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Ayurvedic Head Therapeutic massage Advantages, Process

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)
Amongst many historical Indian conventional family practices, giving a therapeutic massage to the physique and head with oil, on daily basis earlier than bathtub is fashionable. The follow has not pale out with time. Even at present we will see this follow in some villages and in some conventional properties in city areas of India. Beforehand it was being executed every day however now it has come to the weekends or holidays, particularly within the cities.

Ayurvedic head and physique therapeutic massage not solely offers rest to physique and thoughts, it additionally retains many ailments and stress at bay. It makes us competent sufficient to face the toughness of day-to-day life with ease. It is rather like servicing the physique every day.

That is known as ‘Abhyanga Snana’ (Abhyanga=Therapeutic massage, Snana=Bathing). A scorching bathe after therapeutic massage or software of oil, so soothing that it’s higher skilled than defined. This can serve the aim of each Snehana (making use of the oils over the physique) and Swedana (sweat inducing therapies, of which having a scorching water bathtub can also be one, because it induces sweating). Snehana and Swedana are one of the best treatments for a lot of psycho-somatic ailments, particularly Vayu associated issues. They forestall vitiation of Vayu, which in flip is the important thing for wholesome life. Together they’re one of the best anti-ageing therapies and likewise simple to do.
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By offering the lubrication to the wheel of the physique, it permits us to spin ourselves at will whereas having fun with our life actions. It enhances the life span of every cell, muscular tissues and joints and makes us versatile, match wholesome and immune.

Ayurvedic head massage

In response to Ayurveda, Abhyanga or natural oil therapeutic massage (may be executed with sesame or coconut oil additionally) is just not full and complete until the top (Shiro Abhyanga) and foot (Pada Abhyanga) are additionally included with it.

An entire physique therapeutic massage at residence every day is just not sensible and unattainable until you possibly can afford to rent a few masseurs for all times. Even our busy schedules doesn’t permit us to use oil, depart a while, train a bit and take a scorching bathe as a result of after having spent the entire evening texting, engaged on the system, engaged on tasks and disturbing our sleeps, we might stand up half-drowsy and could be pushing ourselves to catch a cab or drive an extended distance to workplace.
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shiro abhyanga

If Abhyanga can’t be adopted every day, I advocate at the very least Shiro Abhyanga and Padabhyanga to be executed every day. I at all times recommendation my sufferers to have ‘Shiro Abhyanga and Padabhyanga’ executed at residence frequently. Not solely sufferers, I even desire wholesome individuals to spare a while in the direction of software of oil over their head (crown) and ft. On this context I wish to focus my dialogue on ‘Shiro Abhyanga’ or head therapeutic massage with natural oils.

What’s Shiro Abhyanga?

Shiro Abhyanga is a phrase comprising of two phrases, Shiro which means head, Abhyanga which means therapeutic massage
Thus Shiro Abhyanga means giving an Ayurvedic head therapeutic massage utilizing natural oils.

Shiro Abhyanga is a process which is included within the class of Murdhni Taila (numerous strategies of making use of oil over the top). It’s a kind of Bahya Snehana (utilizing of oil and conducting therapies over the physique, externally).
Shiro Abhyanga can also be part of Dinacharya (every day routine). If time permits it shall be practised every day. It can be selectively introduced in as a remedy choice for a lot of Vata associated issues and issues affecting the top, sense organs and neck and for management and prevention of many psychosomatic issues.
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Why head therapeutic massage?

Ayurveda considers the human physique as an inverted tree whereby the roots are on the high and the branches pointing downwards.

If the human physique is taken into account to be a tree –
The top of the human physique will likely be thought of to be the roots of this tree,
The central portion of the physique made up of thorax and stomach is claimed to be the trunk of this tree and
to be the branches of this tree
Identical to the roots nurture and controls all of the actions and effectively being of the tree, the top is the operational centre of your complete physique. The top includes of all of the parts and equipment to regulate your complete physique mechanics and dynamics. Head is an abode of the distant management of your complete physique – ‘The Mind and nerves’ and all of the parts which hold us connected and interested in this materials world – ‘The Sense Organs’. For these causes, the top is known as as ‘Uttamanga’ – ‘The most effective organ of the lot within the physique’

Shiras as Uttamanga

Praanaaha praanabhrutaam yatra sthitaaha sarva indriyaani cha
Tat uttama angam angaanaam shiraha tat abhidheeyate (Ref – Charaka Sutra Sthana 17/12)
The place the place the Pranaa’s (life ingredient controlling all of the actions or based on Chakrapani, the 5 forms of Vayu’s or controlling station of Vayu capabilities) and all of the Indriya’s (sense organs) are situated is known as Shira (head). This head is the Uttamanga (finest organ within the physique)

Oordhwa moolam adhaha shaakhaam rushayaha purusham viduhu
Moola prahaariNaha tasmaad rogaan sheeghrataram jayet
Sarva indriyaani yena asmin praanaa yena cha samshritaaha
Tena tasya uttama angasya rakshaayaam aadrusho bhavet (Ref – Ashtanga Hridaya Sootra 24/58, 59)
Purusha (human physique) is an the wrong way up tree whereby the roots are situated on the high and the branches are pointing downwards. Simply as we have to hold the roots wholesome to maintain the plant wholesome, we have to hold the top wholesome to maintain the physique wholesome. If we care for the roots of the crops, the tree is not going to get diseased or if the tree will get diseased we deal with it on the roots. Equally if we hold the top wholesome, the entire physique will likely be wholesome. If we assault the ailments on the root i.e. head, we will do away with them in fast time. That is attainable as a result of the Prana’s and indriya’s which management all of the capabilities of the physique and thoughts are situated on this Uttamanga known as Shira (head). Thus it turns into a major duty of every of us to care for our head with utmost precedence.

