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Does VShred Work? VShred Weight loss plan Evaluation.


This evaluate of VShred is my skilled opinion. Thanks to all the individuals who despatched me their VShred logins, meal plans, emails, and many others and many others and many others. so I might write this publish.


I’ve at all times had requests to do a VShred evaluate, however I’ve by no means actually been as a result of it meant that I used to be going to have to observe their loopy movies and topic myself to their advertising and marketing and advertisements, and I simply didn’t wish to take care of that.

It wasn’t till an outdated buddy of mine not too long ago despatched me the VShred hyperlink and stated she was contemplating doing this program for weight reduction, that I jumped into motion. 

She instructed me that she had watched a Vince Sant video and stated, ‘he appears to say the precise issues,’ which made my hair stand on finish. NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!

I knew I needed to do one thing. Simply telling her to not do VShred wasn’t going to be sufficient – I wanted the provide you with all of the explanation why.

So yeah, due to my buddy for lighting a hearth below me – I’m positive lots of people are going to learn from her almost-mistake!

Writing a VShred evaluate is a giant job. It’s like leaping right into a rabbit gap and getting misplaced in there for weeks. There’s a lot content material, so many darkish corners, and there’s additionally the entire thing of the corporate behind VShred (sketchy AF, I’m not even going to go there intimately). 

For this VShred evaluate, I’ve tried to restrict myself to what I contemplate to be a very powerful issues about this system. I’m additionally marking off all of the pink flags so that you can depend up. Be ready to depend excessive!


As a part of my analysis on VShred, I put out a name on my Fb web page for anybody who had ever been on this system. Individuals began DM’ing me with their experiences, their private VShred meal plans, screenshots of conversations with their coaches, all kinds of VShred emails and PDFs…it was nuts. 

Evidently, a LOT of individuals don’t like VShred. Not solely my followers, but additionally on the Better Business Bureau website, the place VShred has a 2.12/5 score and 424 complaints within the final 3 years. Purple flag! 

There are additionally a sh*t-ton of YouTube movies from legit bodybuilders explaining why VShred could also be a rip-off, and Ben Carpenter, whose content material I am keen on, has taken them on a few times on his Reels. Extremely advocate. But in addition, RED FLAG. When legit professionals are all in settlement with how sh*t an organization is, we should always actually pay attention. 

What Is VShred?

VShred is a vitamin and health firm. The face of VShred is a man named Vince Sant, who has a variety of muscle mass and infrequently wears a shirt. 

Right here’s a screenshot of Vince meal-prepping…with out a shirt. 

vshred diet plan

Somebody wants to inform Vince that it’s gross AND harmful to cook dinner with out a shirt.

Vince was a health mannequin earlier than he obtained concerned with VShred, however now his job title has by some means morphed into ‘celeb health coach,’ despite the fact that many, many, MANY precise health trainers will let you know that Vince usually demonstrates poor kind and a few of the workout routines he offers out are doubtlessly dangerous.

I’m not going to say something in-depth concerning the VShred exercises, apart from that it’s a well known incontrovertible fact that Vince appears to be roundly reviled within the bodybuilding/weight lifting neighborhood. Purple flag!

That is most likely as a result of he allegedly copied/plagiarized content material from legit, trustoworthy health trainers like Jeff Cavaliere, the owner of the company AthleanX. 


VShred provides a bunch of packages like Fats Loss Excessive, Customized Weight loss plan and Coaching for Her (and for Him), Ripped in 90 Days, Clear Bulk Program, 6-Pack Shred, The Booty Builder, and many others. 

It looks like the VShred 90 day Fats Loss Excessive program is the preferred with the folks I’ve spoken to, however I believe it’s secure to say that the opposite packages that VShred provides are seemingly a variation of that one, anyhow.

Right here’s how the VShred expertise sometimes goes:

Reply some questions on the VShred web site to search out out which weight-reduction plan and train program they advocate for you. 

Watch a 60 minute video of ‘world well-known health mannequin and licensed coach’ Vince Sant speaking about your physique sort and three easy fixes to eliminate your ‘gentle, out of form physique’ (cue photos of ladies grabbing at their bellies) and get a ‘slim and toned physique’ that you just’ll wish to ‘showcase’ with out ‘ravenous your self.’ And hey, Vince has three ‘fats destroyers’ that can assist you, however you could watch till the tip of the video for him to disclose them!

Work out your macros or purchase the meal plans for an additional price. 

Do the exercises.

There are not any safeguards for age (I chosen the ‘teen’ class…and sure, it exists) or warnings about consuming issues or some other contraindications for doing a program like this. Purple flag.

