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First Out of doors Go to of the Youngster: Nishkramana Samskara

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Nishkramana Samskara is the 6th ceremony which is performed amongst the 16 standard ceremonious rituals performed within the timeline of a person based on Hindu beliefs. It’s completed instantly after naming the kid i.e. Namakarana Samskara.
Nishkraman = going out (of house)
Sanskar = ceremony

It’s for the primary time that the kid shall be taken out of the kids ward. The kid won’t simply be carried out of the ward. In actual fact like all different ceremonies this one too shall be performed with all rituals based on the traditions of the household.
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The kid may have its first outside go to within the 4th month. It’s performed on an auspicious day and place of auspicious star.

Earlier than taking the kid out of the home, it’s given a ceremonious bathtub and made to put on new garments. Gods are worshipped by conducting fireplace sacrifices and providing of prayers. This ceremony is performed within the presence of clergymen, household, buddies and neighbors.

Based on the outline of Grasp Vagbhata
 ‘Within the fourth month, the kid is effectively adorned and dressed up with clear, enticing and new garments, prayers provided to the Gods and the kid is introduced out of the ward. One ought to carry the fireplace (God) and Skanda God (idol) and stroll in entrance of the kid main her or him because the youngster is lifted by the kid’s father / mother or father’.

Based on Grasp Kashyapa
‘Within the fourth month the kid ought to be given a shower, ought to be made to worn new garments, ought to be effectively adorned with ornaments and brought out of the ward in a ceremonious manner. The kid ought to be accompanied by dhatri – moist nurse. The moist nurse ought to be carrying white mustard, honey and ghee or gorochana – ox bile together with her and paved the way out. They need to now take the kid to the temple. Within the temple, the sacred fireplace ought to be worshipped with ghee and akshata – rice coloured and sanctified with saffron and turmeric powder. Completely different sorts of worship ought to be completed to Lord Vishnu, Skanda, Matrukas and the clan deities utilizing fragrances, flowers, fumigants and garlands and lots of sorts of scrumptious edibles as choices. The Brahmins ought to be worshipped and their blessings sought. The moist nurse together with the kid ought to take the blessings of clergymen; academics and elders current on the event of the ceremony and thank them. Following this the kid ought to be introduced again to the accouchement / kids’s ward or to the house of the kid. After returning to the house, the doctor ought to sanctify the kid by uttering the under talked about sacred hymn –

That means – ‘Oh Youngster, Being protected by the Gods, blessed and sanctified by the Brahmanas and being praised by the academics and elders, reside for hundred years!’
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Based on different opinions
Manusmriti advocates this ceremony to be carried out within the 4th month after the kid’s delivery. Then again Yamasmriti tells that the kid ought to see the solar within the 3rd month after delivery and within the 4th month the kid ought to see the moon.

A sq. space is marked within the courtyard of the home. The Solar ought to be seen from the courtyard. The marked place ought to be plastered with cow dung and clay. Swastika signal is marked on it. Now the kid’s mom ought to unfold grains of rice over the plaster. The moist nurse ought to deliver the kid out of the house into the courtyard, on to the marked space. The daddy of the kid ought to take the kid in his arms and make the kid to take a look at the Solar. Whereas doing so, the sounds of the conch shell and chanting of Vedic hymns ought to be heard within the environment. The kid can also be proven auspicious and good symbols.

In the identical process, others opine that the mother and father invoke the 5 components of nature. They worship Solar God – Surya and Moon God – Chandra. Within the day time, Solar is proven to the kid and at night time moon is proven to the kid. This may even be the primary time after delivery that the kid could be seeing the Solar and Moon aside from his or her first outside go to.
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Sanskrit verses


The intention of exhibiting solar, moon and Gods to the newborn shall be –

  • to supply prayers to solar who bestows life and moon who bestows temper and Gods whose blessings are important for well being, development and growth of the kid
  • to generate a really feel of respect in direction of these pure powers and power sources within the youngster
  • the kid shall be uncovered to the skin world, to the pure forces i.e. solar, moon and wind and will get acquainted with new folks and consequently social responses are invoked within the youngster which may be very important for the kid’s future social life
  • curiosity to discover issues could get initiated inside the youngster
  • the blessings of deity and clergymen will bestow lengthy life, intelligence and well being within the youngster
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