This rationalization not solely tells us that head is necessary but additionally provides us a duty to care for our head in order to take pleasure in a complete body-mind (psychosomatic) well being.

Summarizing the above mentioned content material,
The top is made up of mind and sense organs which manipulates the entire physique and thoughts capabilities and hold us wholesome when they’re in a body of effectively being. Head thus kinds a management station for all our life actions. After we care for the management station correctly, the entire physique manufacturing unit will operate easily.

Then again, to do away with any physique or thoughts associated sickness we have to return to the management station (uttamanga) known as head and deal with it with appropriate therapies and medicines.

This additionally provides us an impression that probably the most historical science known as Ayurveda very effectively knew that the majority of our ailments happen because of disturbed thoughts or exacerbated by a disturbed thoughts. Therapeutic the physique or thoughts alone is just not a complete medical method. They need to be dealt with as a single entity.

Since caring for the top and its parts is necessary for sustaining a wholesome life we have to nurture, pamper, calm down, soothe and strengthen the engine of our system by conducting Shiro Abhyanga and different therapies talked about in Moordha Taila or Murdhni Taila.

Murdhni taila

Temporary introduction of Murdhni Taila –
Moordha or Murdhni means Head, Taila means oil or natural oil
Thus Murdhni Taila or Moordha Taila is a process of conducting therapies on the top utilizing natural (medicated) oils such that the oil stays in touch with the scalp for a hard and fast period of time. This contact interval of oil on the scalp is critical for begetting its advantages. Murdha Taila can also be practiced as part of Dinacharya (every day routine).


Since head therapeutic massage may be executed every day, it’s predominantly a remedy suggested for prevention of many psychosomatic issues. Prevention of ailments pertaining to physique, thoughts and sense organs is the primary indication of Shiro Abhyanga.
Shiro Abhyanga is used to deal with many ailments occurring because of Shiro Abhihata or injury to the top and its parts both from exterior or because of morbid Doshas from inside.

Shiro Abhighata

Consequence of head damage (Shiro abhihata) –
Shirasya abhihate manyaastambha ardita chakshu vibhrama moha udveshtana cheshtaa naasha kaasa shvaasa hanugraha muka gadgadatva akshi nimeelana ganda spandana jrumbhana laalaasraava svarahaani vadana jihmatvaadeeni (Ref- Charaka Siddhi Sthana 9/5)
When the top will get injured it causes one or the opposite of –
Manyastambha – Stiffness of neck, nape (Cervical spondylosis, torticollis)
Ardita – Facial paralysis, Bells Palsy
Chakshu vibhrama – Deviation of eye, squint
Moha – Lack of consciousness
Udveshtana – cramps
Cheshta nasha – Lack of actions
Kasa – Cough
Shwasa – Dyspnoea, breathlessness
Hanugraha – Lock jaw
Mooka – Dumb
Gadgadatva – Stammering of speech
Akshi nimeelana – Issue in opening the eyes
Ganda spandana – Pulsating sensation or pulsations or twitching within the cheeks
Jrumbha – Yawning
Lala srava – salivation
Svara hani – Complete lack of voice
Mukha Jihmata – crookedness of the face and many others

Different indications –
Shiro Roga – Various kinds of complications and ailments pertaining to move
Pakshaghata – Hemiplegia, paralysis
Anidra – sleeplessness
Vata prakopa – to regulate the vitiated Vata
Vata Roga – ailments of Vata origin, primarily degenerative ailments
Pitta Roga – ailments of Pitta origin, primarily inflammatory ailments
Shiro rukshata – dryness of the top
Shiro kandu – itching within the scalp and many others

Head therapeutic massage technique

Shiro Abhyanga is finished within the under mentioned technique –


Purvakarma (Pre-treatment procedures): This consists of –

Preparation of the affected person:
The affected person is completely examined utilizing Ayurvedic instruments and strategies of examination. The Prakriti (primary structure) and Vikriti (particulars of morbidity) are documented intimately. The illness can also be examined with the assistance of Ayurvedic parameters of prognosis (and likewise fashionable investigations as and when required). After cautious evaluation, it’s determined if Shiro Abhyanga is appropriate to the illness and diseased or not. The remedy line-up, supplies and medicines which must be used are enlisted.

The affected person is suggested to shave the top (based on their comfort) or make it as quick as attainable. Shiro Abhyanga executed after elimination of hairs will yield higher outcomes than executed with hair intact.

Preparation for the remedy:
Supplies wanted for the remedy are collected beforehand. They’re:
The essential materials wanted for Shiro Abhyanga is oil. The oil shall be sesame oil (until specified), coconut oil or any natural oil.
The process is to organize the medicated oil (oil processed with natural decoctions) based on the structure of the affected person or the character of morbidity.
It isn’t sensible to organize medicines immediately now days as all uncooked supplies usually are not accessible at a given level of time nor any pharmacy geared up with all of the uncooked supplies wanted to organize numerous medicated oils.
In these instances the physician ought to judiciously plan and quick checklist just a few oils talked about within the classics which may be usually utilized in many situations. These medicines shall be ready within the pharmacy or hospital.
Alternatively, the medicines (medicated oils) are available in bottled kinds now days. They shall be collected earlier than hand and the shares of the identical shall be maintained.
The oils shall be – Prakriti (structure) particular, Vikriti (morbidity or nature of illness) particular and Dosha (concerned dosha) particular.

