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Can A Weight-reduction plan Stuffed with Beans Enhance Well being?

bean protocol food listA ton of you’ve requested for a Bean Protocol evaluation, and I lastly gave in. 

Hey, a food regimen based mostly on beans has to wholesome, proper?

Not so quick.

The Bean Protocol was developed within the Nineteen Nineties by Karen Hurd, a biochemist. Hurd determined that her daughter wanted to detoxify her physique after apparently being poisoned by a family pesticide. Medical doctors gave her daughter a low probability of restoration, so Hurd took issues into her personal arms, giving her this ‘protocol.’

Like MAGIC, Hurd’s daughter was saved! Nice story! 

Excuse me if I sound sarcastic. I simply can’t with these tales.

It’s essential to notice there’s a web page on covid on Hurd’s web site. She means that on the first signal of signs, you’ll be able to attenuate the illness and even stop it by doing issues like avoiding sugar (together with fruit), consuming all drinks sizzling, staying ‘toasty heat,’ and maintaining a shawl snugly wrapped round your neck 24/7.

So yeah, that is the form of ‘science’ that we’re coping with right here. 

The Bean Protocol is supposed to be performed for 3 months, however I’ve been seeing that individuals generally do it indefinitely.

The entire concept behind the Bean Protocol is that the fibre in beans can assist us detoxify our physique by binding to bile so we are able to poop it out. A few of our bile is recirculated, and a few is pooped out. The toxins within the bile bind to the fibre in our food regimen and are eradicated from the physique.

Truthful sufficient. That is one essential job of fibre, however that’s the top of the intersection between the Bean Protocol and precise science. 

Bile is a detergent-like substance that’s produced by the liver and saved within the gallbladder. Once we eat fats, bile is launched into the primary a part of the small gut, and acts to emulsify the fats and make it soluble for digestion. 

Bile additionally binds to hormones and toxins within the physique. This can be a utterly regular operate, and is among the methods our our bodies detoxify naturally. 

Soluble fibre binds with bile within the small gut, which ends up in us pooping the bile out. The physique then must make extra new bile, to switch the bile that was excreted. By the way, to make extra bile, the liver attracts ldl cholesterol out of the blood (ldl cholesterol is a element of bile). This may result in decrease levels of cholesterol, too.

However there’s solely a lot that soluble fibre can do. To go from ‘the excretion of bile helps our pure detoxing programs’ to ‘consuming a sh*t ton of beans can treatment your infertility, pimples, and a bunch of different issues,’ is nonsensical. 

I discover that this occurs so much within the integrative well being/purposeful medication neighborhood. 

(Read my post on functional medicine here)

And why on this planet does the Bean Protocol meals listing learn like a who’s who of holistic well being public enemies? 

Right here’s what you’ll be able to’t eat on the Bean Protocol:



‘Manufacturing unit farmed’ or processed meats



Fruit or any kind of sugar

Processed meals 

No chilled water (WTF)

No cinnamon (WTF much more)

No train past mild motion.


You can also’t eat fats similtaneously you eat beans. It’s because ‘fats binds to fibre, so then the toxins can’t.’

Somebody clearly missed science class. Do they not suppose that our our bodies are geared up to deal with this form of factor? 

** Fostering mistrust in our our bodies ** – it’s a part of the advertising and marketing for these trash diets. 

Let’s make you suppose that you’ve got one thing improper together with your physique, then promote you the answer!


The remainder of the food regimen is mainly this:

3-4 cups of beans a day

1.5 cups of nuts a day

Greens and small lean protein parts


Beans are nice, and as you all know, I’m at all times in favor of everybody consuming extra vegetation.

However what I’m not in favor of, EVER, is the spreading of misinformation and false claims. I’m additionally not in favor of diets that eradicate whole meals teams for no good motive by any means. 

I’m on the level the place if an consuming plan eliminates gluten and dairy for everybody, it’s an enormous purple flag. 

There is no such thing as a proof by any means that these issues trigger irritation, autoimmune illness, or any form of well being points for many of us. 

bean protocol food list

From some individual’s put up on the Bean Protocol. ‘Sludgy circulating hormones’ are NOT a factor, however you knew that already. Additionally: this individual has no clue. Like, none in any respect.


The Bean Protocol claims. 

Prepare, since you’re about to learn some loopy sh*t.

The Bean Protocol is pushed by individuals who have a fervent perception in ‘toxins’ and being ‘poisonous.’ These are the kinds of people that all of us see throughout social media, taking about hormones and cleanses and mildew and parasites and adrenal fatigue.

I’m not towards different well being. What I’m towards is utilizing physiological impossibilities and normal misinformation to promote a product, which fairly often comes up within the different well being sphere. 

To the layperson, this form of factor will get complicated when the individual giving the claims makes use of science-y language and a kernel of fact. It will get much more compelling when, like Karen Hurd, they use an emotional or private story to construct these claims up.

The Bean Protocol is all about detoxing, and the folks selling it’ll attempt to persuade you that there’s one thing improper together with your physique that may be cured with beans.

Listed below are among the claims I discovered in regards to the Bean Protocol, all from influencers who’ve massive followings:

Once we are overly poisonous – we find yourself with a buildup of poisons (and hormones) which will proceed to recirculate and trigger signs. 