The scary factor is that after I entered my 13 year-old daughter’s info into the questions on the VShred web site (it really has a ‘teen’ class), it gave me a 60 minute video of Sant speaking about how some ladies ‘battle with willpower’ and the way VShred will help them eliminate cussed fats.

Vince additionally talks about his mother and sisters within the video, and mansplaining about ladies’s our bodies, which I’m positive is supposed to spark some emotional reference to us (advertising and marketing), however made me wish to vomit as a result of it was so apparent. 

Vince was clearly in method over his head, speaking about metabolism and white fats vs brown fats and somatotypes, which aren’t really a factor. (I did a somatotype and diet review here)

Being an endomorph, ectomorph, or mesomorph has completely no bearing on which weight-reduction plan try to be on and your potential to achieve or drop extra pounds. However Vince says that Fats Loss Excessive is ideal for endomorphs like my 13 yr outdated daughter. It’s an ‘automated fats loss answer’ that works ‘in a matter of weeks!’

I used to be beginning to droop down with boredom from this unending video, when Vince began speaking about triglycerides.

I obtained a bit excited as a result of I assumed he was going to lastly say one thing sensible, however he stated this:

“Triglycerides are very massive particles that may’t exit the fats cell and due to this fact get saved away to make up these ‘cussed, fatty areas in your physique that appear not possible to eliminate.”

However wait! He says ‘the cool half’ is that these triglycerides might be focused and damaged down! The fats will ‘simply soften off your physique!’

Um, yeah, no. Vince Shirtless Bro Mansplainer don’t do this science stuff, everybody! RED FLAG!

Any person wants to interrupt it to Mr. No Shirt that not solely is focused fat-burning NOT a factor, ‘breaking down’ triglycerides is a traditional bodily operate, and that NATURE, not VShred, invented that course of. 

Can all of us say it collectively? It’s referred to as LI-PO-LY-SIS.

And as soon as and for all, everybody ought to perceive that FAT DOES NOT MELT. If you want to know what happens to fat when it leaves our bodies, read my post on it here. In fats, I’ve by no means seen an evidence-based firm or particular person use the phrase ‘fats melting.’

Purple flag.

Kudos to anybody on the planet who had the persistence to observe any of the VShred movies in any respect. Most of them are so lengthy, and so filled with pseudoscience and false pleasure over NOTHING, that by the tip of any of them (and I watched a bunch), I actually needed to throw my laptop throughout the room. 

Of their content material, VShred makes use of the phrases ‘women’ and ‘ladies’ interchangeably, which is misogynistic, infantilizing, and is finished to ladies smaller. However that appears to be a factor with VShred. The corporate panders to the trashy and grossly outdated concept that girls ought to make themselves bodily small. They need to even be younger, skinny, toned and ‘attractive.’ 

There’s additionally a variety of insinuation that girls’s our bodies are solely ‘attractive’ in the event that they’re sporting a 6-pack. And, that ‘exhibiting off your physique’ is one thing that girls wish to do, as a result of didn’t you recognize that our our bodies exist solely for the gratification of others?

I simply can’t. 

All of this exhibits us the place the VShred creators’ minds are with respect to females. Huge shock there. Purple flag.

And what’s even worse is that VShred is making a ton of cash advertising and marketing this rubbish to each women and men. However the firm is run by a gaggle of web entrepreneurs: that is what they do. Vince is merely the face of VShred. The opposite guys are a bunch of promoting bros who’re good at promoting. 

vshred marketing

VShred Earlier than and After Pictures.

VShred seems to be actually into earlier than and after pictures, and let’s face it: they haven’t any analysis or the rest to talk of that will show the efficacy of their program. I see this quite a bit, particularly with vitamin MLMs. Purple flag!

We already know that these photos general are simply faked, however one in every of my sources really instructed me that VShred stole one in every of her pictures off of an Instagram health web page, and USED IT to promote their product. And no, my supply by no means used VShred. Ever.

Of their utilization of the photograph, VShred stated it took 4 months for my supply to attain her outcomes, which was utterly made-up – she stated that it took 18 months. And it doesn’t matter – VShred stole her picture. They took it down after she referred to as them on it, fortunately.

VShred Vitamin Claims.

VShred appears to routinely make guarantees of huge weight reduction that will be not possible for most individuals to attain – like 21+ kilos in a matter of weeks. Telling people who they’ll lose X kilos in X time is a big pink flag, since weight predictions are powerful to make to people, by no means thoughts as blanket statements to a complete inhabitants. 

