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Rasavaha Srotas Indicators Of Harm, Therapy

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)
Rasavaha Srotas are the channels of the physique which convey the primary tissue fashioned from the nutritive juices after the digestion of the meals. Rasa can also be the primary tissue fashioned within the chronology of formation of tissues based on Ayurveda fundamentals.

Rasa = first tissue to be fashioned after digestion of meals, essence of diet, chyle, plasma, lymph. Vaha = carrying, Srotas = channels / ducts of transportation or conveyance

Formation of rasa tissue – As soon as the meals is digested within the abdomen and intestines – ahara rasa i.e. essence of meals / nutritive juices are fashioned. These juices flow into by way of the circulatory system being pumped by the guts to completely different components of the physique. This takes half in nourishing all of the tissues and organs of the physique and to assist the life course of. The stability of this tissue may be very obligatory for the opposite tissues to be fashioned within the physique. The opposite 6 tissues are fashioned in a chronological and methodical method after rasa tissue is fashioned.
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Channels of transportation of essence of diet

In accordance with Sushruta  
a. Roots of the channels
The channels carrying diet are 2 in quantity. They’ve their roots in –
Hridaya – coronary heart
Rasavahini dhamanis – channels carrying the nutritive juices to each a part of the physique from the guts – arteries

b. Signs of harm or harm to the channels
Shosha – emaciation
Pranavaha srotas viddha lakshana – signs much like these occurring as a consequence of harm to Pranavaha srotas – channels carrying air / very important life power
Maranam – loss of life

In accordance with Charaka –
a. Roots of the channels
The roots of origin of channels carrying the diet lie in –
Hridaya – Coronary heart
Dasha Dhamanis – 10 nice vessels / arteries taking their origin from coronary heart (these arteries successively divide into small branches as they get distributed all by way of the physique)

b. Signs of vitiation of rasa conveying channels
Ashraddha – lack of curiosity within the meals
Aruchi – tastelessness
Aasya vairasya – bizarre tastes within the mouth
Arasagnata – incapacity to understand tastes
Hrullasa – extreme salivation / nausea
Heaviness of the physique
Ache in physique components
Tama – feeling of darkness earlier than the eyes
Pandutva – anemia
Srotorodha – obstruction within the channels of transportation within the physique
Klaibya – impotence
Saada – fatigue / stoppage of working of organs and tissues
Krushangataa – emaciation of physique components
Nasho agnehe – destruction of digestive fireplace (capability to digest meals), sluggish digestion
Vali – untimely wrinkling of pores and skin
Palita – untimely graying of hairs
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Causes of vitiation of Rasavaha srotas

Guru aahara – heavy meals
Sheeta aahara – chilly meals
Ati snigdha – extreme consumption of oily / fried / greasy meals
Ati maatram – consuming meals in extreme amount
Ati chintanaat – extreme considering (stress) / fear

Sanskrit Verses

Administration of vitiation

The ailments brought on by vitiation of channels conveying diet and the ailments brought on by them must be adopted by skilful and situational implementation of all of the langhana – lightening measures.

The ten sorts of lightening therapies which assist in bringing about lightness within the physique and therefore curing the ailments brought on by rasa carrying channels are –

Sl No Kind of langhana / lightening remedy Which means
1 Vamana Therapeutic emesis
2 Virechana Therapeutic purgation
3 Shirovirechana / Nasya Nasal treatment
4 Niruha Vasti Decoction / cleaning / evacuation enemas
5 Pipasa Forcible withholding the thirst urge / not consuming water
6 Maruta Publicity to breeze
7 Atapa Publicity to daylight
8 Pachana Ama digesting medicines and measures
9 Upavasa Hunger
10 Vyayama Indulgence in train

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Evaluation of Rasa carrying channels and their roots

a. Hridaya / Coronary heart as the basis of ‘rasa transporting’ channels 

Grasp Charaka and Sushruta, each have talked about coronary heart as one of many roots of rasa conveying channels. It’s apparent that the nutrient juices that are ready within the abdomen and intestines by the motion of digestive fireplace on the meals we devour i.e. after the digestion of meals, attain the guts. It’s the coronary heart that distributes the vitamins to all components of the physique together with constructing blocks wanted for the formation of first tissue i.e. rasa tissue.

