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Methods to Select the Proper Protein for Weight Loss or Muscle Development?

It might come as no shock to you to be taught that protein is not any steroid for dopers and doesn’t solely have for use by a 130 kg bodybuilder. Quite the opposite, it’s a sensible dietary complement. It’s due to this fact a necessary a part of the weight loss plan of people that wish to shed pounds, acquire muscle or just keep in form. Actually, a enough protein consumption can tremendously assist to attain a set way of life objective, no matter it might be.

Should you determined to make your protein consumption simpler by utilizing some protein powder, it’s possible you’ll be confused when selecting one. It is probably not simple to navigate what the abbreviations akin to WPC, WPI or DH32 imply. In right this moment’s article, we are going to clarify extra about what lies behind these mysterious letters, and we will even focus on how to decide on the precise protein relative to your objectives.

What are the advantages of utilizing protein powder?

Protein is a dietary complement that’s rightly a concentrated supply of protein. Its really helpful consumption ranges between 0.8 – 2 g of protein per kilogram of BW (physique weight), relying on age, well being standing and quantity of bodily exercise. For a 70 kg individual, it’s due to this fact 56 – 140g.

Resulting from elevated protein consumption necessities, athletes are suggested to stay to a variety of 1.4 – 2g per kilogram of BW. For a 70 kg sportsman, it’s someplace between 98 – 140g. Protein powder, nevertheless, is designed not only for the progress of athletes’ muscle tissue. It could additionally assist people who find themselves making an attempt to shed pounds and wish to shield their hard-earned muscle mass from burning to vitality or scale back fixed starvation and candy cravings. In case you are unable to get sufficient protein from a standard weight loss plan in a day, protein powder can turn out to be an excellent companion for you. Let’s see what an sufficient protein consumption has an affect on. [1-2]

1. Acceleration of metabolism

The acceleration of metabolism could to some extent be associated to the thermal impact, which proteins have the best of all meals. What does this imply? For proteins, relying on their sort, the thermal impact varies between 20 – 30%. Its identified that 20 – 30% of their vitality worth is utilized by the physique for metallization. Compared, carbohydrates have a thermal impact of solely 5 – 10% and fat of solely 0 – 3%. Protein thus allows the physique, of all of the macronutrients, to burn essentially the most vitality virtually with out making any further effort. Should you devour 150g of protein per day, you may as well burn as much as 180 kcal. [3–⁠5]

2. Shedding and sustaining weight

Simpler weight reduction because of sufficient protein consumption can be linked to the upkeep and progress of muscle mass, which consumes extra vitality than fats. In case you have extra muscle, your expenditure is of course greater. In case you have already reached your objective weight, optimum protein consumption also can make it easier to to not begin gaining weight once more. That is as a result of thermal impact and the satiety of protein. [6-8]

If you would like extra tips about find out how to shed pounds, you shouldn’t miss our article 15 Tips On How To Lose Weight, Start Exercising and Eating Healthily.

3. Development and upkeep of muscle tissue

Protein and their amino acids are an important constructing block of muscle. This permits muscle mass to develop and acquire power, which is appreciated by all those that frequently work out on the fitness center. Likewise, protein may help with muscle upkeep, which is most essential, particularly throughout weight-reduction plan. Actually, throughout a calorie deficit, excessive protein consumption can scale back and forestall the lack of muscle mass. What’s extra, if sure situations are met, it could actually assist with muscle acquire. That’s why it’s higher to stay to the next protein consumption. You’ll be able to positively strategy the restrict of 2g of protein per kg of physique weight with out worry. [9-10]

Discover extra tips about find out how to improve muscle mass in our article What To Eat and How To Exercise So You Will Finally Increase Muscle Mass?

4. Elevated regeneration

Protein additionally performs an irreplaceable function in repairing broken muscle tissue after train. That, too, is why, within the fitness center, you may see athletes mixing protein drink in a shaker instantly after their final sequence. Positive, that’s just a little excessive, however they’re principally making no error. They’re simply making an attempt to offer the physique what it wants immediately. Along with the flexibility to restore muscle tissue after coaching, protein also can assist restore broken tissues because of damage. Nor ought to its consumption be underestimated by individuals who have suffered an damage and wish to get again into form as quickly as attainable. [11-12]

Extra tips about find out how to help regeneration will be present in our article How To Promote Regeneration With the Help Of A Massage Gun and Other Aids.

