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Put up Nasal Drip Causes, Signs, Therapy, Ayurveda Idea

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Postnasal drip is a situation whereby you are feeling as if mucus is dripping again of your nostril and throat. This extreme mucus is attributable to the glands in these areas. The mucus is continually produced by the nostril, throat and sinuses. There’s an urge to clear the throat typically in folks affected by this situation.
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The glands within the nostril and throat produce mucus as a part of protection mechanism, most frequently for one of many above mentioned causes –

– To struggle in opposition to the an infection
– To filter off all of the international matter getting into the nostril
– To moisten nasal membranes and shield it from chilly and dryness

When postnasal drip happens, the particular person would swallow the mucus with out his data. Usually there may be ‘problem to blow’ the nostril and clear the nostril of its secretions and therefore compelled to drag them up and again into the throat. If the particular person is awake, he can spit it off however when sleeping the mucus might enter the abdomen attributable to swallowing.
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  • Feeling of mucus dripping down the again of the throat
  • Itching sensation within the throat
  • Frequent throat clearing or really feel to take action
  • Feeling to consistently swallow
  • Extreme spitting/swallowing of mucus
  • Nausea
  • Cough – will get worse at evening
  • Foul breath


  • Allergy symptoms of varied varieties like hay-fever
  • Seasonal allergic reactions attributable to vegetation releasing their pollen and consequent inhalation of the identical
  • Chilly climate / dry air – When one breathes chilly or dry air, they trigger irritation of the nostril and throat. As a consequence, extreme mucus is produced attributable to this irritation in order to humidify and create heat within the respiration passages and to counteract the irritation brought on therein.
  • Viral infections – like flu, frequent chilly, sinus infections are related to chilly climate which trigger put up nasal drip aside from many different signs.
  • Extreme mucus is produced by the physique as part of the response in direction of invading microorganisms, in order to flush them out.
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Different causes embody
International objects impacted within the nostril
Publicity to smoke and mud
Sinus infections
Power respiratory situations like COPD
Publicity to irritating chemical compounds from fumes, perfumes and cleansing merchandise
Extreme consumption of overly spicy meals
Being pregnant
Drugs – contraception drugs, medicines for hypertension and so forth

In some instances it’s the lack of ability of throat to clear the extreme mucus which causes postnasal drip.
Some situations which trigger construct up of liquids in throat and trigger signs much like postnasal drip are gastric reflux and swallowing issues.
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Proper time to see the physician

One ought to see the physician if the signs are troublesome for greater than 10 days or 2 weeks. Generally problems happen if this situation isn’t handled promptly. There could also be a chance of an infection of the nostril and sinuses. The an infection can also unfold to contain Eustachian tube (tube which connects your throat with center ear). Treating postnasal drip earlier would forestall problems.
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Different situations –

  • having discolored mucus which doesn’t clear up
  • presence of foul-smelling mucus
  • signs of postnasal drip related to fever which doesn’t scale back
  • signs persisting for greater than 10 days

Prevention of postnasal drip

  • scale back publicity to allergens
  • usually take medicines for allergy
  • maintain your private home and office freed from mud and dust
  • shield self from mud mites by utilizing mattress and pillow covers
  • maintain altering air filters on air conditioners, air flow and heating tools
  • take bathe earlier than going to mattress
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1. Medicines to dry out the mucus / decongestant
2. Medicines to skinny the mucus
Different measures to skinny the mucus –
Improve the moisture within the air to skinny the postnasal secretions, this enables straightforward motion of mucus by means of the passageways
Humidifiers or steam vaporizers
3. Antibiotics – Mucus with robust or foul scent, fever, wheezing signifies bacterial an infection. This will likely want antibiotics.
4. Surgical procedure – DNS might require surgical intervention (septoplasty).
5. Addressing different points – If postnasal drip is attributable to GERD, acid reflux disease or hassle swallowing, drugs must be given to fight these situations.
6. Nasal Sprays – Saline sprays / irrigation pots through which salt water is used to flush out the mucus which has constructed up behind the nostril helps in postnasal drips. It will assist in clearing blocked airways and likewise scale back mucus.
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Tricks to attempt at house

Head elevation – whereas sleeping at evening will assist if the signs worsen at evening. Propping pillows beneath the top and shoulders would promote mucus drainage. It additionally would scale back the quantity of mucus within the throat and airways.
Fluids – Hydration regularly helps to make the mucus skinny and allows it to move easily. It additionally prevents dehydration related to put up nasal drip.
Natural Tea – Heat natural tea might present aid from sore throat.
Steaming – will assist in clearing the mucus accumulations and assist in clearing the sinuses.
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The easiest way to deal with it’s to avoid identified allergens or any identified triggers which might make issues worse. Many occasions, postnasal drip clears up all by itself with none therapy.