Oils used

Oils used for head therapeutic massage: 

Tila tailam – sesame oil
Ksheerabala Tailam
Chandanabala Lakshadi Tailam
Lakshadi Tailam
Shatavari Tailam
Mahamasha Tailam
Yashtimadhu tailam
Dhanwantaram Tailam
Manjishtadi Tailam
Mahanarayana Tailam
Balashwagandhadi Tailam
Karpasasthyadi Tailam and many others

Different Tailas used over the top are –
Amrutadi Tailam – Headache, burning sensation within the head, Gout, Excessive Pitta situations and many others
Eladi Tailam – Kapha-Vata issues, continual chilly, ear ache and many others
Kadaleephaladi Tailam – Persistent headache
Kayyannadi Tailam – Headache, burning sensation, eye issues and many others
Kaakadanyadi Tailam – In lymphadenitis, goitre and many others
Kuntalakanti Tailam – For hair well being
Chandanadi Tailam – Coolant, utilized in giddiness, burning sensation, lack of consciousness, Excessive Pitta and many others
Tulasyadi tailam – Persistent chilly, sinusitis, dandruff, and many others
Tengingupushpadi Tailam – Headache, burning sensation of head, excessive pitta, and many others
Tekaraja Tailam – For cough, bronchial asthma, chilly and many others
Triphaladi Tailam – For continual eye and ear associated issues
Dhurdhurapatradi Tailam – Dandruff
Nagaradi Tailam – Persistent nasal and oral issues
Nimbadi tailam – Itches and boils on the scalp, hairfall and many others
Neeli Bhringadi Tailam / Kera Tailam – For hair well being
Punarnavadi Taila
Prapaundarikadi Tailam – Untimely greying of hairs
Balaguluchyadi Tailam – Gout
Bala Tailam – Vata issues
Baladhatryadi Tailam – Headache, eye issues, and many others
Balahatadi Tailam – Headache and burning sensation of head, coolant
Brahmi Tailam – Vata issues, sleeplessness, stress and many others
Bhringamalakadi Tailam – Headache and burning sensation of head, coolant
Marichadi Tailam – Persistent chilly, nasal polyps, cough, bronchial asthma and many others
Mahabala Tailam – Vata Ailments
Malatyadi Tailam – Hairfall
Rasnadashamuladi Tailam – Facial paralysis and many others
Vachadi Tailam – Persistent chilly, cervical lymphadenitis and many others
Vachalashunadi Tailam – Ear discharges and many others
Vilwapatradi Tailam – Persistent chilly, dandruff and many others
Venupatradi Tailam – Cervical Lymphadenitis, goitre, neck swellings and many others
Surasadi Tailam – Persistent chilly, sinusitis
Himasagara Tailam – Untimely greying of hairs, madness (lunacy) and many others

Choices based on morbidity: Ksheerabala Tailam and Chandanabala Lakshadi Tailam in pitta morbidity and Dhanwantaram Tailam or Mahanarayana Tailam is utilized in Vata morbidity and many others.

Totally different oils may be blended and used relying on the sensible expertise and judgement of the doctor.

Scorching oil vs Chilly Oil:
For Vata and Kapha dominant issues – Oil may be barely heated and used.
For Pitta dominant issues – Oil is utilized in room temperature, with out heating.

Oil and or ghee shall be utilized in predominance of Vata, In morbidity whereby vitiated pitta and rakta (blood) are related ghee shall be used for therapeutic massage, Tila taila (sesame oil) needs to be utilized in Kapha issues, In issues attributable to vitiated Vata, Pitta and Rakta – oil and ghee needs to be blended in equal proportions to conduct Shiro Abhyanga. In Kapha affiliation oil and ghee needs to be taken in 1:1/2 proportions.

Different supplies wanted –
Small vessels for heating oil
Massive vessels for heating water
Range for heating
Sterile garments, sponges, napkins or tissue papers for wiping and many others

Pradhana Karma

Pradhana Karma – Remedy correct (Shiro Abhyanga process):
The affected person or the one that is meant to take Shiro Abhyanga is introduced into the remedy room after having performed Prayers, worship and holistic rituals and recitation of hymns as indicated in Ayurveda texts.
The affected person is made to sit down on a snug chair, dealing with east or north route. The physician, therapist (masseur) or attendant (whereas doing at residence) who’s conducting the remedy ought to take the small bowl full of the medicated oil (chosen for the remedy). The temperature of the oil needs to be checked. It needs to be luke heat and never too scorching.

Process of heating the oil –

The oil used for Abhyanga shouldn’t be heated straight on fireplace. The oil is taken in a small bowl. One other large vessel needs to be full of water, saved on fireplace (range) and heated till it boils. The small bowl consisting of the oil needs to be positioned over the boiling water. The oil needs to be allowed to get heat passively.

The bowl needs to be eliminated after checking the temperature of the oil with the assistance of sterile fingers and after ensuring that it’s heat.
The masseur takes a small quantity of the heated oil in his fingers. He applies a small quantity of oil first on the crown of the top.

Later the oil is slowly smeared everywhere in the head caressing the scalp in a soothing manner. The masseur slowly massages the top with little stress utilizing the information of his fingers.

If the particular person present process the remedy has not taken his hairs off, the top therapeutic massage needs to be such that the information of the fingers smeared with oil reaches the scalp. The therapeutic massage shouldn’t be restricted to software of oil to the hairs, the hair roots and scalp is the targets.

The masseur ought to use each his fingers for conducting therapeutic massage. The therapeutic massage needs to be executed concurrently on each side of the top. The stress needs to be uniform on each side and needs to be synchronized.

The masseur adjustments his place as he’s conducting Shiro Abhyanga on all sides of the scalp. Firstly he stands in entrance of the affected person and massages the top. Later he stands behind the affected person and massages the top as soon as once more. On this manner the entire head is massaged in a synchronous manner. The masseur can desire the chronology of the positions through which he stands and conducts the remedy based on his comfort.

