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Dhumadarshi That means, Causes, Signs, Therapy

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
The illness of the attention in which there’s smoky imaginative and prescient known as dhumadarshi. The individual can’t see issues clearly and feels as if his eyes have been clouded and masked by smoke or ‘a really feel of eyes being lined by smoke’. Attempt to see something when there’s smoke in entrance of your eyes. You possibly can’t understand something isn’t it. That is the sensation of the affected person of dhumadarshi despite no smoke in entrance of his eyes.
Dhuma – smoke
Darshi – imaginative and prescient

Dhumadarshi or smoky imaginative and prescient is without doubt one of the imaginative and prescient problems defined by Grasp Sushruta. Dhumara is the same situation defined by Grasp Vagbhata. It additionally means smoky imaginative and prescient.
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Causes, Pathogenesis, Signs

Shoka – extreme grief
Jwara – fever, continual fever
Ayasa – extreme bodily exertion / indulging in bodily actions or workouts in extra of 1’s want and capability
Shirobhitapa – continual headache

Pathogenesis – When the individual is uncovered to the above stated etiological components for a protracted length the vitiated dosha, predominantly pitta afflicts the organs of imaginative and prescient (eye) and meddles with the imaginative and prescient.

Signs – The individual stricken by this dysfunction sees all of the issues round him to be enveloped by smoke i.e. the imaginative and prescient of issues are unclear.

Prognosis – This illness is predominantly brought on by vitiated pitta and is curable.
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Therapy of Dhumadarshi

Sarpi – Use of medicated ghee is a very powerful facet of treating dhumadarshi. That is additionally as a result of the illness is brought on by vitiated pitta and medicated ghee is the most effective medication to fight vitiated pitta and ailments brought on by the identical. Primarily the previous ghee ought to be given for ingesting.

Abhishyanda / Adhimanthavat Chikitsa – All of the therapies relevant and administered to deal with conjunctivitis and glaucoma of pitta and rakta (vitiated blood) in origin shall be administered to deal with dhumadarshi too. The remedy plan ought to embrace measures reminiscent of bloodletting / venesection, pouring or showering of medicated fluids, eye drops, eye salve / cleaning, putapaka, collyrium and so forth as indicated in pittaja or raktaja kind of conjunctivitis or glaucoma.

Paittika Visarpa Chikitsa – All therapies and measures talked about for treating Pittaja Visarpa i.e. herpes brought on by vitiated pitta ought to be administered in treating dhumadarshi.
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Sanskrit Verses

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Trendy correlation

Ametropia – It’s an eye fixed situation whereby there’s refractive error. The distant objects and factors on this situation should not correctly targeted on the retina as they need to be. Myopia i.e. short-sightedness is without doubt one of the sorts of ametropia. This situation is usually correlated with dhoomadarshi on account of similarity in signs. Due to this fact it seems that the signs of dhumadarshi are in all probability on account of refractive errors of the eyes.
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Signs of glaucoma – One other eye situation adhimantha has been in comparison with glaucoma. Signs of glaucoma are nearer to the medical image of dhumadarshi. Headache, dimness of imaginative and prescient or cloudy / smoky feeling of the eyes are additionally seen in adhimantha / glaucoma. Adhimantha and dhumadarshi are completely different ailments defined in Ayurveda texts. However from the trendy perspective glaucoma and its signs could be thought-about as one of many differential diagnoses for and correlation to dhumadarshi.

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