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Bone Spurs Causes, Pathology, Signs, Therapy

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Bone spurs / osteophytes are easy, arduous bumps of additional bone that kind on the ends of bones. They’re typically seen within the joints, the locations the place two bones meet.

Bone spurs can kind on –

· Fingers
· Shoulders
· Neck
· Backbone
· Hips
· Knees
· Heels

Most bone spurs don’t trigger issues. But when they rub towards different bones or press on nerves, you may expertise ache and stiffness.
Osteophytes on the fingers or toes are referred to as Heberden’s nodes if on the distal interphalangeal joint or Bouchard’s nodes if on the proximal interphalangeal joints.
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Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint illness
Rheumatoid arthritis
Damage to a joint or tendon.
When your physique thinks the bone is broken, it tries to repair it by including bone to the injured space. 

Different causes embrace:

· Overuse – for instance, in case you run or dance so much over a protracted time frame
· Genes
· Weight loss plan
· Obesity
· Bone issues that you just have been born with
· Narrowing of the backbone (spinal stenosis)
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Osteophytes kind due to the rise in a broken joint’s floor space. It often restrict joint motion and sometimes trigger ache. Naturally shaped on the again of the backbone as an individual ages and are a medical signal of degeneration within the backbone. On this case, the osteophytes are generally not the supply of again pains, however as a substitute are an indication of an underlying drawback.
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Osteophytes solely trigger issues once they press on nerves, tendons, or different constructions within the physique. Signs embrace –

· Ache or stiffness if you transfer the affected joint
· Weak spot, numbness, or tingling in your arms or legs if the bone spur presses on nerves within the backbone
· Muscle spasms, cramps, or weak point
· Bumps below the pores and skin, seen primarily within the fingers and fingers
· Hassle controlling bladder or bowels if the bone spur presses on sure nerves in backbone

A bone spur can break off and get caught within the lining of the joint. That is referred to as a “free physique.” It may well lock up the joint and make it arduous to maneuver.
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Ache relievers:

· Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
· Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin)
· Naproxen sodium (Aleve)

Different therapies:

· Relaxation
· Steroid photographs
· Bodily remedy to enhance joint energy and enhance motion

. Surgical procedure to take away the additional bone.
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Preventive measures

· Put on footwear with a large toe field, good arch assist, and sufficient cushion to pad every step.
. Put on thick socks to stop footwear from rubbing.
· Eat eating regimen with calcium and vitamin D to guard your bones.
· Do common weight-bearing workouts like strolling or stair-climbing to maintain your bones sturdy.
· Attempt to preserve the additional kilos off.

Osteophytes In Ayurveda

Possible Ayurvedic correlation

Asthi Vriddhi – Adhyasthi means additional bone tissue / overgrowth of bones shaped over the bones. This is without doubt one of the signs of a rise in bone tissue. The roots of the channels liable for formation of bone tissue are positioned in fats tissue and hip bones. Bones are shaped after fats tissue. The constructing blocks for the bone tissue come from fats tissue. If there may be deficit fats tissue fireplace, it would result in formation of extreme and immature fats tissue. It will additional have an effect over the bone tissue. The bone too might be shaped in extra and in an immature means. Within the different pathway, if the tissue fireplace of the bone is low, extreme and immature bone is shaped. These bones kind osteophytes.

Asthi Pradoshaja Vikara – Adhyasthi or irregular formation of bone tissue / overgrowth of bone is without doubt one of the signs of vitiation of channels transporting and forming bones.
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Chikitsa – Therapy rules

Asthi Vriddhi Chikitsa – Therapy to lower bone tissue formation ought to be given. Vata is positioned within the bones. If vata is elevated, the bone is destroyed. Due to this fact all of the meals and herbs which are likely to deplete bone tissue ought to be administered.

Asthi pradoshaja vikara chikitsa – to deal with the contamination of bones and channels forming bones, Panchakarma therapies, primarily kapha hara vastis and tikshna shodhana vastis, medohara vastis (fats depleting enemas) and virechana are given.

Different therapies as per trigger –

Treating Sandhigata vata – with efficient snehana, swedana and basti, oil pooling over the troubled joints (janu vasti, kati vasti and many others), bolus fomentations (patra pinda sweda, shashtika shali pinda sweda and many others), lepa (software of medicinal pastes) and upanaha (poultices).

Treating amavata when spurs are shaped on this illness – with fasting, sudation, digestion enhancing and ama depleting medicines having bitter and pungent tastes, purgation and enemas, dhanyamla dhara, valuka sweda (sand fomentation) and many others.

Treating spurs related to gout – with bloodletting, purgation therapies, enemas ready with bitter tasting herbs, software of medicinal pastes, poultices, showering the joints with medicated oils and liquids and many others.

Sthoulya Chikitsa – treating chubby circumstances since they’re liable for bone destruction and osteoarthritis, therefore related to spurs. Powder massages, gentle to digest meals, purgation, good train and fats depleting enemas are useful.

Asthi Kshaya Chikitsa – bony spurs are shaped as compensation to the misplaced or broken bone tissue. Harm to bones can happen as a consequence of enhance in vata within the bones and joints or as a consequence of accidents. Vata assuaging measures ought to be taken and the accidents ought to be handled.

Deepana Pachana Chikitsa – medicines which kindle the tissue metabolism and deplete ama from the tissues, particularly fats and bone tissue ought to be used. It will assist in correct formation of bone tissue and keep away from formation of osteophytes.

Function of Panchakarma and Upakarmas

Selection of Panchakarma and upakarmas shall be finished as per the trigger and mechanism of formation of osteophytes, as defined above.
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Helpful medicines

Maharasnadi Kashayam
Yogaraja Guggulu
Guggulutiktakam Kashayam
Varanadi Kashayam
Navaka Guggulu
Medohara Vidangadi Loha
Kaishora Guggulu
Varadi Kashayam
Simhanada Guggulu
Kokilaksham Kashayam

Helpful Patent medicines

Pill Actiflex
Pill Alopagesic
Capsule Arnopen
Capsule Arthrum Plus
Capsule Dazzle
Capsule Orthofit
Capsule Penwel
Capsule Rheumadin
Capsule Rheumartho with Gold
Pill Rumalaya and Rumalaya Forte

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