Protein to promote bone health

5. Helps immunity

You could have heard that protein is a necessary constructing block of muscle. However it is usually indispensable for the manufacturing of immune system cells and antibodies. If you wish to maximise your health and defences, you need to maintain your protein consumption.

A high-quality whey protein containing bioactive protein fractions may help you instantly with immune help. For instance, we are able to title immunoglobulins, alpha and beta-lactoglubulin, or lactoferin, that are useful for our intestinal immunity. Equally, you may enhance your immunity with cold water therapy and biohacking. [13] [44]

6. Lower in urge for food and cravings

Protein has the biggest satiating impact of all of the macronutrients. Should you guarantee your protein consumption is enough in every meal, you might have a greater probability of getting extra satiated and not needing to complete up with some snacks. Optimum protein consumption may additionally assist to cut back ghrelin ranges, which is also referred to as the starvation hormone. Once more, this may increasingly need to do with a decrease must fulfill cravings after meals.

Appetite Control and different ideas from our article How To Get Rid Of Constant Hunger and Cravings will assist preserve fixed starvation and cravings beneath management. [14–⁠17]

7. Helps bone well being

Protein not solely impacts muscle progress, but in addition contributes to sustaining wholesome bones. The outcomes of research counsel that to some extent it might assist forestall fractures or the event of osteoporosis. Protein is as essential for the well being of the musculoskeletal system as is an lively way of life with loads of train and particularly power coaching by itself. [18-21]

You is likely to be concerned about these merchandise:

How can we classify protein powders and which one to decide on?

Earlier than selecting a protein powder, it’s essential to ask what it’s really created from. It’s in all probability no shock that it’s created from protein-rich meals. Based mostly on the uncooked substances, we are able to divide proteins into animal and plant-based. This offers you a wide selection of choices from which to select protein powder, precisely in keeping with your wants and objectives. There are additionally particular protein powders, appropriate for vegans or individuals with dietary restrictions, akin to lactose intolerance.

Animal primarily based protein

Protein powder that’s created from milk can usually be recognized as the preferred. It comprises a mixture of whey protein and casein in a ratio of 1:4. Whey protein is a mix of proteins remoted from whey. Particularly, you could find whey focus, isolate and hydrolysate. Should you see “100% Whey” on the label, you may make certain that whey proteins are the one protein supply used. An important desire for such a protein is speedy digestibility. Nonetheless, casein proteins are additionally produced from milk, akin to right this moment’s most generally used micellar casein. It gives regular stream of muscle-building amino acids because it digests far more slowly. This makes it good for decreasing urge for food and rising emotions of fullness.

Nonetheless, along with milk, animal protein powders are additionally created from beef protein or eggs (egg albumin). Very not often, you may additionally run into rooster or salmon protein. Nonetheless, their value is sort of excessive. That’s why this sort of protein sources could also be a part of some multicomponent protein powders, meal replacements or protein bars. Beneath, we’ll discuss find out how to acknowledge every sort of protein and select one of the best one.

1. Whey protein

Whey protein belongs to the class of animal merchandise produced from milk. Greater than 100 litres of milk is required per kilogram of the ensuing protein. The ensuing value varies relying on the kind of protein, the tactic of processing, digestibility, digestion time, protein, fats, carbohydrate content material. This manner, every of the protein powders could also be appropriate for a person relative to their objective.

To supply whey protein, high quality cow’s milk should first be sourced. It undergoes pasteurisation (short-term heating) which prevents micro organism from multiplying within the milk. After this course of, the milk comprises roughly 20% whey and 80% casein protein. The addition of the enzyme chymosin clots the milk, thus separating the whey from the casein. This yields a liquid half known as milk serum (whey) which comprises whey proteins, fat and carbohydrates. It’s then additional processed by means of filtration and different processes to create the ultimate product – whey protein. [22-23]

Whey focus

Whey concentrate may also be discovered beneath the acronym WPC (Whey Protein Focus). Resulting from its properties, it belongs to essentially the most favoured and fashionable sort of protein worldwide. It often comprises a good quantity protein up to 70 – 80%. For instance, the ion alternate technique was beforehand utilized in manufacturing. This was an affordable approach wherein the unique protein fractions had been degraded. Subsequently, it has now been changed by refined filtration strategies akin to nanofiltration, microfiltration and ultrafiltration. This produces a high-quality and comparatively quickly absorbable protein (10 g/h), which can be reasonably priced. [24]