Telling those that they will turn into ‘poisonous’ in the event that they don’t go on X food regimen or plan, is a really apparent scare tactic. I can guarantee you that when you’re ‘poisonous,’ you’ll be within the ICU, and it received’t be since you didn’t eat beans.

My expertise is concentrated on therapeutic hormone imbalance attributable to having extra hormones. I’m self identified as a result of all of my bloodwork exams and docs instructed me that I used to be inside ‘regular’ ranges of well being.

I don’t wish to sound cynical, and sure – this does occur typically, however THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HORMONE BALANCE, and beans aren’t going to resolve your drawback.  

When you’ve toxins/extra hormones in your physique, however you aren’t getting sufficient soluble fiber, the physique merely recycles these toxins as an alternative of excreting them. 

Instance – I’ve extra stress hormones in my physique, however earlier than the Bean Protocol I wasn’t consuming sufficient soluble fiber so my physique continued to recycle them and the physique would purge these toxins via the pores and skin – aka pimples.

Proper. Anticipate it….I’ll guess her pimples cleared up when she began consuming beans. 

Consuming extra fibre is nice for anybody, however what she’s doing right here is giving us her uneducated guess *ahem* principle about what was occurring in her physique. 

And it’s improper, BTW, as a result of your physique doesn’t work like that.

There is no such thing as a means she may ever know that her physique was ‘recycling’ stress hormones. 

Newsflash: if the ‘stress hormone’ she’s speaking about is cortisol (that’s an integrative well being favourite), your physique removes cortisol in your pee. It doesn’t undergo the intestine, so soluble fibre from meals received’t have an effect on its elimination.

Why are we taking vitamin recommendation from the City Fool, once more?

Indicators that you could be want to enhance your detoxing capability: 

  • meals allergic reactions, 
  • fatigue,
  • poor stress administration, 
  • pimples and breakouts,
  • hormone imbalance, 
  • poor sleep,
  • mind fog, 
  • autoimmune illness.

Um, none of those come from the lack to detoxify your physique, and the Bean Protocol received’t treatment them. Consuming beans doesn’t treatment meals allergic reactions, FFS. It doesn’t treatment ‘poor stress administration,’ which is BEHAVIORAL. And telling somebody with autoimmune illness that they’ve the accountability of whether or not or to not treatment themselves by following the Bean Protocol is simply horrible.

It jogs my memory of the man who instructed me that I may have saved my dad from dying of most cancers, if I had simply fed him a uncooked food regimen. Sufferer blaming is gross.

Usually, our physique compensates for poor detoxing capability and it exhibits up as sugar cravings, caffeine dependence, and weight achieve. 

That is one I hear so much from integrative practitioners: that sugar cravings are the results of some form of poisonous buildup. They cite animal research to ‘show’ their level, however these research don’t show something. There’s ZERO analysis confirming that ‘poor detoxing’ causes something associated to sugar cravings, caffeine dependence, or weight achieve. 

It’s like these persons are throwing no matter they need towards the wall to see what sticks. However science doesn’t care, as a result of it’s not an opinion. And there’s no scientific proof right here to talk of.

I feel out of all of the Bean Protocol claims, the next clusterf*ck is my absolute favourite:


  • glowing pores and skin
  • cease graying and promotes pure hair colour
  • temper enhancer
  • nice sleep
  • superb menstrual cycles, aka low or zero PMS signs
  • Zits, eczema, arthritis, fibromyalgia, lyme illness, menopause, nervousness, bronchial asthma, hashimotos, poisonous mildew, infertility, diabetes, despair, and extra. It’s all about getting toxins out of the physique so your physique can thrive.


Is that the scientific time period?

Besides that no, beans received’t change your menstrual cycle by flushing out your extra estrogen. And if that was even attainable, why would she flip round and say the Bean Protocol ‘helps menopause’?

Wouldn’t that imply that the Bean Protocol INCREASES estrogen? 

Which is it, then?

I’m going to ask you as soon as once more: do you actually suppose it’s good to get your well being recommendation from somebody like this?


The Bean Protocol is simply one other consuming program that makes use of a kernel of science and blows the whole lot else exterior the boundaries of actuality. 

Simply because Karen Hurd is a biochemist with a certificates course in vitamin (which she obtained AFTER the incident together with her daughter..does that rely as affirmation bias?) doesn’t imply you must belief them together with your well being.

Simply because some dummy has loads of followers, doesn’t imply they know sh*t – saying that The Bean Protocol will assist most cancers, menopause, and despair is totally silly, and it messes with peoples’ relationship with meals and their our bodies. 

Not okay.

The Bean Protocol is a cleanse, plain and easy, nevertheless it’s disguised as some miraculous, scientific treatment for no matter. 

If the detoxing of our physique from toxin-laden bile ‘cures’ so many issues, then is it secure to say that this similar poisonous bile causes them?

It causes or worsens menopause? Lyme illness? Gray hair? 


The probably motive why folks really feel ‘higher’ from the Bean Protocol is as a result of they’re altering the best way they eat general. Not as a result of beans are magical and never as a result of the mixture of something on the food regimen is particular and ‘therapeutic.’

Nothing heals the whole lot, and a food regimen that claims to, is a fraud.

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