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Examination Of Attainment Of Well being: Karyaphala

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Karyaphala means final result or outcomes of motion. Within the remedy course of bringing concerning the stability of doshas and establishing well being is the motion. Acquiring well being by the affected person is the specified constructive final result of a complete remedy strategy.
Karya = motion
Phala = fruits / final result / end result

Kaaryaphala is the 5th issue to be examined in accordance with Charaka’s ten components to be examined i.e. dashavidha parikshya bhavas. The sooner 4 components are –

  • Kaarana – the trigger – doctor is the trigger for establishing stability of doshas
  • Karana – the devices – medicines utilized by the doctor to deal with the ailments
  • Karyayoni – supply of motion – the imbalance of the doshas and physique parts which calls for motion to be taken by the doctor
  • Karya – motion – bringing the doshas to a state of stability and its signal is disappearance or treatment of illness

Briefly, the doctor, with the assistance of medicines, targets the imbalance of doshas and physique parts within the affected person’s physique which is the goal of his motion (to be taken) and brings a couple of stability in them. This motion results in disappearance of the illness the affected person is affected by. Karyaphala explains the result of the motion taken.
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Definition of Karyaphala by Grasp Charaka

The end result anticipating to attain which, the doer would provoke an motion known as as karyaphala. It may be thought of as object for which the motion is initiated.

The final word results of an successfully carried out remedy is institution / attainment of well being.
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Examination of final result of remedy

The signal of this final result of remedy and complete well being is pleasure or state of well being within the thoughts, mind, senses and physique. So far as the doctor is taken into account happiness or pleasure is the ‘attainment of a state of freedom from illness’ within the affected person and this itself is the result of the remedy.
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Karyaphala by way of analysis

After we think about a researcher instead of doctor karyaphala i.e. final result might be thought of as outcomes of the analysis research.

Final result of the analysis research shall be described as – ‘variables that are able to offering us with probably the most clinically related proof associated to the first goal of the trial’.

Sorts of endpoints / outcomes of analysis research –

  • Direct endpoint – It’s instantly associated to the first goal of the analysis trial.
  • Surrogate endpoint – It’s the laboratory measurement or a physiological signal. It’s used as an alternative choice to a clinically significant endpoint. It measures how a affected person feels, capabilities or survives instantly.

Each these endpoints of scientific analysis which a researcher tries to attain via numerous strategies of operation might be correlated with the karyaphala – final result defined by grasp Charaka.
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