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Pour Over Espresso (Chemex Tutorial)

Pour over espresso is arms down the perfect form of morning jo. Discover ways to use your Chemex on this pour over espresso recipe tutorial.

pour over coffee

In the event you’re something like us, you want a giant cup (or two) of robust espresso within the morning. There are many totally different brewing strategies for espresso, however pour over is our go-to.

Pour over espresso is really the easiest way to get the proper cup of espresso and right this moment we’re excited to share our go-to pour over espresso tutorial with you.

What’s pour over espresso?

Pour over espresso is a technique of creating espresso utilizing coarsely floor espresso beans, a filter, and a carafe.

Why pour over espresso is the perfect espresso

We really assume that pour over espresso is the perfect espresso brewing technique and it’s due to the precision. Each the beans and water are measured on a scale to provide the most excellent espresso final result. The style is at all times 5-stars!

So, you may alter the power of your espresso by altering the espresso bean to water ratio. Extra deets on this beneath.

Instruments wanted for Pour Over Espresso

Pour over espresso maker: there are numerous totally different manufacturers and sized pour over espresso makers available on the market. The preferred pour over espresso maker is the Chemex, which is what we used for this tutorial.

Filter: ensure you have a espresso filter useful earlier than beginning your morning cup of pour over. You possibly can both use paper filters or a re-usable filter like the one we have. Each work and are nice choices. 

Electrical kettle: the easiest way to get probably the most exact water temperature, is to make use of an electrical kettle that lets you set the temperature. In the event you don’t have this know-how, you may at all times boil your water on the range and let it sit for five minutes. We love the Fellow Electric Kettle.

Espresso beans: utilizing high-quality espresso beans is extraordinarily vital for pour over espresso. Many individuals desire single-origin espresso beans. 

Meals scale: As a way to comply with this pour over espresso recipe, you’ll want to make use of a meals scale to measure the espresso beans and water. We use the Taylor Glass Top Food Scale. It’s from Goal and fewer than $20!

measuring coffee beans

Finest Pour Over Espresso Brewers 

With regards to the totally different pour overs, we’re Chemex individuals. It’s a tried and true espresso gadget that works each time. 

Chemex has many variations of their signature pour over espresso maker. The one utilized in these images is the 8-Cup Chemex with Glass Handle.

What’s the distinction between a Chemex and a pour over espresso?

A Chemex is a sort of pour over espresso maker. So there actually is not any distinction.

Different Pour Over Espresso Makers

coffee grounds in coffee grinder

Finest Beans for Pour Over Espresso

To get the perfect taste out of your pour over, I like to recommend utilizing good-quality single-origin espresso. 

When you have a mix of espresso beans, no concern, it can nonetheless work it simply may not be as aromatic.

Our Prime Picks

Beneath we’re sharing our favourite native (Minneapolis, MN) espresso beans to make use of in our Chemex are: 

Which espresso bean roast is probably the most bitter?

Gentle roast espresso is usually much less bitter than darkish roast. Bitterness has to do with how lengthy the espresso bean is roasted. The longer it’s roasted, the extra bitter it will likely be.

Pour Over espresso ratio

Beneath is the espresso to water ratio for pour over espresso. I wished to make a remark that the ratio we use within the recipe card beneath is for robust espresso. There may be really nothing worse than weak espresso.

  • Weak(er): 1g espresso beans to 17ml water
  • Medium: 1g espresso beans to 16ml water
  • Robust: 1g espresso beans to 15ml water (how we drink ours!)

So, when you’re like us and like robust espresso, the magic ratio is 1:15 for an ideal cup of espresso!

Notice: at all times ensure to measure the burden of the espresso beans, not espresso grounds to get probably the most correct measurement.

pouring water into chemex

Fast Directions 

Bear in mind to scroll all the best way all the way down to the recipe card for probably the most thorough tutorial on learn how to make pour over espresso.