The masseur can even use his palm for massaging the scalp, each time the stress must be enhanced. This can impart a greater impact. Some masseurs additionally faucet or percuss the top of the affected person with their fingers or give delicate mild blows with their fists. These methods are introduced in for the duration of the remedy or simply earlier than ending the remedy. These manoeuvres will present excessive rest to the affected person.

If the affected person has not shaved the top, giant portions of oil is required for head therapeutic massage and far of the oil will likely be wasted on the finish of the remedy. This needs to be knowledgeable to the affected person beforehand.

Precautions to be taken whereas conducting Shiro Abhyanga –

The masseur or the particular person conducting the top therapeutic massage ought to have reduce his nails and trimmed them
They should have no infectious ailments, inflammatory or degenerative ailments of their fingers of fingers
The fingers of the masseur needs to be devoid of cracks and fissures
Masseurs ought to take warning to not therapeutic massage the top in a violent manner or by making use of deep stress. This may increasingly trigger problems like headache and many others. the affected person could get uncomfortable and may discontinue the remedy. Our goal is to provide rest, not discomfort.
Additionally, the particular person present process Shiro Abhyanga shouldn’t be having – Head accidents, scalp or hair root infections or any autoimmune issues like scalp psoriasis and ailments like eczema and many others, alcoholic intoxication and many others
Alternatively – Shiro Abhyanga may be executed by inserting the affected person in mendacity place.

Paschat Karma

Paschat Karma (Publish-treatment procedures):
Sarva Abhyanga – If Shiro Abhyanga is being carried out as part of Sarva Abhyanga (full physique therapeutic massage), the complete physique therapeutic massage is commenced after having accomplished Shiro Abhyanga. This shall be adopted by remedy procedures like Swedana (sweating therapies) if it has been included within the remedy protocol.

If additional therapies usually are not deliberate after Shiro Abhyanga, the particular person needs to be allowed to calm down for some time. The physique shouldn’t be instantly uncovered to chilly or chilly measures. Doing so may induce some signs like chilly, headache and many others.

Any extra oil dripping round needs to be wiped off utilizing sterile garments or tissue papers or sterile cotton pads.
Snana – Later a scorching water bathtub needs to be given. Alternatively water boiled with Nirgundi (Vitex negundo), Nimba (neem) or Dashamula (10 roots) shall be used for bathing objective. Heat water processed with Amalaki, Triphala or Chandana shall be used for head bathtub. The oil shall be eliminated utilizing inexperienced gram flour or natural soaps or shampoos. Siddharthaka Snana Churna is available (bathing powder) for bathing functions. Scorching water shouldn’t be used over the top as a result of it could injury the sense organs. Affected person is suggested to take a refreshing scorching water bathtub after going residence or after just a few hours if the affected person is being dealt with as in-patient.

After scorching water bathe, decoctions like Shunti Kwatha (ginger decoction), Jeerakadi Kwatha or Gandharvahastadi Kwatha needs to be administered for oral consumption both within the clinic or hospital or at residence after discharge. These natural extracts hold correcting the disturbed metabolism within the physique and likewise hold micro-cleansing the system by eradicating blocks from the cells.

Utility of Rasnadi Churna – Procedures performed on the top like Murdhni Taila (together with Shiro Abhyanga) will generally trigger acute chilly and chilly associated signs like working nostril, sneeze and many others. Subsequently as a precautionary measure, on daily basis after the completion of Shiro Abhyanga, a small quantity of Rasnadi Churna natural powder is rubbed over the crown of the top. This powder induces heat within the head and sense organs and retains the chilly and associated signs at bay. If not, the chilly will become headache and respiratory issues because of post-nasal drip and produce a hinderance to the graceful conduct of the remedy.
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Nitya Virechana – Day by day metered dose of purgation with purgative decoctions particularly Gandharvahastadi Kashayam needs to be administered on daily basis after Shiro Abhyanga. It needs to be given in a dose of 24-48 ml at bedtime. This natural extract is principally a laxative and finest one within the enterprise of controlling the morbidity and vitiation of Vayu.

Laghu Ahara – When the affected person will get hungry, she or he needs to be served with gentle and simply digestible meals. The meals ought to ideally be liquid or semi-solid and will have been processed with ginger.
Mild digestible meals at all times enhances an efficient remedy and set of medicines and helps in fast restoration from the illnesses. Shiro Abhyanga is noexception.
Mild meals can also be suggested for wholesome people present process Shiro Abhyanga. Scorching liquid weight loss plan garnished with kitchen spices like ginger, pepper, cumin seeds and many others needs to be prescribed. Laghu ahara additionally serves the aim of deepana (metabolism enhancing impact) and pachana (expulsion of ama, poisonous substances shaped because of unhealthy metabolism).

The lightest meals format comes within the types of:
Yavagu – is a liquid preparation within the type of skinny gruel whereby rice (1part) is processed in 6 occasions water. It’s seen that the ultimate preparation has extra of liquid than strong.
Vilepi – is a liquid preparation within the type of skinny gruel whereby rice (1part) is processed in 4 occasions water. It’s seen that the ultimate preparation is of a semisolid nature. Aside from being nutritious and engaging, it’s recognized to destroy ama by its root and kindle the stomach fireplace.
Peya – is a liquid preparation within the type of skinny gruel whereby rice (1part) is processed in 14 occasions water. It’s seen that the ultimate preparation has a small amount of strong portion left over.
Manda – is a liquid preparation within the type of skinny gruel whereby rice (1part) is processed in 14 occasions water. It’s seen that your complete strong content material is filtered out from the ultimate preparation such that solely liquid stays.
Yusha – is a liquid preparation within the type of skinny gruel whereby dal i.e. grams primarily inexperienced gram (1part) is processed in 18 occasions water and its extract is filtered out.

