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Leg Day Killer Exercise For Quads Glutes and Hams

Would you like larger legs? Then you definately higher be able to squat – at the least if you wish to do the under routine from U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Nathan Rumbaugh. “That is the leg day killer exercise I utilized throughout my current fight deployment abroad,” he says.

No surprise america has the strongest military on the planet. And also you’ll quickly have the strongest legs in your gymnasium with this exercise.

Featured coach: Employees Sergeant Nathan Rumbaugh is a weapons loader from the a hundred and eightieth Fighter Wing in Toledo, OH. Since graduating from the College of Cincinnati, Nathan has been a touring freelance photographer and designer. As a photographer for Bravo Sierra, he’s capable of mix his passions of army service, health, and pictures all into one. When he’s not engaged on the flight line, touring, or taking pictures pictures, Rumbaugh is engaged on his non-public pilot’s license in hopes to quickly be flying for the Air Drive.

Gear wanted: Barbell, squat rack, dumbbells (glute-ham elevate and calf elevate machine non-obligatory)

Time dedication: Round 45 minutes, relying on relaxation durations

Exercise overview: One of the simplest ways to explain Rumbaugh’s leg exercise is squats, squats, and extra squats. Actually, three different squat variations proper off the bat: the basic barbell squat, adopted by grueling pistol squats, then dumbbell entrance squats.

After the squatting trio comes a number of units of curtsy lunges to hit the glutes, adductors (inside thighs), and abductors (outer thighs), along with the quads. Then you definately’ll end with one of many hardest hamstring workout routines on the planet (glute-ham elevate) supersetted with calf raises.

“If you happen to’re attempting to grow meaty quads and strengthen some key core-stabilizer muscle groups within the course of, this exercise is for you,” says Rumbaugh. “Compound actions are crucial to build functional strength and to develop stabilizer muscle groups, which not solely help in steadiness and management, however assist preserve you protected from harm throughout your elevate.”

Nathan Rumbaugh’s ‘Leg-Day Crusher’ Exercise

Warmup: After 5-10 minutes of low-intensity cardio and dynamic stretching for the decrease physique, carry out 3 units of 20 reps of body weight lunges and three units of 12 reps of Good Mornings with an empty Olympic bar (45 kilos).

“This mild warmup will get the blood flowing,” says Rumbaugh, “and the nice mornings will get your again and core stabilizer muscle groups woke and able to carpe that diem.”

The Exercise
Train Units Reps
Barbell Squat 4 8, 12, 12, 25
Heel-elevated Pistol Squat 3 12 per leg
Dumbbell Entrance Squat 3 8, 12, 12
Dumbbell Curtsy Lunge 3 8, 12, 12
Glute-Ham Elevate
–superset with–
3 12
Standing or Seated Calf Elevate 3 12

Cardio: “It’s uncommon that I’ve time to hit cardio proper after the weights,” says Rumbaugh, “so I have a tendency to interrupt my exercise into two segments: cardio within the morning earlier than breakfast (both a 3-mile run or 20 minutes on the Stairmaster), after which power coaching afterward that afternoon. My aim every week is to do at the least three cardio classes, or 4 if my cheat meal occurred to incorporate a pepperoni pizza.”

Relaxation durations: Relaxation 1-2 minutes between units. The primary three workout routines specifically are extremely taxing compound strikes, so taking a full two minutes is suggested for most individuals. As a result of the 2 workout routines are supersetted, don’t relaxation between glute-ham raises and calf raises; after calf raises, relaxation one minute.

 Train notes

  • Barbell squat: The rep counts on this exercise characterize a reverse pyramid, the place you begin with the bottom rep depend and end with the very best. If the primary set of 8 reps is difficult, you’ll seemingly must lower weight for the subsequent two units (12 reps); nevertheless, if the primary set wasn’t taken near failure, you’ll seemingly be capable of use the identical weight for the 12-rep units. The final set (25 reps) ought to positively be performed with a lighter weight than the earlier two units of 12. “Nice kind is all the time the precedence over the quantity of weight, so preserve a powerful core, a impartial backbone, and concentrate on strong respiration,” says Rumbaugh.
  • Heel-elevated pistol squat: Elevating the heel will place extra emphasis on the quads than the glutes. Pistol squats are a extremely superior transfer. Most individuals capable of do them might want to keep on with body weight solely, if not a light-weight dumbbell. If you happen to’re unable to do normal pistol squats even with body weight, scale the train by holding onto a steady construction with one hand to assist help you on the best way up. Different less-difficult variations of one-leg squats embrace Bulgarian cut up squats and one-leg field squats.
  • Dumbbell entrance squat: That is merely the dumbbell model of the basic entrance squat. Maintain the dumbbells both in entrance of your shoulders or resting on the entrance delts with a impartial grip (palms dealing with one another). Make sure that your quads attain parallel with the ground on every rep, conserving your again flat and torso upright.
  • Dumbbell curtsy lunge: Standing upright holding a pair of dumbbells at your sides, the first step foot again and cross it behind the opposite leg. Drop the again knee to the ground, then reverse the movement to return to the standing. Repeat on the opposite facet, alternating sides each different rep.
  • Glute-ham elevate: If you happen to don’t have a glute-ham elevate machine, carry out the train kneeling on the ground together with your toes locked in place beneath a steady construction. This can be a extremely superior train; when you’re not capable of do 12 reps on the ground model, use your arms to push your self off the ground on the backside to create upward momentum. Over time, use much less and fewer higher physique help.
  • Standing or seated calf elevate: Use whichever variation/machine you favor. When you’ve got each obtainable, alternate each different exercise. If you happen to don’t have both machine, do standing calf raises utilizing a block or step to boost your foot and maintain a dumbbell for resistance.

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