Whey focus is appropriate for:

  • Energy-training athletes after train to advertise regeneration. 
  • Energy-training athletes at any time of the day to satisfy optimum protein consumption.
  • Endurance and different athletes after train to advertise regeneration. 
  • Endurance athletes at any time of the day to satisfy optimum protein consumption. 
  • People who find themselves making an attempt to shed pounds and want to extend their protein consumption. 
  • Cooks and cooks who wish to improve the protein content material of their dishes. 
  • Individuals in convalescence put up an damage.
  • Anybody who needs to devour high quality and reasonably priced protein.
Who is whey concentrate beneficial for?

Whey isolate

Whey isolate can be known as WPI (Whey Protein Isolate). It’s extracted from whey focus by filtration. The isolate takes longer to filter than the focus. This produces a product that’s even ‘purer’ than whey focus. Compared, it additionally has a larger proportion of protein, 80% or extra. It additionally comprises much less fats and sugar, which good for demanding athletes who want the best high quality and quickly absorbed protein (10 g/h). Throughout manufacturing, the protein can be stripped of just about all milk sugar. Its content material in whey isolates is about 2g per 100g of combination, which permits individuals with lactose intolerance to make use of it with out fear. [25–⁠26]

Whey isolate is appropriate for:

  • Demanding athletes who try for max regeneration. 
  • Health and bodybuilding athletes who control each gram of fats and sugar of their weight loss plan.
  • Folks on slicing weight loss plan.
  • Individuals who need one of the best protein for weight loss.
  • People who can’t digest lactose. 
  • Folks looking for the purest concentrated supply of protein.

Whey hydrolase

Whey hydrolysate also referred to as WPH (Whey Protein Hydrolysate) usually comprises 70 – 85% protein. It’s particular in that it’s produced from whey focus or isolate by a hydrolysis course of. Throughout this course of, substances are added to the combination which break down the protein chains enzymatically into shorter peptides. These are extra shortly absorbed by the physique. This produces a protein that’s nicely digested and used sooner by the physique. Due to the absorption charge (greater than 10 g/h), the hydrolysate can outperform different whey proteins. [27–⁠28]

You could have already seen the DH (Diploma of Hydrolysis) mark when deciding on a hydrolysed protein and questioned what it meant. It’s easy, the upper the quantity behind the letters DH, the longer the hydrolysis course of took, and extra bonds had been cut up. It additionally signifies that the protein comprises shorter peptides and free amino acids. Merely put, the greater the diploma of hydrolysis the protein has, the extra it’s cut up and extra shortly digestible. For instance, one of these protein powder is appropriate for individuals with an allergy to cow’s milk protein. The allergy inflicting elements are cut up throughout hydrolysis, and so the protein mustn’t trigger digestive issues. [29]

The best attainable diploma of hydrolysis shall have the designation DH32. Nonetheless, you may additionally encounter DH5 designation, the place the diploma of hydrolysis is decrease. Additionally be mindful throughout choice that hydrolysed proteins usually have a barely bitter style that won’t swimsuit everybody. Before you purchase a 5 kg pack, get a pattern to see if it actually fits your style. [29]

Whey hydrolysate is appropriate for:

  • Demanding athletes who try for max regeneration. 
  • Demanding athletes who need even sooner absorption.
  • Folks with lactose intolerance (appropriate if the protein powder is created from whey isolate).
  • For many who have an allergy to cow’s milk protein.

2. Micellar casein

Micellar casein is obtained from recent and skimmed cow’s milk. It’s the preferred and high-quality type of casein produced by the microfiltration course of from milk. Thus, micellar casein usually comprises 70 – 80% protein, which is absorbed progressively at a charge of roughly 6 g/h. This is because of the truth that it has particular spherical buildings known as micelles, which ends up in an extended absorption interval. That’s the reason casein has additionally rightly earned the nickname “night time protein”. This sort shouldn’t be appropriate for individuals who anticipate speedy absorption from the protein powder. Conversely, it’s fashionable with anybody who’s making an attempt to maximise muscle progress and desires to take care of elevated muscle protein manufacturing in a single day, as one of these protein powder is slowly digested. [45] 

Micellar casein is appropriate:

  • Mixed with a shortly digestible protein (whey focus or isolate) for athletes who don’t eat a strong meal for 2 hours or extra after train. 
  • For athletes and all others who wish to present the physique with sufficient protein at night time.
  • For many who wish to present the physique with sufficient protein throughout extended fasting. 
For whom is micellar casein suitable?