In present day way of life, it’s extremely tough to organize these types of weight loss plan. The secret is planning and consuming wholesome and balanced meals based on ones comfort.

If Shiro Abhyanga is being executed as part of remedy for some ailment or is part of an enormous remedy package deal oriented in the direction of some main well being challenge, the next restrictions shall be adopted –

Restrictions to observe

Keep away from these items after head therapeutic massage: 

Extreme indulgence in sexual pleasures
Strenuous bodily workouts
Publicity to daylight
Publicity to chilly or consumption of chilly meals substances and smoking,
Extreme sleeping
Standing in cool breezy or dusty areas for very long time
Forcibly withholding the pure urges or reflexes of the physique like these of defecation, urination, starvation, thirst, sleep, sneeze and many others,
Excessive or low levelled pillows whereas sleeping
Grief and anger
Maintaining woke up until late nights
Strolling for lengthy distances
Talking or shouting in extra, talking loudly and many others.
Preserve the thoughts free from stress, in a pleasing situation

If Shiro Abhyanga is being executed as part of Dinacharya, the above mentioned restrictions shall nonetheless be adopted based on ones comfort

Discharge – The affected person is discharged on every day foundation (out-patient) or after the course has been accomplished (in-patient) after giving correct way of life and weight loss plan advises together with appropriate medicines (oral). The affected person can also be suggested to endure the remedy twice or thrice in a yr.
Illness particular and illness modifying medicines shall be given within the observe up interval.
Different distressing and Vata controlling actions comparable to Yoga, Meditation and many others shall even be suggested


Length of the course –
The variety of days of remedy varies from 7-21 days relying on the character and depth of the illness (or till the primary course of which Shiro Abhyanga is part and parcel has been completed as scheduled). It’s normally executed for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days.

Mode of motion

Possible mode of motion of Shiro Abhyanga –

It’s tough to show with scientific measures how precisely Shiro Abhyanga works however we can’t ignore the magnificent outcomes offered by these therapies. Let’s work out in a hypothetical manner. Under defined is the hypothetical rationalization of how Moordha Taila or Murdhni Taila may work. Since Shiro Abhyanga is a type of Murdhni Taila, the identical speculation works. Thus within the dialogue forward, I’ve used the phrase Moordha Taila or Murdhni Taila interchangeably with Shiro Abhyanga.

Controlling Vayu – Vayu is the driving power of all of the actions of the physique and thoughts. Vayu is claimed to be a Tantra (system) which runs the Yantra (machine) known as as Shareera (physique). Pitta’s, Kapha, the tissues of the physique, the waste excreta of the physique, all are depending on Vata (Vayu). If Vayu is functioning correctly all these parts are in equilibrium and if Vayu is disturbed, it additional disturbs different parts of the physique and causes big selection of ailments.

The important thing for effectively being is in having the Vayu (life power and power) in our physique in management. Murdhni Taila could have an amazing impact on controlling Vayu. It controls, pacifies and expels the morbid Vayu. Chakrapani has already clarified that Prana situated within the Shiras is nothing however several types of Vayu. Controlling Vayu is sort of catching the bull by its horns; all of the actions within the physique will fall in line.

Enjoyable and coolant impact on the mind Murdhni Taila (Shiro Abhyanga right here) has a calming impact (and coolant impact in therapies like Takra shiro dhara) on the mind and the entire nervous system and therefore releases the stress and nervousness stagnant within the chief controlling station of our physique. As we all know that the mind controls all of the capabilities of the physique.

The grasp gland Pituitary gland and the hypothalamus related to many bodily and psychological capabilities are situated within the head. When all these are relaxed, the physique capabilities together with the center capabilities happen in a relaxed method. The circulation of blood and vitamins happen in a correct manner.

The peripheral resistance is decreased. The channels of the physique open up. The cells begin flushing the toxins and total metabolism will get improved. Murdhni taila (Shiro Abhyanga) additionally relieves stress to an incredible extent. After we get de-stressed the psychosomatic stability is established. The mind will begin controlling the physique mechanics in a greater and environment friendly manner. We’ll really feel at bliss and better of body-mind well being.

Balancing Pitta and Rakta – Rakta or blood is the chief website of Pitta. Variations in pitta will have an effect on the blood circulate and variations in blood tissue could have its impression on Pitta. Murdhni Taila (Shiro Abhyanga) procedures will convey a couple of stability between the circulating Rakta and Pitta situated within the Rakta. This circulating Pitta is accountable for many inflammatory processes going down at numerous components of the physique, when it will get vitiated.

By establishing cordiality between Pitta and Rakta, Murdhni Taila (Shiro Abhyanga) establishes a balanced circulation all through the physique and relieves the stress over the center. Ailments like hypertension, which is the important thing for a lot of systemic issues will likely be dealt. Irritation going down in numerous tissues and organs may be dropped at the halt. The physique will likely be in additional peace with itself.

Revitalizing the nervous system MoordhaTaila (Shiro Abhyanga) procedures relaxes & revitalizes the central nervous system, balances the mind and hormonal capabilities and thus regularizes and relaxes all of the capabilities of the physique. The stress in every cell and passage of the physique is eliminated. It has a soothing impact on the endocrine system.

