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Examination Of Initiation Of Motion

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Pravritti means an method or initiation taken in direction of doing an motion. Pravritti Pariksha contains examination of this initiation of motion. It’s the 9th issue to be examined as per Grasp Charaka’s ten components to be examined i.e. dasha vidha parikshya bhavas.
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Definition of Pravritti

Any exercise undertaken or any inclination proven in direction of engaging in an motion is named pravritti. It’s also known as kriya, karma, yatna or karyarambha.

So the motion itself isn’t pravritti. However the makes an attempt, initiation or inclination in direction of engaging in the identical is named pravritti. The synonym karyarambha explains all of it. It means starting an motion.
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Examination of Pravritti

Within the area of medication, ‘to start the remedy course of’ is itself known as pravritti. Right here the doctor reveals an inclination and curiosity in direction of offering remedy. Initiation of motion within the type of remedy reveals the dedication of the doctor within the course of. It isn’t solely the doctor however the involvement of all the opposite 3 limbs i.e. affected person, drugs and attendants which determines the success of remedy. Subsequently the primary initiation in direction of remedy needs to be from the doctor however the initiation in direction of the identical motion must also be from the opposite 3 limbs. Subsequently pravritti may be thought of as initiation of remedy by the involvement of all of the 4 limbs of the remedy concurrently.

Indicators of pravritti – Pravritti is marked by the right and simultaneous indulgence of and contribution of their a part of initiation within the remedy means of the beneath talked about 4 members of remedy –

  • Yogya bhishak – the doctor endowed with all the nice qualities
  • Yogya aushadha – the medicines enriched with all their good properties
  • Atura – the affected person adorned with all their good qualities
  • Paricharaka – the attendants having all of their good qualities

When these 4 limbs of remedy are correctly and concurrently indulged within the initiation of remedy course of, the remedy would yield good outcomes.
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Indulgence of solely the doctor or some other limb of remedy alone isn’t adequate for initiating the remedy course of.

If the doctor initiates the remedy with good planning the remedy will nonetheless fail –

  • if the affected person doesn’t cooperate by taking the medicines or adhering to the doctor’s directions or
  • the attendants fail to provoke their function of caring for the sufferers
  • medicines usually are not out there or if the out there medicines usually are not appropriate for the motion to be taken

All this occurs as a result of there’s solely partial inclination or initiation taken by the doctor. There is no such thing as a teamwork and integrity as all parts of the remedy course of usually are not initiating the motion concurrently.


  • The affected person is able to take initiation in direction of the remedy, the medicines can be found to their fullest efficiency and the nice hearted attendants can be found however the doctor isn’t endowed with wealthy qualities and wouldn’t provoke the remedy course of.
  • The doctor has initiated the remedy course of, the medicines can be found and administered, the affected person is able to take the medicines and provoke motion from his half however the attendants or nursing workforce usually are not all for all the motion.

These are solely examples. The opposite permutations may be assumed. The imbalance within the equation in direction of initiation can occur in any type, in any mixtures of two, three or 4 parts.

Whereas analyzing the ‘initiation of motion’ the doctor shouldn’t solely take the prime accountability of initiating the remedy but in addition ought to make it possible for the opposite parts are additionally related in an ideal community and are initiating their a part of function within the remedy course of. This examination needs to be completed every now and then, not simply originally of the remedy course of but in addition throughout the course of and observe up of the remedy.
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Pravritti from analysis perspective

Initiation of motion is nothing however the decided efforts taken in direction of accomplishment of aims and this is likely one of the key parts of analysis examine. Once we take into account analysis rather than remedy, pravritti for a researcher is the motivation wanted within the analysis in direction of initiation of motion i.e. analysis work.

So what’s the utility of motivation in analysis?

The motives could also be a need to

All that is attainable if the researcher is continually involved, targeted and motivated in direction of sensible issues associated to analysis and initiates himself or herself in direction of discovering an answer for them.

Motivation to do constant efforts in direction of  analysis aims is a really important part of analysis examine and involvement therein. The formal coaching in methodologies of analysis and thorough data of the themes therein usually are not simply sufficient and don’t resolve the aim if there’s lack of motivation in direction of initiating the motion in direction of the motive. Moral and scientific features additionally play a key function in engaging in the duty and actions initiated in a correct approach and will also be thought of as half and parcel of pravritti.

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