3. Beef protein

Beef protein is one other favorite in people who find themselves lactose illiberal. Nonetheless, it comprises primarily connective tissue protein, or collagen, which has a selected amino acid spectrum. This makes it much less appropriate for exciting muscle progress in comparison with the whey different. Energy-training athletes ought to due to this fact attain for one more sort of protein. However if you wish to promote joint, hair, nail and pores and skin well being, collagen dietary supplements are additionally useful. Collagen can to some extent sluggish the ageing of the pores and skin, enhance its elasticity and scale back wrinkles. As well as, it promotes joint and cartilage perform. [30] 

Beef protein is appropriate for: 

  • Men and women who need a youthful skin appearance and wish to scale back wrinkles.
  • Individuals who have an issue with their joints or the musculoskeletal system generally. 

4. Egg protein

Eggs are one of the vital fashionable sources of protein amongst strength-training athletes. The uncooked protein powder (egg albumin) is produced by drying pasteurised (short-term heating) whites from rooster eggs. As a rule, it comprises 60 – 80% high-quality protein. The benefit of egg protein is that it has good amino acid spectrum. That makes it one of the vital worthwhile protein sources ever. Like beef protein, it’s helpful for people who find themselves lactose illiberal. Compared, nevertheless, egg protein is best because it has a way more beneficial amino acid spectrum. For some individuals, a slight drawback could also be its longer absorption (3 g/h). In sure instances, nevertheless, this can be perceived as a bonus. [45] 

What’s extra, you may as well get extra protein in your weight loss plan by utilizing classic liquid whites. Their benefit is that you just don’t need to throw away the yolks, in case you solely must enriched your meal with protein, however not fats.

Egg protein is appropriate for:

  • Individuals who wish to enrich their dishes with high quality protein. 
  • Folks on a weight loss plan who admire slower protein absorption. 
  • People who wish to present the physique with sufficient protein at night time or throughout extended fasting. 
  • For individuals with lactose intolerance.

5. Multicomponent protein

As its title suggests, multicomponent protein is composed of a number of protein sources. Animal multicomponent proteins are sometimes a mixture of whey focus, isolate, hydrolysate or micellar casein. Such a mixture can create higher properties of the ensuing protein.

Should you get your arms on, for instance, whey focus and casein, you get a protein powder that may be absorbed quickly and slowly. That is perfect in a scenario the place it’s essential to begin regeneration processes as shortly as attainable after a exercise and you recognize you gained’t get to a strong meal for a number of hours.

Actually, whey concentrates and hydrolysates are absorbed at roughly 10 g/h, micellar casein at 6 g/h and egg albumin at 3 g/h. Combining these ensures a speedy and gradual provide of high-quality protein to the muscle tissue. [31-32]

The protein content material of multicomponent proteins varies in keeping with the uncooked supplies used. Particularly, from animal sources, favor proteins created from milk or egg whites. In case you are involved about muscle progress, attempt to keep away from collagen. It’s extra appropriate for individuals who wish to promote pores and skin look or joint well being.

Multicomponent protein is appropriate for:

  • Folks on a weight loss plan whose precedence is satiation for longer time period.
  • For many who wish to replenish with high quality protein at any time of the day. 
  • Energy athletes who is not going to eat strong meals for roughly 1.5 hours or extra after an train. 

