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Panchamrutham (Panchamrit): Religious Significance, Medicinal Makes use of

Panchamrit is a sacred Ayurvedic mixture of cow milk, ghee, curd, honey and sugar. It’s used each for religious functions and Ayurvedic medicinal use.


Cow ghee
Curd (yogurt)
Cow milk
Sweet sugar or sugar

The above 5 elements are taken in equal proportions and combined completely to organize Panchamritham.
For the sake of comfort, the amount of milk will be barely increased.

Evaluation of recipe

Excluding honey, the remainder 4 elements are nourishing in nature.
Whereas ghee, milk and sugar are thought-about coolant, honey and bitter curd are sizzling in nature.
Curd, milk and ghee are defined as supply of fats from animal sources – Jangama Snehayoni (Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana eleventh chapter)

Milk and ghee
These two are generally used collectively. They’re used as ingredient in lots of Ayurvedic medicines used for selling power and immunity, comparable to
Ashwagandha ghee – used for the therapy of female and male infertility, to enhance power and immunity,
Guduchi ghee – used for the therapy of fever, to right immunity.
Snuni Ksheera Ghrita – for ascites therapy (Charaka Chikitsa, 13/140)
Acharya Charaka declares, क्षीरघृताभ्यासो रसायनानां – kṣīraghṛtābhyāso rasāyanānāṃ| (Charaka Sutrasthana 25/40)
Which means, having the behavior of consumption of milk and ghee is the most effective amongst all rejuvenating, anti growing older recipes.

Honey with ghee
Honey and ghee in equal proportions, in very excessive doses is taken into account as poisonous. It’s defined as a mistaken meals mixture. Nonetheless, the commentator of Ashtanga Hrudayam explains, it’s high quality to combine honey and ghee with different elements and put together a drugs out of it. When these two are utilized in equal portions, with different elements, particularly for medicinal functions, the mix of different elements renders it no-toxic.
Therefore, it’s high quality to make use of equal portions of honey and ghee on this Divya Panchamrit recipe.

Curd with sugar
It’s high quality to make use of curd with sugar.
Curd at night time is contraindicated as it could actually trigger Pitta aggravation and indigestion. However Acharya Charaka (Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 7- 61,62) explains that it may be taken together with sugar, inexperienced gram and so forth., at night time, as it would nullify the surplus Pitta increasing effect of the curd.
General, Panchamritham is a helpful mixture of 5 vital elements.

Ayurvedic Reference

गव्यमाज्यं दधि क्षीरं माक्षिकं शर्करान्वितम् |
एकत्र मिलितं ज्ञेयं दिव्यं पञ्चामृतं परम् ||५४||
अजीर्णभूतवातघ्नं ज्ञेयं पञ्चामृतं परम् |५५|

gavyamājyaṃ dadhi kṣīraṃ mākṣikaṃ śarkarānvitam |
ekatra militaṃ jñeyaṃ divyaṃ pañcāmṛtaṃ param ||54||
ajīrṇabhūtavātaghnaṃ jñeyaṃ pañcāmṛtaṃ param |55|- Dhanvantari Nighantu, Mishrakadi Varga


gavyam ājyaṃ – cow ghee
dadhi – curd
kṣīraṃ – milk
mākṣikaṃ – honey
śarkara anvitam – together with sugar
ekatra militaṃ – combined collectively (in equal proportions)
jñeyaṃ divyaṃ pañcāmṛtaṃ – is called Divya Panchamrita. Right here, Divya refers back to the divine and auspicious.
param – It’s a nice recipe with quite a few well being advantages.
ajīrṇa – It’s helpful within the therapy of digestive issues comparable to anorexia, weak digestion, dyspepsia
bhūta – It’s helpful within the therapy of psychiatric issues, demonic afflictions, microbial infections
vātaghnaṃ – It balances Vata Dosha, helpful in bloating, neurological and musculoskeletal issues related to emaciation, muscle losing, weak point and de-nourishment.
jñeyaṃ pañcāmṛtaṃ param – Such a Panchamrut is taken into account as a sacred and an incredible recipe.
The textbook Rajanighantu additionally explains it as Divya Panchamrutha Yoga.
It’s used for the therapy of psychiatric issues, to enhance mind energy, focus.

Use with metals

Panchamritham is used as a co-drink or used for the purification of many metallic elements within the Rasashastra department of Ayurveda.

गव्यक्षीरं दधि घॄतं माक्षिकं चाथ शर्करा।
पञ्चामृतं समाख्यातं रसकर्मप्रसाधकम् ॥ (रसतरंगिणी २:२१)
gavyakṣīraṃ dadhi ghṝtaṃ mākṣikaṃ cātha śarkarā|
pañcāmṛtaṃ samākhyātaṃ rasakarmaprasādhakam || (rasataraṃgiṇī 2:21)
Panchamrita is defined as Rasa Karma Prasadhaka – used within the metallic and mercurial preparations.

For instance, it’s utilized in
Changing calx of copper – Tamra Bhasma right into a secure and ambrosia-like kind.
This course of is defined as Tamra Amrutikarana.