Enhancing blood provide and diet to mind Murdhni Taila (Shiro Abhyanga right here) procedures improves the availability of blood and diet to the mind and thus will increase its working compliance

Strain and Temperature impact – The stress and temperature impact of the medicaments used within the Moordha Taila (Shiro Abhyanga right here) procedures in the direction of a complete body-mind remedy can’t be dominated out

Therapeutic Marmas With an Ayurveda perspective Moordha taila (Shiro Abhyanga right here) procedures may talk with the deepest recesses of the mind by soothing the Marmas (very important factors of convergence of bones, muscular tissues, blood vessels, gentle tissues and joints) situated within the head viz Apanga, Avarta, Shanka, Utkshepa, Seemantha and Sthapani Marma’s with which the medicaments comes into contact with.

Most of those Marma’s are associated to the attention and blood circulation to the mind. By activating the Marma’s Murdhni Taila remedy procedures may make a robust impression on the functioning of central nervous system and necessary glands inside the mind.

Impact on Alochaka Pitta Alochaka Pitta (Pitta subtype) which is situated within the Eye is claimed to be of two varieties. One is Chakshu Vaisheshika (situated inside the eye and maintains its effectively being) and the opposite is Buddhi Vaisheshika (the a part of Alockhaka Pitta which has its connectivity with increased centres of the mind and thus screens the upper capabilities like intelligence, reminiscence and many others). Apanga and Avarta marma’s are associated to the attention. Murdhni Taila (Shiro Abhyanga right here) procedures particularly dhara and vasti may make a soothing impression on buddhi vaisheshika alochaka pitta by means of these Marma’s and in return soothe the nervous system.

Reversing Chitta Nasha and Bhaya The damage of Seemantha Marma (joints of the cranium) is claimed to trigger Chitta Nasha (psychological abnormality) and Bhaya (worry advanced). Thus when the identical Marma is healed by means of Dhara and different Moordha taila procedures, it might reverse the Chitta Nasha and Bhaya, i.e. it’d relieve stress, nervousness and despair. With this the relaxed nervous system will care for coronary heart capabilities and circulation patterns.

Management of governing Dosha’s The chief governing doshas within the head are Prana Vayu, Sadhaka Pitta and Tarpaka Kapha. The integrity of the functioning of those 3 sub-dosha’s is the important thing for an ideal body-mind well being. The mind controls the entire physique and thoughts by means of the balanced and correctly functioning Prana, Sadhaka and Tarpaka. Imbalance or vitiation of a number of of those 3 elements will result in many psychosomatic ailments.

The soothing of those Marma’s and in flip soothing of Nervous system and endocrine glands as an impact of MoordhaTaila (Shiro Abhyanga right here) remedy procedures will certainly calm down Prana Vayu, Sadhaka Pitta and Tarpaka Kapha within the mind (head).

These in flip could have a calming impact over the Vyana Vayu, Ranjaka Pitta, Avalambaka Kapha and Udana Vayu controlling the center capabilities and circulation. They may also have the opposite sub doshas in management. By controlling the Kledaka kapha, bodhaka kapha, samana vayu, ranjaka pitta and pachaka pitta, the important thing mind dosha’s will hold the core metabolism underneath management.

By controlling the apana vayu, they may hold the excretory capabilities underneath management and assist in common cleansing of the physique. By controlling the bhrajaka pitta and vyana vayu, they may trim the color and complexion. By controlling the Shleshaka kapha capabilities they may keep the musculoskeletal integrity.


The advantages talked about in relation to Murdhni Taila may be thought of as advantages of Shiro Abhyanga. They’re as under talked about –
As already mentioned, Moordha taila (software of oil to the top) is extremely helpful for the mind, sense organs, nerves and hairs. This not solely cures many issues associated to move, neck and the above talked about organs, it additionally retains many ailments at bay. Moordha Taila controls vitiated Vayu and Pitta within the head. Vitiated Vata and Pitta would result in many ailments of the mind, nerves and sense organs by producing degenerative and inflammatory adjustments respectively. They, when severely vitiated may cause irreversible injury in these organs.

Thus Moordha Taila is each a prophylactic (preventive) and healing measure. For the reason that mind and the nervous system controls your complete physique capabilities, soothing them with Moordha taila procedures will hold the physique match and wholesome. All of the capabilities within the physique will likely be carried out easily.

Pituitary gland is the grasp gland which controls all of the endocrine capabilities within the physique (capabilities of small glands which produce necessary chemical compounds that are wanted for a lot of physique capabilities and discharge it into the blood stream straight, they don’t have ducts or tubes to empty their secretions), is situated within the head.

Moordhi Taila, controls the pituitary capabilities and in flip all the opposite endocrine capabilities. This helps within the easy working of the physique mechanics. Moordhi Taila soothes the confused and agitated thoughts and helps us to maintain calm and comfy. Moordhi Taila helps in discharge of joyful chemical compounds which helps us to return out of temper swings and dwell at peace.

