sara’ i.e. ‘these having finest essence of thoughts’.

Attribute options – Individuals having robust minds don’t look diseased despite affected by illnesses as a result of they’ve good tolerance energy and they don’t show ache or struggling of any order. They take their illnesses simply, don’t show or exaggerate them and deal with them with ease. And the physique constructed doesn’t outline how robust the particular person is mentally.
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2. Madhya Sattva – folks having average thoughts power
Individuals having reasonably robust minds are known as madhyama sattva individuals.

Attribute options – These folks will get braveness and confidence after seeing robust minded folks. Once they see that the robust minded individuals are tolerating their hardships and ache higher than them, they faucet confidence from them. They’re individuals who suppose – ‘If they will, why can’t I’. They may hold these robust minded folks as their role-models and hold them of their minds at all times. Every time they discover themselves in tough conditions, they consider and bear in mind these robust minded folks and persuade themselves that they will get on prime of their downside and are available out of it unscratched. These individuals are additionally satisfied when they’re endorsed by robust minded folks and particularly when they’re assured that ‘nothing goes to occur buddy, all the pieces might be okay, issues have began getting good, they may get higher, you are able to do it!’.
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3. Avara / Hina Sattva – folks having weak thoughts power
Individuals having weak minds are known as hina sattva individuals.

Attribute options – Weak minded individuals are those that can not persuade themselves of something. They’re additionally those that can not maintain themselves. Once they discover themselves amidst hardships of life they get scared and simply panic. This makes them vulnerable to and victims of conditions. These folks can not derive their courage and confidence from seeing robust minded folks. They’re individuals who suppose ‘they will do it, we will’t, and there’s no approach I can get out of this hassle’. They’ve complaints from all the pieces and everybody. Nobody can persuade them that the issues are non permanent they usually can simply get on prime of them with higher efforts despite placing all efforts to take action. Nobody can fill braveness in them as a result of they don’t seem to be open to it. Despite having a well-built physique these folks can not tolerate hardships of life. They simply get scared and grieved. They’re grasping, silly, egoistic and are victims of false status. Once they see or hear about one thing scary, incompatible, issues they don’t like, issues which disgust or issues that are deformed and awkward or once they occur to see blood or meat / muscle groups of animals or folks they get simply disturbed. In such situations they will endure from a number of of melancholy, syncope, fainting, lack of consciousness, insaneness or giddiness. Some folks may additionally lose their life.

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Affected person Remark Factors

Can she tolerate bitter and spicy medicines?
What was his response, while you defined about potential Vamana process to be achieved?
What was her response to needle?
Is his thoughts hyper-sensitive?
Does she have fearfulness and nervousness?
Is he feeling apprehensive in the direction of your remedy / drugs choices
Does she really feel dizzy every time a nasty information is heard?

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