As per fashionable science, copper is a really poisonous steel. However no factors for contemporary science for this discovery as a result of historical Ayurvedic masters knew it already.
Ayurveda Prakasha explains
न विषं विषमित्याहुस्ताम्रं तु विषमुच्यते ॥
na viṣaṃ viṣamityāhustāmraṃ tu viṣamucyate ||
In entrance of copper, no different poison will be referred to as a poison. Which means, copper is without doubt one of the most toxic substances.
However copper has immense anti-bacterial and anti-cancerous results. The best way to make the most of its medicinal values with out inflicting toxicity?

To take out the toxicity of any steel, its purification (Shodhana) and incineration (Marana) is completed. For instance, iron is subjected to this process to organize Loha Bhasma, utilized in anemia, weight reduction, aphrodisiac remedy and so forth.

However even after purifying and incinerating copper, nonetheless it carries some hostile results. Therefore, it’s additional processed to make it safer. This course of is Amritikarana, the place, Panchamritha is used.

अमृतीकरण विधि
सुमृतं ताम्रचूर्णन्तु तदर्धं गन्धकं तथा।
पञ्चामृतेन सम्पेष्य विधानज्ञो भिषग्वरः ॥
शरावसम्पुटे न्यस्य ताम्रं विहितचक्रिकम् ।
त्रिवारं पुटयेदेवं रसतन्त्रविचक्षणः ॥ (र.त.१७/३७-३८)

The incinerated calx of copper – Tamra Bhasma is taken, combined with half amount of purified sulphur, combined with Panchamarita completely and subjected to warmth in a closed mud container. This course of is repeated 3 times.

Religious significance

नमामि गङ्गाधरमीशमीड्यम् । उमाधवं देववरं नमामि ॥ २०४ ॥
नमाम्य् अजादीशपुरन्दरादि सुरासुरैरर्चितपादपद्मम् । नमामि देवीमुखवादनानाम् ।
ईक्षार्थमक्षित्रितयं य ऐच्छत् ॥ २०५ ॥ पञ्चामृतैर् गन्धसुधूपदीपैर् । विचित्रपुष्पैर्विविधैश्च मन्त्रैः ।
अन्नप्रकारैः सकलोपचारैः । सम्पूजितं सोममहं नमामि ॥ २०६ ॥ Brahma Purana, 123.206.1

As with the above reference, Panchamritha is usually used for Abhisheka or pouring over the idols of Hindu Gods.
As a result of Panchamrita has religious significance, it’s helpful in calming the thoughts, nourishing the mind and helpful to thwart off evil forces, demons, it’s supplied to the Gods after which consumed.

Scientific clarification:
The great thing about Hinduism is, it has at all times supported scientific concepts.
Many of the Hindu rituals do have a scientific angle.
The God idols are normally product of
Mud or stone, which include many metals in minute portions
Bronze, which is a mixture of copper, tin with different elements.
5-metal mixture, referred to as Panchaloha – Gold, silver, copper, zinc and iron.
So, bathing such an idol with panchamrit makes it wealthy with micro particles from the metals, which is then orally consumed, thereby, offering the medicinal values of each Panchamrit and the metals in micro portions to the people.


Normally in Hindu customized, simply 1 – 2 teaspoons of Panchamritham is taken on a regular basis. It’s not normally consumed in very giant doses.
The rationale will be, in a really excessive dose, the poisonous mixture of honey and ghee could cause indigestion associated points.

Unwanted side effects

As this mixture is defined as Amrita – nectar, within the mentioned dose, there are not any uncomfortable side effects with Panchamrit. Nonetheless, in a really excessive dose, it could actually trigger digestive issues and even Ama – a product of altered digestion and metabolism.
Care must be taken whereas administering it to individuals with diabetes, because it accommodates sugar.
Care must be taken whereas administering it to individuals with lactose intolerance.
It’s typically thought-about as secure throughout being pregnant, lactation interval and in kids.
Nonetheless, when you have an allergy to any of the elements or having weak digestion power, it’s good to seek the advice of your Ayurveda practitioner and take her recommendation earlier than consuming Panchamrit.

Different references

Other than the mentioned mixture, A number of different elements are mixed and referred to as Panchamrit.
For instance,
In Kaiyadeva Nighantu, a broth ready with horse gram, black gram, flat bean, inexperienced gram and pigeon pea is defined as Panchamrita, used for the therapy of fever, digestive, carminative, mild to digest, helpful in kapha issues, anorexia, tissue depletion and physique ache.
In Raja Nighantu, Guduchi, Gokshura, Musli, Mundi and Shatavari are mixed and defined as Panchamrita.

कुलत्थमाषनिष्पावमुद्गाढकिविपाचितः ||७३||
यूषः सर्वज्वरहरो दीपनः पाचनो लघुः |
श्लेष्मघ्नो रुचिकृद्धन्यादङ्गमर्दक्षयाणि च ||७४||
अयं पञ्चामृतो नाम यूषः स्नेहस्य कारणम् |७५| – Kaiyyadeva Nighantu, Kritanna Varga

गुडूची गोक्षुरश्चैव मूषली मुण्डिका तथा |
शतावरीति पञ्चानां योगः पञ्चामृताभिधः ||३०|| – Raja Nighantu, Mishrakadi Varga

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