Nityam sneha aardram shirasaha shiraha shoolam na jaayate
Na khaalityam na paalityam na keshaaha prapatanti cha
Balaha shiraha kapaalaanaam visheshena abhivardhate
Dridha moolaaha cha deerghaaha cha krishnaa keshaa bhavati hello
Indriyaanaam praseedanti su twak bhavati cha aananam
Nidraa laabhaha sukham cha syaat moordhni tailam nishevanaat (Ref – Charaka Sutra Sthanam 5/81-83)
When the top is saved moist by making use of oil on it –
It prevents head ache (shira shoola)
It prevents baldness (khalityam)
It prevents untimely greying of hair (paalityam)
It prevents hair fall (kasha prapatana)
It helps hairs to get deep rooted, lengthy, dense, look stunning and pitch black in color
It retains the sense organs in a wholesome situation
It helps in enhancing the glow and complexion of the face
It helps in inducing good sleep (nidraa labha)
It offers happiness and pleasantness of thoughts (sukham), relieves stress
Rejuvenates and energizes the physique
Agni sthairyam – establishes the normalcy of digestive fireplace and corrects metabolism
Ojo sthairyam – stabilises and fortifies ojus within the physique (ojus is the essence of all of the tissues shaped as an finish product of tissue formation, its normalcy by way of high quality and amount factors in the direction of a longtime immunity)
Soothes the nerves and improves blood circulation
Removes stress, relaxes thoughts
Paatavam indriyasya – relaxes and rejuvenates the thoughts and senses
Jaraso maandhyam – delays ageing
Chiram jeevitam – offers longevity of life
Nitaraam doshaan – controls and creates equilibrium in all of the doshas
Vrishataa – acts as an aphrodisiac
Murdhni Taila additionally prevents these ailments attributable to Shiro Abhihata (talked about above) and if these ailments have occurred, Murdhni Taila helps in mitigating them successfully.

Shiro rogaan tathaa rogaaha shiro abhyanga upakarshitaha
Keshaanaam maardavam dairghyam bahutvam snigdha krushnataam
Karoti shirasaha truptim sutvakkam api cha aananam
Santarpanam cha indriyaanaam shirasaha paripooranam (Ref – Sushruta Chikitsa 24/25,26)
Shiro Abhyanga is the remedy of alternative for Shiro Rogas (ailments associated to the top). The hairs turn into easy, lengthy, dense, oily and black. The top and its contents are nourished, the pores and skin of the face turns into stunning and glamorous and the sense organs are nourished.

Shiro Abhyanga wards off Roukshya (dryness of the top and scalp), Kandu (itching within the scalp) and Mala (dust within the head)

Shiro Abhyanga imparts all the advantages of Abhyanga (Therapeutic massage with natural oils) –
Abhyangam acharet nityam sa jara shrama vataha
Drishti prasaadaha pushti ayu swapna su twak daardhya krit (Ref – Ashtanga Hridaya Sutra 2/7)

Tathaa shareeram abhyangaat dridam su twak cha jaayate
Prashaantam maaruta aabaadham klesha vyaayaama samsaham (Charaka Sutra 5/85)

Susparsho upachita angaha cha balavaan priya darshinaha
Bhavati abhyanga nityatvaat naro alpa jaraa eva cha (Ref – Charaka Sutra 5/89)

Abhyango maardava karaha kapha vaata nirodhinaha
Dhaatoonaam drishti janano mrujaa varna bala pradaha (Ref – Sushruta Chikitsa 24/30)
Jarahara / Alpa Jaraa – Halts ageing course of
Shramahara – Relieves fatigue and tiredness
Vataha / Prashanta Maruta Abadham – Controls and expels morbid Vata, cures Vata issues
Drishti prasaada – Improves imaginative and prescient
Pushti / Upachita Anga – Promotes energy and bulk of muscular tissues
Ayu – Enhances life span
Swapna – Induces good sleep and relieves insomnia
Su Twak / Susparsha – Promotes pores and skin well being
Dardhya krit – Offers energy and stability and compactness to the physique
Klesha samsaham – Improves tolerance to hardships
Vyayama samsaham – Enhances the capability of train tolerance
Priya darshinaha / Varna Pradaha – Enhances magnificence
Balavaan / Bala pradaha – Improves energy, integrity and immunity
Mardava Kara – Brings about smoothness of the physique components
Kapha Nirodhinaha – Expels morbid Kapha
Dhatoonaam Janano – Enhances amount and high quality of the tissues, thus enhancing the immunity of the physique


Shiro Abhyanga is without doubt one of the finest Ayurvedic therapies that are used to stop and deal with many psychosomatic sicknesses. It’s the finest stress relieving remedy. It offers good energy, freshness and power, improves metabolism, circulation and nerve conduction.

However then again it’s not a sole treatment particularly when used therapeutically. Parallel to it we’d have so as to add some illness modifying medicine and or compounds and efficient therapies for higher reduction.

Together with Shiro-Abhyanga some oral medicines which improve energy and stability needs to be included together with some immune-modulators, anti-ageing medicines and rejuvenators. Holistic mind-body therapeutic is at all times the motto of Ayurveda.

Head therapeutic massage is carried out as a part of complete physique therapeutic massage. The truth is, the entire physique therapeutic massage begins with Shiro Abhyanga.
Shiro Abhyanga may be individually deliberate and used skilfully to mitigate the above talked about ailments or for prevention of many psychosomatic ailments. It may be undertaken as part of Dinacharya (every day routine) every day by everybody. This provides Shiro Abhyanga a bigger prophylactic dimension together with it healing utility.

Quite the opposite, once we plan Shiro Abhyanga we will additionally consider conducting Sarva Abhyanga together with Padabhyanga (foot therapeutic massage) for added advantages of the remedy. After we plan Sarva Abhyang alongside Shiro Abhyanga we have to acquire the oils wanted for Sarva Abhyanga as effectively.

Totally different oils are most well-liked for Sarva Abhyanga and Shiro Abhyanga. Many occasions the physician intellectually plans to make use of the identical oil for each Sarva Abhyanga and Shiro Abhyanga. Ex, Ksheerabala Taila is an oil which can be utilized for each head and physique in case of Vata afflictions, Vata issues, degenerative ailments and headache and insomnia.

Skilfully planning the oil additionally will curtail the bills of the remedy and make it reasonably priced. Ayurveda advices to make use of recent oil on a regular basis. Subsequently the pharmacy ought to have satisfactory inventory of the oil. Even when the Shiro Abhyanga is deliberate to be carried out at residence (for the reason that process is straightforward and simple to do at residence), the affected person shall have adequate oil saved at residence (after having taken the consent and advise of the consulting physician).