The vitamin claims that VShred makes are sometimes outrageous and never evidence-based. All of it appears to be a part of the frequent wellness trade advertising and marketing scheme to create anxiousness round an issue that you just most likely don’t have, after which promote you an answer that can repair it. 

For instance, Vince talks about low, stalled, or damaged metabolic sorts. That each one sounds very dire, and in lots of people, would trigger emotions of worry and urgency (advertising and marketing 101).

In actuality, there are not any such issues. You may’t ‘stall’ your metabolism, which theoretically would imply that you just’re DEAD. And I’ve seen this ‘damaged’ metabolism rubbish quite a bit recently, however it’s additionally not a factor. Purple flag! (Read my post on how metabolism works here)

Your metabolism isn’t an IPhone that you could restart, reset, or break. And even when VShred defends its use of those phrases as making it simpler for folks to grasp metabolism, that’s most likely not true.

Actually, misinformation like this confuses folks, inflicting them to panic as a result of they really imagine that there’s one thing flawed with them…when there isn’t.

vshred weight loss

Nothing ‘skyrockets’ your metabolic price like this. Nothing.

Vince goes on and on about wonderful ‘fats loss’ hormones that ‘management your metabolism,’ and hormonal ‘misfiring’ – as if 1. that is really how the physique works (it isn’t) and a pair of. He has the data and expertise to ‘repair’ your metabolism and fats storage issues.

He creates desperation after which sells the answer, which is an answer to nothing…since ‘hormonal misfiring’ isn’t a factor, and if ‘wonderful fats loss hormones’ existed, we’d all find out about them by now. Purple flag.

VShred’s extraordinarily lengthy and annoying movies are filled with science-y-looking inventory pictures of DNA and scientists in labs, all of the whereas speaking about how ‘Harvard scientists’ found ‘organic loopholes’ that may assist burn fats in 30 seconds. The ‘loophole’ they’re speaking about is the hormone irisin, which was written about in 2012 and never extensively heard about since. Hm. I ponder why that’s?

In addition they speak about TRPV1, which recent research shows is a receptor within the physique that apparently helps produce brown fats cells. In mouse fashions and lab dishes, with extended chilly publicity. 

Not with VShred dietary supplements and workout routines.

That is the factor with VShred and a variety of different vitamin corporations on the market: they appear to take a kernel of reality, and spin it into one thing it’s not, normally utilizing outdated and animal analysis to ‘show’ their level. Purple flag.

VShred isn’t the exception, besides in relation to filthy advertising and marketing. They appear to excel in that.

For weight reduction, VShred enables you to select between a macro plan, or carb biking aka ‘metabolic confusion.’ (Their title for it, though I’ve seen it earlier than).

However once more, your metabolism doesn’t get confused. Actually, simply the other of that – it is aware of precisely what to do. And if it might speak, it will let you know NOT to go close to VShred. 

Carb biking and macro counting are two calorie-cutting choices for weight reduction. Each contain a variety of counting and monitoring and are undoubtedly the other of intuitive.

Listed below are some examples of VShred ‘customized’ meal plans:

vshred meal plan



vshred food list


It’s a low-calorie weight-reduction plan. Interval. Who offers a sh*t concerning the macros? They don’t matter – the energy do. So yeah, 51% carbs seems to be excessive, till you understand that whole energy are below 1200! WTF! 

Individuals despatched me weeks and weeks of VShred meal plans, and the bottom calorie day was 1195; the very best, simply over 1500. Purple flag. For most individuals, this stage of energy is NOT sustainable, neither is it well being bodily or emotionally. 

Positive, you’ll drop extra pounds on a low-calorie weight-reduction plan. However meal plans don’t educate you the way to self-manage your meals selections, and you may’t observe a meal plan for the remainder of your life. Plus, your relationship with meals will undergo, virtually undoubtedly. Purple flag!

VShred has no psychological or emotional element, both (not that that will make up for it being a weight-reduction plan – see my Noom review for my take on that. VShred is like, ‘eat this, do this, take these dietary supplements, and your life will likely be reworked.

*Ahem* no. Purple flag. 

One particular person instructed me that regardless of telling her VShred ‘coach’ that she didn’t like sure meals, they might proceed to point out up on her meal plan week after week. VShred doesn’t say quite a bit about their coaches’ {qualifications}, however it’s unlikely that they’re certified to counsel anybody on consuming. Purple flag.

