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Ingesting Water Early within the Morning

Ayurveda explains Ushapana as a part of the wholesome day by day routine. Right here, water is suggested for ingesting early within the morning. The qualities, advantages and contra indications of this process are effectively laid out.


Within the day by day routine, the primary exercise is ‘Brahmi Muhurte Uttishte’ or waking up early within the morning earlier than dawn. 1 Muhurta refers to a timespan of 48 minutes. A day consists of 30 Muhurtas, i.e. 15 Muhurtas within the day and 15 Muhurtas within the night time. The 14th Muhurta of the night time is known as “Brahmi Muhurta’. This era is roughly one and a half hours earlier than dawn, or to be precise, one hour and 36 minutes earlier than dawn. This time could fluctuate from area to area based mostly on the time of dawn. In keeping with Ayurveda, that is the best time for an individual to get up within the morning. That is the time during which Usapana is to be achieved.
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What’s Ushapana?

Grasp Bhava Mishra defined a process known as ‘Usha pana’ in Brahmi Muhurta.
‘Usha’ means daybreak or the time simply earlier than dawn. ‘Pana’ means to drink. Due to this fact, ‘Ushapana’ means to drink water early within the morning earlier than dawn or throughout Brahmi Muhurta.

Amount of water for Ushapana

Acharya Bhavamishra explains that the dose of Ushapana is 8 Prasriti or roughly 640 ml. An individual who drinks water on this amount simply earlier than dawn stays free from illnesses and getting older and lives for greater than 100 years.

The best time for Ushapana begins from the 14th Prahara (half) of the night time or 14th Muhurta of the night time. Acharya Bhoja opines that ‘Paryushita jala’ or water which is saved in a single day needs to be used for the aim of Ushapana. Ushapana needs to be achieved simply earlier than dawn. This practise alleviates Vata, Pitta in addition to Kapha issues, thereby permitting the individual to dwell wholesome for 100 years.
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Advantages of Ushapan

When adopted every day , Ushapana relieves –
Arsha – hemorrhoids,
Shotha – swelling,
Grahani – dysentery,
Jwara – fever,
Jatara jara – belly issues,
Kushta – pores and skin illnesses,
Medo vikara – issues associated to fats tissue,
Mutraghata – urinary illnesses,
Asrapitta – bleeding issues,
Shravana Gala Shira roga – issues affecting the ears, throat and head,
Shroni shoola – neck ache and
Akshi roga – eye illnesses.

Ushapana additionally alleviates –
Vata vyadhi – issues of Vata origin,
Pitta vyadhi – issues of Pitta origin,
Kaphaja vyadhi – issues of Kapha origin and
Kshataja vyadhi – illnesses brought about attributable to damage.

Different advantages of Ushapana –

  • Ingesting water as quickly as you get up, earlier than dawn, may also help to flush the toxins out of your physique simply. 
  • It helps to enhance physique metabolism.
  • In these affected by constipation, it might probably induce bowel peristalsis and thus relieve constipation.
  • Ingesting water within the morning reduces calorie consumption throughout breakfast, thus serving to in weight administration. (
  • It is usually helpful to maintain the physique effectively hydrated. It has optimistic results on the mind and may cut back temper fluctuations and fatigue.
  • Ushapana additionally has optimistic advantages on the immunity and pores and skin well being of a person.

Nasa Jala Pana Nasal ingesting of water

Acharya Bhavamishra has defined one other process known as ‘Nasa Jala Pana’, following the reason of Ushapana.
‘Nasa’ means nostril, ‘Jala’means water and ‘Pana’ means to drink. Nasa jalapana is a process the place water is drunk via the nostrils.

An individual who wakes up early within the morning, as quickly because the darkness of the night time wanes and drinks water via the nostrils, can be very clever, with sharp eyesight like an eagle. He doesn’t endure from wrinkling of the pores and skin or greying of hairs. He stays free from all types of illnesses.

Amount of water for Nasa Jala Pana
For Nasa Jala pana, the amount of water for use is 3 Prasriti or roughly 240ml.
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Advantages of Nasal ingesting of water

Ingesting water via the nostrils in direction of the top of the night time has the next advantages –
It alleviates –
Vyanga – blemishes or freckles on the pores and skin,
Vali – wrinkles
Palita – gray hairs,
Pinasa – rhinitis,
Vaiswarya – hoarseness of voice,
Kasa – cough and
Shotha – swelling.
This process has a Rasayana or anti getting older impact on the physique and helps to enhance eyesight.

Contraindications for Ingesting water via

Nasa Jalapan Ingesting water via the nostrils is contraindicated within the following circumstances –
Sneha pita – one that has consumed unctuous substances like oil or ghee,
Kshata – the injured,
Shuddha – who has undergone cleaning Panchakarma therapies,
Adhmana – belly bloating,
Stimita udara – absence of intestinal mobility
Hikka – hiccups,
Kapha vyadhi – issues attributable to Kapha and
Vata vyadhi – issues attributable to Vata.

Sanskrit verses

Widespread doubts

Ought to Ushapana be achieved earlier than tooth brushing or after tooth brushing?
Some individuals say that the saliva early within the morning is alkaline and it comes with its personal well being advantages, if one does Ushapana earlier than washing mouth. There’s little fact in it. However Ushapana might be achieved earlier than or after tooth brushing.