The juices that are fashioned after the digestion of the meals within the abdomen are known as ahara rasa. This rasa, when put into circulation after reaching the guts, nourishes and enriches all of the tissues of the physique. Whereas this occurs, the tissue fireplace of the rasa acts upon the diet obtainable to it and converts it into two parts, a helpful element which additional nourishes and enriches the native tissue i.e. rasa tissue and the opposite portion which is a waste product. The helpful element has 3 programs. The primary a part of it will get remodeled to native rasa tissue. This helps and enriches the rasa tissue. The second portion goes forward to nourish the subsequent tissue i.e. blood tissue. From the third portion the sub-tissue of rasa is fashioned i.e. breast milk and menstrual blood.

Subsequently it’s clear that it’s the coronary heart which places the nutritive juices wanted to nourish the rasa tissue (and different tissues) into circulation. Subsequently it’s the root of rasa carrying channels.
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b. Rasavahini dhamanis as the basis of ‘rasa transporting’ channels

Grasp Sushruta has talked about rasavahini dhamanis as different root of rasa transporting channels. Rasavahini dhamanis means channels carrying the nutritive juices to each a part of the physique from the guts – arteries. Dhamani truly means arteries however it’s also a synonym for srotas. Subsequently it’s acceptable to think about the phrase dhamani as channel or ducts conveying rasa tissue. If blood plasma is taken because the rasa tissue, clearly the dhamani or srotas talked about on this context means arteries.

c. Dasha dhamanis as the basis of ‘rasa transporting’ channels

Grasp Charaka has talked about dasha dhamanis because the roots of rasa transporting channels. Dasha Dhamanis means 10 nice vessels or arteries taking their origin from coronary heart. This additionally offers the identical which means as that defined by grasp Sushruta. The one distinction is that Charaka has talked about 10 numbers of arteries.

Combining the opinions of each grasp Charaka and Sushruta, the roots of rasa transporting channels may be mentioned to be the guts and the blood vessels i.e. aorta and its branches taking their origin from the guts. Grasp Charaka’s opinion of 10 arteries in all probability point out the larger branches of the aorta which additional divide and re-divide into many branches and provide diet to each a part of the physique.

Evaluation of signs of harm of rasa transporting channels

Sushruta mentions the signs of the injury of rasa carrying channels. Emaciation happens as a consequence of lack of diet. Dying could happen when there may be extreme injury of those channels resulting in extreme lack of blood and depletion of diet to your entire physique.

Sushruta has additionally talked about that the signs of harm of channels carrying air (oxygen) may be seen even on this situation. It is because the guts is the widespread root for each rasa and air carrying channels. Channels of transportation of air additionally embrace lungs together with coronary heart, the closed loop of respiratory and circulatory system.

The signs talked about by Charaka with respect to contamination of rasa transporting channels are additionally known as as ‘rasa pradoshaja rogas’ i.e. ailments brought on by contamination of rasa tissue. As a rule the ailments brought on by contamination of a channel and the tissue it conveys would be the identical.

A lot of the signs of vitiation of rasa carrying channels belong to pathology associated to abdomen and intestines. These embrace lack of curiosity within the meals, anorexia, odd tastes within the mouth, lack of style notion, nausea, heaviness of the physique, drowsiness, ache within the physique components and fever. These ailments level in the direction of weak digestion capability resulting in the formation of contaminated rasa and ama. These occasions will trigger the talked about ailments. Contamination of rasa tissue may even replicate the contamination of its channels.

Blockage of channels and destruction of digestive fireplace could also be as a consequence of extreme formation of ama, contaminated rasa and kapha.
Fatigue, feeling of darkness earlier than the eyes and emaciation are as a consequence of extreme depletion of diet.
Anemia is because of inappropriate tissue metabolism at rasa and blood stage and likewise as a consequence of improper conversion of rasa tissue into blood.
Impotence happens as a consequence of extreme depletion of semen tissue which is the ultimate tissue to be fashioned within the chronology. This additionally occurs as a consequence of extreme dietary depletion.
Lengthy standing depletion of diet causes untimely wrinkling and graying of hairs. In Ayurveda, the well being of rasa tissue is defined on the idea of the well being of pores and skin. Thus, pores and skin is the indicator of the well being of rasa tissue. When rasa or rasa carrying channels are vitiated / contaminated, untimely wrinkling and graying will happen.

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