Over-the-counter drugs and residential treatments will assist to some level till the situation turns into persistent and cussed. If the situation is persistent or is related to signs which worsen the situation ought to see the physician as quickly as potential. Immediate prognosis and applicable therapy would assist in curing and stopping postnasal drip.
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Ayurveda Understanding of Postnasal Drip

Signs resembling these defined in Put up Nasal Drip are discovered in lots of ailments defined in Ayurveda texts. They shall be thought-about because the differential prognosis of postnasal drip from Ayurveda perspective.

1. Nasanaha / Nasa Pratinaha –

Nasa Pratinaha is a situation the place there may be obstruction in nasal cavity and problem in respiration by means of the nostril. That is attributable to vitiated kapha in affiliation with vitiated vata. Right here kapha is concerned within the pathogenesis, identical to there may be accumulation of lot of mucus in the back of your nostril in postnasal drip.

Related mechanism occurs within the pathogenesis of one other situation referred to as Nasanaha defined by Vagbhata. Each these are thought-about to be totally different explanations of the identical situation. In Nasanaha affected person feels as if the nostril is crammed up and filled with one thing. On this situation the particular person feels problem in respiration and feels as if the nostril has been blocked ceaselessly.

One other related situation is defined by Grasp Sushruta and it’s named as Nasa Pratinaha. Sushruta moreover mentions the stickiness of nasal passages and gluing of nasal partitions. These situations are in comparison with hypertrophy of turbinate or deviated nasal septum (DNS) that are causes of postnasal drip.
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2. Pinasa / Apinasa

It’s a nasal dysfunction which manifests independently or as a consequence of pratishyaya. Each phrases Pinasa and Pratishyaya are additionally used interchangeably and are additionally thought-about synonyms of one another.

Grasp Vagbhata has defined a situation named Avinasa, which feels like pinasa and apinasa. On this situation the affected person’s nostril will get stuffy and crammed with extra phlegm like within the nostril of a sheep. This situation positively displays and resembles the reason of the signs of postnasal drip.

Apinasa is attributable to vitiated vata and kapha and one of many signs embody stuffy nostril. In Avinasa the elevated kapha within the nostril blocks the nasal passages. However there are discharges on this situation which retains the nostril moist all the time.

There are 2 phases of pinasa. The primary stage of the illness is unripe type and contains discharges together with different signs. However the second stage, which is the ripe stage of the illness, is essential on this dialogue. Within the ripe stage the mucus or secretions within the nostril get thickened and block the nasal passages. This resembles the signs of postnasal drip.
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3. Tamaka Shwasa

Tamaka Shwasa is without doubt one of the 5 varieties of respiration issues. It’s typically in comparison with Power Bronchitis or Bronchial Bronchial asthma. COPD is without doubt one of the causes of postnasal drip.

Within the pathogenesis of tamaka shwasa, Grasp Charaka mentions the chronology of formation of pinasa (in comparison with postnasal drip) adopted by dyspnea adopted by cough.
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Ayurveda therapy

Postnasal drip shall be handled on the strains of treating a number of of the under talked about situations –
Nasanaha / Nasa Pratinaha
Pinasa / Apinasa / Avinasa
Tamaka Shwasa
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Analysis works

Chronic cough is related to postnasal drip. When persistent cough is evaluated PND is discovered to be the trigger in some instances if not all. Truly the research present that the pathophysiology of the illness doesn’t result in persistent cough. Cough from PND could also be attributable to airway sensory hypersensitivity in opposition to irritation from infected nasal secretions. Pinasa is without doubt one of the signs of cough of kapha origin (kaphaja kasa). Pinasa could be in comparison with postnasal drip signs. In response to Ayurveda cough and pinasa can coexist.

Related Research – PND and chronic cough – an open interventional study

American Catarrh and Rhinosinusitis – Postnasal drip Syndrome, 200 years of controversy between UK and USA – Postnasal drip syndrome (PNDS) was a typical situation within the UK within the 19th century. It was additionally prevalent within the USA and was popularly often known as ‘American Catarrh’. PNDS was thought-about as one of the vital frequent causes of persistent cough by American chest physicians whereas this speculation was not accepted by UK chest physicians. They in actual fact used the time period Rhinosinusitis as a substitute of PNDS. Present analysis on treating extreme airway mucus in decrease airways could also be relevant to PNDS.

Gastric reflux and sino-nasal disease – There are greater than 60+ unique research which set up a hyperlink between gastric reflux and sino-nasal illness.

Relation of PND with pharyngitis – There’s an fascinating examine whereby the postnasal drip has been studied in relation to chemical or viral pharyngitis.

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