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Nigella Sativa Makes use of, Aspect Results, Analysis

Kalonji – Nigella sativa – Small fennel, a promising spice in opposition to most cancers and chemotherapy uncomfortable side effects, helpful to decrease ldl cholesterol, helpful in bronchial asthma, diarrhoea, nephrotoxicity (toxins in Kidney) and Hepato toxicity (poisonous liver). It’s a good anti-inflammatory, analgesic, relieves ache, fever and irritation. 

Botanical Title- Nigella Sativa Linn.

Vernacular names

Names in numerous languages:
Hindi name- Kalounji, Kalonji
Tamil  & Malayalam  name- Karun Jeeragam
Telugu name- Jeelakarra
English name- Small fennel, Black onion seeds, onion seeds, Kalonji, Black seed, Easy Nigella.
Complicated names resembling Black caraway, Black cumin, which is definitely Bunium bulbocastanum can be used to point this.

Sanskrit synonyms

Sanskrit Synonyms of Kalonji: 
Kalajaji, Kalika, Karavi, Pruthvi, Pruthvika, Upakunchika, Sushavi, Bashpika, Kunji, Upakunjika

Classical categorisation

Classical categorisation of Nigella sativa:
Kaiyadeva Nighantu – Oshadi Varga, Jeerakatraya
Dhanvantari Nighantu – Shatapushpadi Varga

Kalonji plant
Nigella sativa

Chemical constituents

Main chemical constituents of Nigella sativa:
Kalonji seeds include fastened and important oils, proteins, alkaloids and saponin.
Nigellin, Important oil and many others. Essen, oil accommodates Cymine, Nigellone, Carvone, Limonene, Nigellimine.
Thymoquinone is the foremost chemical element of the important oil.

Varieties, distribution

There are two herbs used within the title of Black cumin.
Carum bulbocastanum  / Bunium bulbocastanum – Black cumin,  Black caraway
Nigella sativa – small fennel / Easy nigella / Kalonji

There are two herbs used within the title of Black cumin.
Carum bulbocastanum  / Bunium bulbocastanum – Black cumin,  Black caraway
Nigella sativa – small fennel / Easy nigella / Kalonji

Distribution: Present in central Europe, Spain, Portugal. In India, present in Jammu and Kashmir and Nilgiris.

Medicinal properties

Kalonji medicinal Properties:
Guna (qualities) – Rooksha (dryness), Laghu (lightness)
Rasa (style)- Katu (Pungent), Tikta (Bitter)
Vipaka- Katu – Undergoes pungent style conversion after digestion
Veerya- Ushna – Sizzling efficiency
Impact on Tridosha: Pacifies Kapha and Vata Dosha. Will increase Pitta.

Half used, dosage

Half used:Seed, seed oil
Dosage: Powder 1-3 gm.
Dosage of Kalonji oil 3 – 5 ml, a couple of times a day after meals.

Methods to use?
Seed powder in 1 – 3 grams amount is combined together with honey and administered. 

How lengthy to make use of?
It may be utilized in 1 – 2 grams every day. For therapeutic objective, it’s often administered for a interval of two – 3 months. 

Sanskrit verse

Kalonji benefits

Kalonji Advantages

Rochana – improves style, appetizer
Deepana – improves digestion power
Vatahara – Balances Vata, helpful in neurological issues resembling paralysis, hemiplegia, neuropathy and many others
Daurgandhyanashana – relieves unhealthy breath, unhealthy odour
Pachana – digestive
Pravartati Artavam – Induces menstruation, helpful in amenorrhea
Sangrahi – absorbent, bowel binding, helpful in IBS, diarrhoea

Medhya – Mind  tonic, improves intelligence
Jwaraghna –helpful in fever
Vrushya – aphrodisiac
Chakshushya – helpful in enhancing eye sight
Adhmanahara – relieves bloating
Gulmahara – helpful in stomach tumour
Chardihara –relieves vomiting
Atisarahara – helpful in diarrhoea, dysentery
Vatahara – Balances Vata, helpful in neurological issues resembling paralysis, hemiplegia, neuropathy and many others
Jantughni – helpful in opposition to intestinal worm infestation
In folklore cures, Small fennel is utilized in treating bronchial asthma, diarrhoea and excessive levels of cholesterol.
It’s helpful in nephrotoxicity (toxins in Kidney) and Hepato toxicity (poisonous liver)
It’s a good anti-inflammatory, analgesic, relieves ache, fever and irritation. Helpful in headache, tooth ache, conjunctivitis.
Broadly utilized in Unani system of drugs as nicely.

