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FREE FROM PAIN – EXERCISE BOOK: Exercises to improve health, increase ability and provide vitality in your senior years


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A self-help book for seniors to address arthritic pain and avoid or delay surgical intervention. The Free From Pain Exercise book has three parts and can be used as a 12-week programme.

  1. 12 inspirations or reasons to exercise. These provide details from established research on why exercise is essential for healthy living.
  2. 12 Metaphors. The general misconception is that exercise causes damage by increasing wear and tear. The metaphors help to understand the need to exercise by linking them to something that is similar but not identical.
  3. Detailed descriptions and images of three evidence-based exercise programmes.

The 12 reasons to exercise are as follows:

  1. Exercise helps to age healthily rather than gracefully.
  2. Exercise reduces pain and functions as a pain killer.
  3. Exercise improves bone health & reduces hip fractures.
  4. Exercise improves muscle health, decreases weight & combats obesity.
  5. Exercise reduces the risk and effects of cancer.
  6. Exercise reduces the effects of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) & combats depression.
  7. Exercise reduces inflammation, heart attacks, strokes, and COPD.
  8. Exercise makes you live longer & does not cause harm.
  9. Exercise decreases the need for hip and knee replacements
  10. Exercise decreases the effects and onset of the severe symptoms of arthritis.
  11. Exercise prevents falls.
  12. Exercise decreases low back pain.

The 12 exercise-related metaphors have the following morals:

  1. Be fit and only then lift
  2. Too much too fast will be a ‘boom and bust’
  3. Muscles and joints – united we stand, divided we fall
  4. Look after the small muscles and the bigger ones look after themselves
  5. Hard work pays off
  6. Don’t fight the pain barrier
  7. A quick fix is only a short fix
  8. A stitch in time saves nine
  9. Be cautious if the risks are high
  10. Don’t neglect your core – wrong assumptions can cause harm
  11. Pain medication – not too much, not too little, but just right
  12. Regular exercise and maintenance help our muscles provide support

The three established exercise regimes are as follows

  1. OTAGO EXERCISE TO INCREASE LEG STRENGTH AND IMPROVE BALANCE. This exercise programme originated in the Otago region of New Zealand and was designed to improve balance and prevent falls. Although preventing falls was the initial objective, studies have also shown that the programme can improve musculoskeletal / arthritic pain symptoms.
  2. MOTOR-CONTROL EXERCISES FOR LOWER BACK PAIN. Sometimes even minor movements can cause severe spasms of back pain. Research has shown that this pain is due both to a lack of coordination and a lack of muscle strength. Getting the right muscles to work at the right time can provide relief. Motor Control Exercises (MCE) allows the retraining of these muscles.
  3. ISOMETRIC EXERCISES FOR NECK AND SHOULDER PAIN. Sometimes exercise itself can increase neck pain. This is because these exercises are stretching the muscles and attempting to increase the range of movement. It is essential to focus on building the strength initially and not the range of motion. Once adequate strength has been achieved, an increased range of movement will come naturally.

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FREE FROM PAIN – EXERCISE BOOK: Exercises to improve health, increase ability and provide vitality in your senior years


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