  1. Warmth Water to 200ºF: utilizing an electrical kettle, warmth your filtered water to round 200ºF.
  2. Measure Beans: place a bowl or your espresso grinder on high of a meals scale. Zero it out. Add entire espresso beans to the container till the size reaches 40g.
  3. Grind Beans: grind your beans to a mediun-coarse, ensuring to not grind them too finely. 
  4. Moist Filter: as soon as your water is 200ºF, place a paper filter into your Chemex. Moist the underside of it, ensuring to get all sides. Then, discard the water from the underside of your Chemex.
  5. Add Floor Espresso: add the coffe grounds to the filter and place the Chemex onto the meals scale. Zero it out.
  6. Bloom Espresso Grounds: Then, in a spiral movement, pour in round 75ml sizzling water. Ensure that to cowl the entire espresso grounds with the new water. Let sit for 1 minutes so as to let the espresso grounds bloom.
  7. Pour Water: proceed to pour sizzling water in a spiral movement over the espresso grounds. Because the espresso drips, add extra water. Repeat till all 600ml water have been used.
full chemex

Ideas and Methods

Espresso not robust sufficient?

In case your espresso just isn’t robust sufficient, attempt grinding the espresso finer or packing it barely extra with the filter.

Espresso too robust?

In case your espresso is just too robust, grind the espresso extra coarsely or cut back the quantity of espresso 16g or 17g water per gram of espresso beans.

Ensure that the water isn’t too sizzling

Your water could be heated wherever from 1950ºF to 205ºF. In the event you boil your water, ensure to let it cool for a couple of minutes earlier than pouring over the espresso.

Let the espresso grounds bloom

Blooming your espresso grounds refers to pouring sizzling water on high of your espresso grounds so as to promote the discharge of Co2. Because the Co2 releases, the espresso grounds broaden.

Fellow has a really great article on why it is best to let your espresso bloom.

What is healthier a paper filter or re-usable?

It’s all about desire. The good thing about a reusable filter is that there is no such thing as a waste, however you can even purchase compostable paper filters.

We’ve used each and revel in each methods.

pouring coffee into mug
pouring cream into coffee

chemex coffee

How one can Make Pour Over Espresso (Chemex Tutorial)

Discover ways to make pour over espresso with this easy Chemex tutorial! We’re utilizing a 1 to fifteen ratio of espresso beans to sizzling water for the proper cup of espresso.

Prep: 5 minutesPrepare dinner: 5 minutesComplete: 10 minutes


  • 40 grams espresso beans
  • 600 mL filtered water (+50ml to moist the filter)


  1. Measure beans: First, use a meals scale to measure your espresso beans. Place a container or your espresso grinder on the size, then zero it out. Measure 40 grams espresso beans.
  2. Grind beans: Switch your espresso beans in a grinder and pulse till they’re a medium grind– just like the feel of panko breadcrumbs. 
  3. Warmth water: Utilizing an electrical kettle, warmth your water to 200ºF, or simply earlier than it begins to boil. 
  4. Moist the filter: place a filter into your Chemex or pour over and place the pour over on a scale. zero the size and pour 50 mL of water into the filter, ensuring to moist it evenly on all sides. Discard the water within the backside of your pour over, ensuring to go away the filter as it’s. 
  5. Add the espresso grounds to the filter: you don’t wish to pack them tightly however you do need a clean and even layer throughout the highest. 
  6. Bloom the espresso grounds: Zero the size once more and pour 75 mL of water over the espresso grounds, ensuring to pour in a spiral route so water covers the entire grounds evenly. Enable the pour over to take a seat for one minute to bloom. 
  7. Pour remaining water: Slowly pour the remaining water into the pour over. Ensure that to pour the water in a spiral movement once more to make sure that the entire grounds are moist evenly. Pouring the water ought to take about three minutes, which implies you need to be pouring 30 ML of water each 10 seconds. The brewing course of ought to take round 5-10 minutes.
  8. When you’ve added the entire water, enable the pour over to take a seat for a further minute to empty the extra water. 
  9. Take away the filter and revel in!

Ideas & Notes

  • In case your scale doesn’t measure in mL, you may merely measure in grams. Water converts 1:1 from mL to grams. So, 600 mL of water is similar factor as 600 grams of water.
  • The entire brew time ought to be round 5-10 minutes. In case your brew time takes too lengthy, think about using a coarser grind subsequent time. If it brews too shortly, think about using a finer grind.
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