Animal proteins and their use


Sorts of Protein

Weight reduction Whey isolate, whey focus, whey hydrolysate, multiprotein
Muscle progress Whey isolate, whey focus, whey hydrolysate, multiprotein
After train (basic) Whey focus
After train (quickest regeneration) Whey hydrolysate
After train (first strong meal greater than two hours post-workout) Micellar casein, egg protein, multiprotein
Enriching meals, cooking and baking with protein Whey focus, micellar casein, egg protein
Lactose intolerance Whey isolate, egg protein
Fast snack Whey isolate, whey focus, egg protein, multiprotein
Supporting pores and skin look and musculoskeletal system Beef collagen

Really helpful use of animal primarily based protein

For animal protein, a really helpful serving is 0.25 – 0.3g per kg of physique weight. However for those who don’t wish to fear about calculating the dose, you gained’t make a mistake by taking 20 – 40g of the protein powder. This is kind of equal to a full 30g measuring cup. The higher restrict of 40g of protein is especially really helpful for athletes after full-body power coaching, when the physique’s demand for protein is even greater. [2]

Plant-based proteins

Plant-based protein powders are created from numerous plant sources. Most frequently it’s soya, peas, rice or hemp. Their nice benefit is that they’re nicely tolerated by individuals who have lactose intolerance. Such protein powders are notably fashionable with vegans. Nonetheless, individuals who usually eat animal merchandise and wish to attempt one thing new, favor plant-based proteins to cut back carbon dioxide emissions or to boost their consuming plan. The draw back, nevertheless, is that plant protein powders are sometimes much less digestible than animal protein powders, and likewise comprise a much less beneficial spectrum of important amino acids. This makes them a decrease high quality protein supply in comparison with animal protein. However, fortunately, it isn’t an enormous deal. Simply have a ⅓ bigger serving of plant protein and ideally mix the sources it’s created from. The mix of cereals and legumes, for instance, works nicely. This manner, you’re going to get a extra beneficial amino acid spectrum. [33–⁠34]

In response to Rubner’s rule, the content material of the least represented important amino acid impacts the protein usability, resulting in proteosynthesis. It is very important mix appropriate plant-based protein sources. What’s extra, to extend the absorption of the amino acids contained in plant protein powders, add some probiotics. Earlier than utilizing a plant protein, be aware that it has fairly completely different style than whey protein, which can not swimsuit everybody. So get a sample to attempt it after which resolve if it fits your style. [33–⁠34]  

1. Soy Protein

Soy protein is among the hottest options for vegetarians and vegans. Its nice benefit is that it’s most just like whey protein in its EAA proportion. It in flip comes closest to high-quality whey protein. That is additionally why it’s fairly fashionable amongst vegans, and particularly amongst athletes preferring purely a plant-based meals. For some, nevertheless, the drawback could also be that soy protein powders usually comprise extra sugar than whey proteins.

Soy protein is created from soy white flakes. These are obtained by peeling and eradicating the fats from soya beans. The flakes are then floor into flour or meal, which has roughly 50 – 54% protein. The subsequent procedures take away the flavouring substances and sugars, leading to a focus containing roughly 65 – 70% protein. Nonetheless, the combination should still be processed. Different processes, akin to fibre removing and additional centrifugation or desiccation, creates a soya isolate. It might have much more than 90% protein, however usually, it comprises about 85%.  [35-36]

Soy protein is appropriate for:

  • Energy-training athletes who try for muscle progress.
  • Vegans, vegetarians and other people with lactose intolerance.
  • Individuals who wish to improve their weight loss plan with plant protein.
  • Cooks and cooks who wish to enrich their dishes with plant protein. 
  • Individuals who want to extend the protein content material of their weight loss plan. 
For whom is soy protein suitable?

2. Rice Protein

Rice protein is created from rice grains. They’re floor, and the enzymes are then used to separate the proteins from the pure starch. In comparison with whey protein, rice protein comprises much less protein, and it could actually take longer to digest. The limiting amino acid, which is represented in inadequate portions, in rice protein is principally lysine. To compensate for this deficiency, it’s advisable to complement it with one other supply of protein, ideally protein from legumes. Rice protein and pea protein can thus be an excellent mixture because of their amino acid content material. The protein content material differs for particular merchandise. Nonetheless, it’s often between 50 – 78%. You may additionally encounter completely different carbohydrate and fats proportions for these proteins. [37–⁠40] 

Rice protein is appropriate for:

  • Vegans, vegetarians and other people with lactose intolerance.
  • Individuals who wish to improve their weight loss plan with plant protein.
  • Cooks and cooks who wish to enrich their dishes with plant protein. 
  • Individuals who want to extend the protein content material of their weight loss plan. 