Can lemon water be used for Ushapana?
Sure, however the lemon water needs to be very extremely diluted. I might suggest to squeeze 10-20 drops of lemon juice into the blending quarter a lemon into 640 ml water.

Can honey water be used for Ushapana?
Sure. A tablespoon of honey might be combined with 640 ml of water and can be utilized consumed early within the morning. This helps to drop some weight and to scale back ldl cholesterol.

Each Ushapana and Nasa Jala Pana are easy procedures with many advantages. These procedures needs to be practised every day, throughout the Brahmi Muhurta, earlier than every other actions. Embody this process in your day by day routine to take pleasure in its advantages and to guide an extended and wholesome life.

With Oil Pulling

I’m planning on doing oil pulling within the morning. If I need to do it, together with Ushapana – ingesting water on an empty abdomen, which one needs to be achieved first?

Dr JV Hebbar
The aim of oil pulling is to get rid of the vitiated Kapha toxins from the mouth and throw it out. It is usually helpful to enhance the power of gums and tooth. As a result of it’s an oily process, one is predicted to observe it up with some scorching water remedy. So, it is smart to do the oil pulling first after which eat lukewarm water on an empty abdomen.
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The overall rule is, wherever oiliness is there, it needs to be adopted up with hotness. We see this instance in Acharya Sushruta mentioning that meals needs to be ideally unctuous, scorching and moist.

काले सात्म्यं लघु स्निग्धमुष्णं क्षिप्रं द्रवोत्तरम् ||४६५|| Sushruta Samhita, Sutrasthana 46/435
kāle sātmyaṃ laghu snigdhamuṣṇaṃ kṣipraṃ dravottaram ||465||
kāle – meals needs to be had as per time, sātmyaṃ – congenial meals needs to be consumed.
laghu – meals needs to be gentle
snigdham – meals needs to be unctuous uṣṇaṃ – needs to be scorching
kṣipraṃ – needs to be consumed immediately (swiftly)
dravottaram – meals needs to be moist, not dry.

If oil pulling and water ingesting are achieved within the morning, the water might be had earlier than or after oil pulling. When you think about ingesting water after oil pulling, please make it possible for it’s lukewarm water.

Ushapana completely authorized?

Q. Is Ushapana completely in step with Ayurveda guidelines?
Dr JV Hebbar

There are arguments on each side.
Ushapana is the follow of ingesting 640 ml of water, early within the morning, on an empty abdomen. That is first talked about in a current Ayurvedic textbook known as Bhavaprakasha. It’s defined underneath the heading of Dinacharya – wholesome day by day routine. Which means that this can be a wholesome behavior that may be adopted by all wholesome people.

The three nice treatises – Ashtanga Hrudayam, Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita haven’t included this process as a part of a wholesome day by day routine.

Grasp Vagbhata has talked about, within the context of early morning rituals,

ब्राह्मे मुहूर्त उत्तिष्ठेत् स्वस्थो रक्षार्थमायुषः ।
brāhme muhūrta uttiṣṭhet svastho rakṣārthamāyuṣaḥ |

For residing a healthful life, a wholesome individual ought to rise up from mattress at Brahmi Muhurtha. That’s, earlier than daybreak, or round 1 and 1/2 hours earlier than dawn (i.e. round 4:30 – 5:30 am).

After this he goes on to clarify about shauchakarma – cleansing, toothbrushing and so forth.

Ingesting water early within the morning, as a ritual, when the individual just isn’t feeling any thirst, goes in opposition to the precept of ingesting water solely when one is thirsty.

As per Ayurveda, thirst is a pure urge.

Grasp Vagbhata explains,
Root trigger for all illnesses:
रोगाः सर्वेऽपि जायन्ते वेगोदीरणधारणैः ।
rogāḥ sarve’pi jāyante vegodīraṇadhāraṇaiḥ | Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutrathana 4/22

The basis trigger for all illnesses is

1. Vega Udeerana – premature initiation of those pure urges, when the urge is de facto not there.
For instance, going to the washroom when there isn’t a urge to move urine / feces, consuming when there isn’t a starvation, ingesting when there isn’t a thirst and so forth.

2. Vega Dharana – Not attending to pure urges once they arrive. Eg: withholding starvation for a really lengthy time frame, when the individual is definitely feeling hungry, not ingesting water when somebody is thirsty and so forth.
By this logic, it’s completely high-quality to drink water early within the morning, in case you really feel thirsty.

Within the context of ingesting water, earlier than, in between and after meals consumption, Ayurveda says, ingesting water earlier than meals decreases Agni, after meals, causes weight problems and is right to drink water whereas taking meals.

So, in case you do Ushapana (drink giant portions of water) within the morning and intend to have breakfast one hour after that, it could trigger weakening of digestive fireplace (Agni).

This might profit an individual with weight problems and encourage him to eat much less by reducing starvation.

However for a wholesome individual, Ushapana doesn’t examine all of the wholesome routine check-boxes.

There are some individuals who really feel constipated with out ingesting water early within the morning, for them, Ushapana is nice to observe.

For overweight individuals, to maintain the Agni low, Ushapana generally is a instrument.

However for individuals with very low digestive fireplace, who need to placed on weight, that suffer with digestive issues, Ushapana won’t be an excellent selection. 

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