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Examination of Desha: Habitat / Human Physique

Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Desha means habitat. Desha when it comes to remedy is the ‘human physique’. Due to this fact examination of desha (Desha Pariksha) consists of examination of habitat and numerous points of human physique. Each would yield helpful data associated to remedy of ailments and diseased.

That means of Desha

Desha means place or habitat. Desha includes of land (habitat) and the physique of the affected person.

Desha pariksha is the 7th issue to be examined as per Grasp Charaka’s ten elements to be examined i.e. dasha vidha parikshya bhavas. This has been divided into –

  • Examination of the land / soil – Completely different geographical habitats whereby folks stay has been defined together with the influence of land and crops / medicines / meals grown therein on doshas and well being of people born and introduced up in that habitat
  • Examination of human physique – In these as soon as once more 10 elements to be examined in human physique has been defined. It’s known as as Dashavidha Pariksha or tenfold examination. This can be a crucial side of scientific examination. Documentation of those 10 elements in relation to the affected person’s historical past may be very important for comprehensively treating the affected person and for scientific success. Additionally it is the favored pariksha vidhi i.e. mode of examination of the affected person.
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Significance of figuring out the habitat

1. Land or geography of the individual as habitat – Each these points of desha need to be examined. Examination of land would give us an concept of the influence of geography on the well being of people. It’s because folks dwelling specifically habitat could be influenced by meals, drugs, dwelling situations and way of life of that individual habitat. They might be accustomed to their habitat as part of adaptation and observe and being a part of clan which has lived in that a part of land for a few years. This may additionally present genetic tolerance to that land.

As a rule, the habitat or the meals and different elements of that habitat mustn’t trigger any intolerance or disturbance of well being in these people. However extremes will certainly have some have an effect on. Figuring out the geography of a person will assist the doctor to assist folks in making adjustments of their food regimen, way of life and angle, which is essentially the most important a part of remedy.

It will particularly come into consideration for folks altering their habitat or migrate to different locations. These persons are prone for imbalances in well being. It’s because the meals, practices and way of life of that habitat and in addition the climatic adjustments.

If new place and new dwelling situations do have an effect on a person, the doctor needs to be the proper individual to assist them to stay good therein. For this the doctor ought to have a exact data of habitat.

2. Human physique as habitat – Human physique additionally has been defined as a habitat by Grasp Charaka. There are lots of elements to be examined within the bodily physique of the affected person. That is defined within the type of dashavidha pariksha i.e. tenfold affected person examination. That is required for correct prognosis of the illness, to investigate the energy, tolerance and endurance of the individual and deal with the given situations comprehensively.
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Examination of desha

The placement of ailments and for administration of medicines known as as desha.

1. Bhumi desha pareeksha – examination of habitat

The target of examination of habitat are twofold. They’re –
a. To acquire thorough data of the affected person in a selected habitat

For this the under talked about points must be examined –

  • Place the place the individual born
  • Place whereby the individual is introduced up
  • Place dwelling the place the individual has acquired the illness
  • Meals habits of individuals in that habitat
  • Way of life and actions of individuals dwelling in that habitat
  • Situations by which the folks of that habitat stay and adapt to
  • Energy and endurance of individuals dwelling in that habitat
  • Mentality and angle of individuals dwelling in that habitat
  • Compatibilities of individuals associated to meals, actions and dwelling in that habitat
  • Dosha imbalances which happen in that habitat
  • Likes and dislikes of individuals dwelling in that habitat
  • Sorts of ailments which manifest in that habitat
  • Good and unhealthy issues in and in regards to the habitat

Other than the above stated elements any delicate issues which come into the observance of the doctor in relation to the sufferers dwelling in a given habitat shall be totally thought-about and examined.

b. To acquire thorough data of the medicines grown in a given habitat
Examination of the medicines grown in a given habitat shall be performed on the premise of clarification of the identical given within the first chapter of Kalpasthana part of Charaka Samhita.
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2. Atura desha pariksha – examination of the affected person (physique and thoughts)

The land for remedy is the physique of the affected person. The target of examination of affected person are twofold. They’re –

a. To acquire complete data of the amount of lifespan (energy of affiliation of physique, thoughts, senses and soul) of the affected person

b. To acquire complete data of the amount of energy and dosha within the affected person

This can be a crucial side of the affected person examination for the reason that dosage of the medicines is determined by the amount of vitiation of doshas. The dosage of medicines varies from illness to illness and in numerous levels of the illness. The drugs can be prescribed in particular dosages solely after having thought-about the energy of the affected person and illness.

If an unskilled doctor out of the blue administers very robust drugs to a affected person having much less energy and endurance, with out even analyzing the affected person and medicines – the drugs would show deadly to the weak affected person and can take away his life. It’s because these sufferers can’t tolerate robust medicines. Individuals having much less energy won’t tolerate robust medicines predominant in qualities of fireplace and air parts and also will not tolerate interventions like surgical procedure, fireplace cauterization and alkali cauterization. Due to this fact the smart doctor administer medicines that are delicate in nature, and regularly improve the dosage and efficiency of the medicines as and when wanted. He’ll take further warning if the affected person is a girl. It’s because girls have inconsistent thoughts, gentle nature and would get scared by smallest discomfort attributable to their delicate nature.

The other can be true. When an ignorant doctor implement medicines of lesser energy and efficiency to a powerful affected person affected by a powerful illness, the medicines could be wasted. Bigger doses of robust medicines must be administered in such ailments to eliminate them. For the reason that sufferers are additionally stronger in nature they’d readily tolerate robust medicines and interventions. All this stuff needs to be analyzed and considered earlier than beginning the remedy.
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Sanskrit Verses

Dashavidha Pariksha – 10 fold examination of the affected person

Ten fold examination of the affected person helps in and goals at finding out and understanding the amount of energy within the sufferers.

They’re as under talked about –
a. Components defined by Grasp Charaka

Sl No Issue to be examined That means
1 Prakriti Constitution of the person
2 Vikriti Imbalances occurring within the structure / pathology
3 Sara Essence of the tissues
4 Samhanana Compactness of the physique and physique elements
5 Pramana Measurements of the physique elements
6 Satmya Habits and compatibility
7 Sattva Psychological energy
8 Ahara Shakti Digestion capability
9 Vyayama Shakti Exercise tolerance
10 Vaya Age

b. Components defined by Grasp Vagbhata

Sl No Issue to be examined That means
1 Dushyam Structural and practical abnormalities within the physique
2 Desham Geographical nature of the place the place the affected person lives
3 Balam Bodily energy of the affected person
4 Kalam Seasonal and weather conditions
5 Anala Digestive fire and its situation
6 Prakriti Structure of the affected person
7 Vaya Age of the affected person
8 Sattva Psychological nature of the affected person
9 Satmya Normal and private habits of the shoppers, capability to adapt
10 Ahara Nature of affected person’s food regimen

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Desha from Analysis perspective

Within the analysis research one of many essential points to take a look at is ‘number of research website’. The geographical distribution is taken into account for not solely the number of samples for the research but in addition to interpret the outcomes of the research.

Ecological research too might be thought-about because the research of location or desha. It’s meant for exploring the statistical connection between ailments in numerous inhabitants teams. Additionally it is used to discover the estimated exposures to a illness in teams reasonably than people.

A really useful gizmo that improves the flexibility of ecological research is the ‘geographic data system. It helps the ecological research to find out hyperlink between well being information and a supply of environmental publicity.
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