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Dhatugata Jwara Fever Seated In The Tissues

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
The fevers that are deep seated inside one or the opposite tissue in a cussed manner are referred to as as dhatugata jwaras. Dhatugata – seated in, Jwara – fever

Fever is prompted as a result of localization of doshas within the tissues resulting in their vicious amalgamation. This step is obligatory within the pathogenesis of any illness attributable to vitiated doshas. That is referred to as dosha dushya sammurchana and is prompted within the 4th stage of pathogenesis.
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However this situation is a special situation. The illness i.e. fever has already manifested. It’s the fever which will get localized within the tissues and never the doshas. Subsequently this situation is fashioned within the later phases of the fever. This may occasionally happen when one of many under talked about situations persist –

– Improper remedy of fever
– Incomplete evacuation of residue of fever inflicting doshas within the physique
– Lowered immunity
– Weaker tissues unable to get better the harm occurred throughout the means of lengthy standing fever
– Improper comply with up after fever whereby one consumes unwholesome meals and actions

The fever could also be situated in any of the tissues. When this occurs, the fever produces particular signs associated to these tissues wherein it will get lodged. These signs are attribute to these fevers and are additionally diagnostic instruments. The dhatugata fevers and their signs are as talked about under.
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Sl No Tissue wherein fever is situated Signs
1 Rasa dhatu/ lymph, plasma Charaka
Heaviness of the physique
Agitation / anxiousness / misery
Exhaustion / laxity of physique
Rise of temperature on the floor
Ache in physique elements
Heaviness of the physique
Discomfort within the cardiac area
Weak point
2 Blood Purple coloured / sizzling blisters
Repeated spitting of blood
Burning sensation
Redness of physique elements
Spitting of blood
Burning sensation
Uneasiness / confusion
3 Muscle Extreme burning sensation contained in the physique
Delusion / bewilderment / hallucination
Extreme defecation / diarrhea
Foul scent emitted from the physique
Throwing of physique elements / convulsions
Painful cramps within the calf muscle groups
Extreme thirst
Extreme discharge of feces and stools
Extreme rise in temperature
Burning sensation contained in the physique
4 Fats Extreme sweating
Extreme thirst
Repeated and extreme vomiting
Intolerance to 1’s personal physique scent
Extreme sweating
Extreme thirst
Fainting / lack of consciousness
Foul smelling from the physique
Intolerance to sound and different sensory perceptions
5 Bone Diarrhea
Simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea
Splitting ache within the bones
Vague voice coming from the throat with ache
Throwing of physique elements / convulsions
Dyspnea / breathlessness
Identical signs as these talked about by Charaka  
6 Bone Marrow Hiccough
Dyspnea / breathlessness
Repeated spells of darkness in entrance of the eyes
Splitting ache within the important areas / organs of the physique
Coldness on the floor of the physique and burning sensation contained in the physique
Identical as these defined by Charaka
7 Semen Extreme discharge / elimination / ejaculation of semen and destruction of semen / sperms by the soul
Dying because of escape of sunshine aspect and destruction of prana vayu, important fireplace and water components of the physique
Stiffness of penis
Extreme discharge of semen

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Prognosis of fevers seated within the tissues

Sl No Fevers situated in Prognosis
1 Lymph / plasma
2 Bones
Bone marrow
Curable with problem
3 Semen Incurable

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Remedy ideas

Sl No Fevers situated in Remedy
1 Lymph / plasma Emesis
2 Blood Sprinkling / showering medicinal fluids
Anointment of medicinal pastes
Palliative medicines
3 Muscle tissues and Fats Purgation
4 Bones and Bone Marrow Decoction enemas
Oil / unctuous enemas

Rasayana therapies ought to be used after the remedy of those fevers to stop additional development of the illness and in addition to rejuvenate the system and improve immunity. This can even assist in stopping the recurrence of those fevers.
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Medical significance

Many fevers will go away again their footprints. The explanations for why the fevers might get lodged within the tissues have been talked about earlier. After the remedy of fevers when the signs keep for a very long time and preserve bothering with or with out evident fever one can diagnose them as fevers lodged within the tissues. Signs of those fevers will give a touch in direction of the tissue wherein the fever is lodged. This helps in treating them promptly and saving the tissues from getting broken additional or completely destroyed. Tissues are the constructing blocks of the physique and their collective steadiness of well being denotes immunity. When the immunity is much less the fevers get lodged within the tissues. Then again, when the fevers are lodged within the tissues, the immunity takes a beating. Subsequently it is very important diagnose and deal with these fevers on the earliest.
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