3. Hemp protein

Hemp protein is created from hemp seeds, that are pressed and floor to get a effective powder. Hemp protein powder usually comprises about 50% protein, which is significantly decrease than in whey proteins. Neither is the amino acid profile at its finest. Though hemp protein is comparatively excessive in tyrosine and arginine, it comprises low quantities of lysine or leucine in comparison with whey protein. It’s due to this fact acceptable to complement these amino acids from different sources, akin to pea protein. [41–⁠43]

Hemp protein is appropriate for:

  • Vegans, vegetarians and other people with lactose intolerance.
  • Individuals who wish to improve their weight loss plan with plant protein.
  • Cooks and cooks who wish to enrich their dishes with plant protein. 
  • Individuals who want to extend the protein content material of their weight loss plan. 

4. Pea protein

Pea protein is a comparatively good different to whey protein, because it comprises greater quantities of leucine. This amino acid is taken into account to be one of the vital essential important amino acids for muscle progress. Alternatively, nevertheless, pea protein comprises smaller quantities of methionine. You’ll be able to reliably resolve this by combining it with rice protein. What’s extra, excessive fibre content material of pea protein, slows its absorption. Subsequently, one of these protein powder is probably not appropriate if you wish to begin regeneration of broken muscle fibres as shortly as attainable after train.

Pea protein powder is appropriate for:

  • Vegans, vegetarians and other people with lactose intolerance.
  • Individuals who wish to improve their weight loss plan with plant protein.
  • Cooks and cooks who wish to enrich their dishes with plant protein. 
  • Individuals who want to extend the protein content material of their weight loss plan. 
How to combine plant proteins

5. Multicomponent protein

Multicomponent plant-based protein powder can be an excellent alternative. Actually, completely different plant sources they comprise can compensate for restricted content material of amino acids, thereby making a protein with a extra beneficial amino acid spectrum. The idea is due to this fact a mixture of protein from cereals and legumes. For plant multicomponent proteins, it’s possible you’ll usually encounter a mixture of pea and rice, for instance. Cereal proteins have an unfavourable lysine content material, whereas leguminous proteins are poor in methionine and cysteine. By combining pea protein with rice protein, you get a high-quality plant protein with a beneficial amino acid spectrum.

Multicomponent protein is appropriate for:

  • Athletes who try for muscle progress. 
  • Individuals who wish to shed pounds and want to extend their protein consumption. 
  • Vegans, vegetarians and other people with lactose intolerance.
  • Individuals who wish to improve their weight loss plan with plant protein.
  • Cooks and cooks who wish to enrich their meals with plant proteins. 
  • Individuals who want to extend the quantity of protein of their weight loss plan.

Plant protein powders and their use

Plant-based protein powder are good for all athletes who wish to acquire and preserve muscle mass, or promote regeneration after coaching. They’re additionally perfect for many who wish to shed pounds or are attempting to counterpoint their weight loss plan with high-quality protein. In case you additionally wish to attempt plant-based protein, attain for soy, multicomponent or a mixture of various plant proteins. An important alternative, for instance, is the mixture of rice and pea protein. You’ll usually discover this mixture in multicomponent proteins, which is able to make it simpler so that you can obtain plant proteins from a number of sources.

To get essentially the most out of plant proteins, you may improve the dose of the combination, or complement it with probiotics, to extend its usability.

Really helpful consumption of plant-based protein powder

The next consumption is often really helpful for plant proteins in comparison with animal proteins. Be happy to pour in a heaping measuring cup containing as much as 40g of protein.

What do you have to keep in mind?

For leisure athletes with out particular wants, who eat animal protein and are searching for the best protein powder for honest value and performance, whey protein is a superb alternative. Attain for whey isolate or egg protein you probably have issues with lactose intolerance. And if you wish to promote pores and skin magnificence, attempt beef collagen.

Even lovers of pure plant meals is not going to be disadvantaged of this nice meals complement. Soy or multi-component protein would be the best choice. In the identical approach, you may mix pea protein with rice protein. And to make plant-protein powder much more efficient, attain for probiotics.

Whichever protein you select, consider it as no miracle powder to ensure a lean or muscular physique. Nonetheless, for those who use it cleverly to satisfy your every day protein consumption and quickly regenerate your muscle tissue after a exercise, then mixed with a balanced weight loss plan and a well-adjusted coaching schedule it could actually make it easier to obtain your objective.

Do you might have anybody amongst your acquaintances who hasn’t tried protein? Share this text and introduce them to its advantages. 


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