She additionally instructed me this:

“I was a part of the non-public FB group VShred for Ladies. I keep in mind it being simply terrible – cult-like even. “Vince could be so mad at me as a result of I ate this or didn’t do this…”. I needed to say “Vince doesn’t know you’re alive…” And such insanity round monitoring each chew, each sort of meals. In case you didn’t have an consuming dysfunction stepping into I felt such as you would develop one in the event you caught round it for any size of time.“


VShred PDFs.

Of their every day emails, VShred shares a variety of PDFs which are designed to seem like tricks to make your life simpler, however there’s very apparent advertising and marketing in them.

Take this PDF about ‘Cravings.’ It offers a few of the worst ideas ever on the way to deal with cravings (chew gum? Drink water with BCAAs? Purchase smaller dishes? Are they f*cking severe???) RED FLAG!!

There’s ALWAYS a 20% off/sale tag on just about the whole lot VShred sells, which supplies the phantasm that you just’re getting a deal. 

You aren’t. 


vshred supplements

vshred supplements


vshred diet

vshred diet

There’s at all times a cash seize on the finish…at all times. These dietary supplements have by no means been confirmed to struggle cravings.

Guess what does struggle cravings, although…NOT ravenous your self on a low-calorie weight-reduction plan or proscribing sure meals, and determining the place the cravings are coming from within the first place. VShred gained’t aid you with any of that, although. 

VShred dietary supplements.

This can be a whooooooooole different f*cktangle of wow. 

I’m satisfied that VShred makes a big proportion of its cash on their complement upsell. They declare that dietary supplements ‘aren’t mandatory,’ however then promote them EVERYWHERE, particularly of their every day emails. 

A follower despatched me this VERY LONG, very spammy electronic mail that not too long ago arrived in her inbox. This can be a typical VShred electronic mail. 

You’ll see that it’s not solely filled with BS, but additionally tries to promote VShred dietary supplements and packages time and again all through. Purple flag. And the low-bar advertisements on the very finish? They’re just like the epitome of spam.

It’s like one huge, gross, pile of promoting sh*t. However VShred is aware of that the extra you’re uncovered to those gross sales hyperlinks, the extra seemingly you might be to finally cave and purchase the product. 

vshred supplements vshred email vshred honest review vshred supplements

Clicking on the hyperlink brings you to a stunning 10 minute video of Vince in a muscle tank speaking about human progress hormone. You may then buy SCULPTnation’s HGH Booster on your supposed ‘HGH deficiency.’


Oh hello Vince! Good tank high!

Besides that the prevalence of adult onset HGH deficiency is rare. As in, you most likely don’t have it, and also you undoubtedly do NOT want this complement. Additional to that, the components in SCULPTnation HGH Booster seemingly aren’t efficient for HGH deficiency. 

vshred supplements

They’re simply B nutritional vitamins, some plant that analysis exhibits isn’t efficient for testosterone boosting or something VShred is promoting it for, and a bunch of amino acids. 

Waste of cash.

SCULPTnation additionally has a ‘Fats loss stack,’ which incorporates its fats burners, BurnEvolve and BurnPM. These dietary supplements, like all fats burners, are most likely ineffective.

is vshred legit

is vshred legit

Nothing to see right here, folks. No human research show that fats burners, or any of the components you see right here, really burn fats to the extent that you just’ll drop extra pounds.

As a facet notice, VShred appears to slap the ‘fats burning’ declare on a variety of its dietary supplements, which is a RED FLAG. If any meals, drink, or complement burned fats, the burden loss trade would stop to exist. Not solely that, however VShred wouldn’t be promoting it. It might be prescribed by docs. Purple flag!

Vince states that ‘weight-reduction plan and train aren’t as scientifically supported because the components in Burn,’ however he’s filled with sh*t. Not solely that, however how on the planet would you ever have the ability to goal fats burning at evening (as in BurnPM)? It’s a frigging fairytale. 

In Quick.

It might be not possible to undergo each single little bit of VShred vitamin content material and debunk or truth test all of it. However from the whole lot I’ve proven you, hopefully you’ll perceive that an organization that places out misinformation like that is most likely doing it habitually. It wasn’t a mistaken or a one-off, and the underside line is that I don’t advocate VShred for anybody. 

Does VShred work? If it does, it’s as a result of it’s low calorie and extremely structured – not something that most individuals can maintain for the long-term. The dietary supplements look like overpromising on stuff they’ll’t probably ship. I’m undecided concerning the exercises – but when they’re not beneficial by individuals who know their stuff, then I’d assume twice about these, too. 

Whole pink flags: 19. Was I overly beneficiant to VShred? 

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