For Sharira Abhyanga (physique therapeutic massage) the under talked about oils could also be ideally used:
Sahacharadi Taila,
Ksheerabala Taila,
Chandanabala Lakshadi Tailam,
Dhanwantara Tailam,
Mahanarayana Tailam,
Balashwagandhadi Tailam,
Karpasastyadi Tailam,
Panchaguna Tailam and many others

The oils needs to be chosen retaining in view the physique structure, morbid doshas and nature of morbidity concerned
Use of Chakra Taila –
Sushruta makes a particular point out of oil known as Chakra Taila for Shiro Abhyanga. That is an oil which is extracted by crushing the medicinal herbs in an yantra (machine).

Substances used –
Yashtimadhu – Glycyrrhiza glabra (Indian liquorice)
Vidari – Pueraria tuberose
Sarala – Pinus longifolia / Pinus roxburghii
Devadaru – Cedrus deodara
Laghu Panchamula – Roots of Shalaparni – Desmodium gangeticum, Prishniparni – Uraria picta, Brihati – Solanum indicum, Kantakari – Solanum surattense / Solanum xanthocarpum, Gokshura – Tribulus terrestris
The above mentioned herbs are taken in 100 pala amount (4800 grams roughly, all blended collectively)
The above mentioned herbs are crushed into coarse powder.
To this, 512 pala (24576 grams roughly) water is added and boiled on reasonable flame of fireplace till solely 110pala (5280 grams) of liquid stays.
The components are filtered by means of a robust filter fabric or sieve and the strong materials separated
To the filtrate, the paste of the above mentioned herbs is added in a amount of 8pala (388grams) and blended effectively. Later Tila Taila (sesame oil) extracted after churning it within the machine (within the type of chakra or wheel) is added in a amount of 32 pala (1546grams) is added and boiled till the entire water evaporates. This oil is known as Chakra Taila and is solely used for Shiro Abhyanga.

Forms of Moordha Taila

Abhyangaha sekaha pichavaha bastihi cha iti chatuhu vidham
Moordha tailam bahu gunam tat vidyaat uttara uttaram (Ref – Ashtanga Hridaya Sootram 2/23)
Moordha Taila or Murdhni Taila is of 4 varieties –
Shiro Abhyanga –
(Shiro=Head, Abhyanga=Therapeutic massage) Shiro Abhyanga means massaging the top with natural oils for a hard and fast period of time (normally 30-40 minutes)
Shiro Seka / Shiro dhara –
(Shiro=Head, Seka or Dhara=Stream pouring) Shiro dhara or seka is a process through which the natural oils or medicated liquids (milk, buttermilk and many others) are poured in stream over the top of the particular person for a hard and fast period of time (normally 35-45 minutes or 60 minutes)
Shiro Pichu –
(Shiro=Head, Pichu=Maintaining a cotton pad dipped in oil) Shiro Pichu is a process through which a sterile cotton pad dipped in natural oil is saved over the top (vertex or crown or total scalp) and tied with a bandage fabric. The Pichu is saved in place for a hard and fast period of time (normally 1-2 hours to ¼ to ½ a day)
Shiro Basti (Vasti) –
(Shiro=Head, Basti or Vasti=Pooling) Shiro Basti or Shiro Vasti is a process through which a cabin or compartment is constructed over the top of the particular person (in sitting place) utilizing a leather-based cap, its junction with the top sealed with moist flour of black gram and full of natural oils. The oil is saved in place for a hard and fast period of time (normally 45 minutes to 60 minutes). The temperature of the oil in Shiro Vasti needs to be monitored repeatedly and will by no means permit getting cool.

Be aware – The period of the remedy is versatile and is fastened relying on the morbidity or as wanted for the structure of the particular person in query or as per the choice of the doctor.

Every kind of Murdhni Taila has its personal advantages however they’re comparably environment friendly within the chronology talked about by Acharya Vagbhata (historical Ayurvedic doctor and instructor) within the above mentioned verse –
Shiro Seka is more practical and helpful compared to Shiro Abhyanga
Shiro Pichu is more practical and helpful compared to Shiro Seka
Shiro Vasti is more practical and helpful compared to Shiro Pichu

Simply Earlier than Ending,
Shiro Abhyanga is one of the best remedy which Ayurveda offers for distressing, stress-free and to do away with many psychosomatic sicknesses. It isn’t all about making use of oil over the top and massaging it deep. Shiro Abhyanga retains our senses at peace, thoughts at tranquility, provides us the power to win over day-to-day stress, offers a ‘never-been-so-healthy’ really feel, regularizes metabolism, controls and balances the doshas, integrates physique thoughts co-ordination and prevents many ailments.

It offers a complete body-mind wellness. Many individuals could have reluctance on utilizing the oils over their heads. However the place can we get the lubrication and rest from if we don’t come out of sure inhibitions? We are able to’t sail in 2 boats.

Standing amidst this nerve-racking world whereby our physique, thoughts, senses and soul are present process put on and tear frequently, it’s excessive time that you just go on for a body-mind servicing in a holistic and conventional manner and earn a complete well being and a by no means skilled kind of effectively being.

On the identical time you possibly can hold many ailments at bay. Shiro-Abhyanga has a profit that it is vitally simple to do and follow inside the 4 partitions of your stunning residence offered you could have a soul mate that may do it for you with pleasure and love. All you should do is to search out an skilled Ayurvedic physician in your neighborhood and get some natural oil suited to your physique structure or which might relieve your stress and morbidity!

Article by: Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ayu)
E mail: [email protected]

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