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Hrsva Jadhya That means, Signs, Therapy

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Hrsva Jadhya is an eye fixed dysfunction which afflicts the imaginative and prescient. It’s defined by Grasp Sushruta.
Hrsva means small.
Jadhya means dullness (in seeing issues)

There isn’t a detailed description of this illness in Ayurveda texts. The signs of this dysfunction have been enlisted by Sushruta. They’re as beneath talked about.
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Divaseshu krichrat rupani pashyet – The individual finds it tough to see within the daytime, this stands for jadhya a part of the title of the illness.

Hrsvani Rupani Pashyet – The scale of the issues perceived is sort of totally different and smaller than the dimensions of the identical object perceived by others. He sees the thing smaller in dimension compared to their regular dimension. This represents the hrsva a part of the title of the illness.
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Combining these two signs collectively – the affected person not solely finds it tough to see issues and understand them correctly through the day time but additionally sees the objects small and tiny compared to their regular dimension and what’s perceived by others (regular individuals). These two are usually not separate signs however are collectively skilled by the affected person.

There’s a controversial opinion given by Grasp Videha about this situation. The reason is completely in distinction to what Grasp Sushruta has defined.

Grasp Videha tells – ‘Among the many 4 sorts of Naktandhya already defined earlier, Nakula and Hrsva Jadhya are thought of as incurable’.

Right here Grasp Videha significantly mentions Hrsva Jadhya as a sort of Naktandya i.e. night time blindness the place one finds it tough to see in the dead of night and through night time time however he can see issues within the day time. However Sushruta’s rationalization of Hrsva Jadhya tells that the individual feels it tough to see in daytime which places the situation underneath the class of Divandhya or day blindness.
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Sanskrit Verses

Description by Sushruta and Videha

We are able to mix each ideas of Sushruta and Videha and clarify this situation on this approach. Hrisva Jadhya is an eye fixed dysfunction whereby –

  • Tough to see issues and understand them within the daytime.
  • Tough to see issues within the day time and see them as small and tiny. However the affected person can not see something at night time. For this reason Videha has thought of it as a type of night time blindness.
  • The objects are seen small and tiny at day time.

To distinguish this situation from divandhya – day blindness and naktandhya – night time blindness, all of the above mentioned signs needs to be thought of collectively i.e. all 3 signs needs to be current in a given affected person concurrently.
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Hrsva Roga defined by Grasp Vagbhata

Grasp Vagbhata has defined the identical situation within the title of ‘Hrsva Roga’. This situation is brought on by predominantly vitiated pitta. The affected person sees the bigger objects as smaller.


This situation is alleged to be incurable.

Trendy correlation

This situation might be intently in comparison with ‘Retinitis pigmentosa’ defined in fashionable drugs, particularly a situation of Retinitis pigmentosa which is related to formation of cataract and central opacity. This can clarify why each day (partial) and night time (complete) blindness will probably be current in hrsva jadhya. It has been in contrast by some specialists to ‘myopia’.
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Hrsva Jadhya is alleged to afflict the 4th layer of the attention and is taken into account to be an incurable situation.

The remedy of this situation has not been defined within the Ayurveda treatises. However Tarpana remedy i.e. pooling of medicated ghee across the eyes has been tried by some physicians on this situation particularly when this situation is taken into account to be myopia and have been discovered to offer symptomatic reduction to an extent.

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