Kalonji for hair progress

Kalonji seed powder and carrot juice  collectively is made into paste and is utilized on scalp. It is usually taken orally to battle in opposition to hair loss.

Kalonji throughout being pregnant

As a result of its extra hotness, it’s best to keep away from it throughout being pregnant. If in any respect, for use for any particular illness, it ought to solely be used for a really brief interval of 1 – 2 weeks, in as small a dose as potential (lower than 3 grams per day)
Taking it in giant portions, particularly after sixth month of being pregnant might trigger uterine muscle contraction within the mom, which isn’t desired.

Kalonji oil

Onion seed oil / Kalonji oil decreases blood strain and will increase respiration, helpful in opposition to ldl cholesterol. It is usually a very good anti oxidant.
It’s utilized externally for the therapy of vitiligo.

Kalonji seed

Use of kalonji seed in PCOS:
Kalonji is helpful each in weight problems and to battle insulin resistance / diabetes.
Therefore, it is vitally efficient in PCOS additionally. It helps to shorten the prolonged menstrual cycle, which is a standard drawback with ladies struggling with PCOS.
Dose might be half a teaspoon per day, with water, at  any time of the day. It may be continued for two – 3 months time.

For stomach fats

Methods to take Kalonji powder for stomach fats burning?
1 teaspoon of Kalonji powder is combined with 1 teaspoon of honey. Swallow this paste with a cup of water, at night time, after meals.
This may be continued for a interval of 2-3 months time.

Use after supply

Use of Kalonji after supply:
Bhava Prakasha has used the time period Garbhashaya Vishuddhi krut to clarify use of black onion seeds. It signifies cleaning of uterus.
In South Indian customized, after supply, A water decoction made with black cumin or Kalonji is run to the mom from day 2 to day 10. In a dose of 15 ml within the morning, empty abdomen. It’s finished to battle put up supply an infection and to strengthen mom’s inner system.

Exterior utility

Its paste is utilized over male genitals to deal with erectile dysfunction.
In toothache, its seed is given for the affected person to chew for 3 – 5 minutes.


Anti-cancer activity
Seed extract against hypertension
Cardio-protective activity

Unintended effects

Individuals with Pitta physique sort, who can’t tolerate hotness and spiciness might discover it troublesome to make use of this spice.
It might trigger or worsen gastric burning sensation in individuals with delicate abdomen or gastritis.
As a result of it might probably induce menstruation, it’s not supreme for sufferers with heavy intervals, brief menstrual cycles.
It’s best to keep away from this throughout being pregnant. Might be taken in restricted portions in kids and lactating moms.
As a result of it might probably decrease blood strain and blood sugar ranges,  individuals with excessive BP and diabetes remedy must take precaution.
One particular person reported improve of migraine assault following use of Kalonji. As a result of Kalonji can improve Pitta dosha and since migraine can be related to Pitta dosha, migraine sufferers ought to train precaution whereas taking Kalonji. Or they’ll take it together with ghee, if in any respect wanted.

Interplay with medicines, dietary supplements

Can this be used whereas taking Homeopathic medication?
Sure. This product doesn’t react with homeopathic medication.

this medication be continued whereas taking dietary supplements like multivitamin tablets,
Omega 3 fatty acids and many others?

Sure. Typically, this product goes nicely with most
of the dietary dietary supplements. Nonetheless, if you’re taking multiple product
per day, please seek the advice of your physician for an opinion.

With western
Search your
physician’s recommendation if you’re taking this product together with different western
(allopathic / fashionable) medicines. Some Ayurvedic herbs can work together with fashionable
If each Ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are suggested collectively, then it’s
finest to take Allopathic medication first, anticipate half-hour after which take the
Ayurvedic medication.

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