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Ahara Shakti Pariksha Examination Of Digestion Energy

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Meals is the fundamental want and one of many supporting pillars of our life, the opposite two being sleep and celibacy. Meals supplies vitality and all life actions rely on meals decisions and the capability of the physique to digest and convert into vitality.
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Digestion energy is totally different for various people. It is usually totally different for various sorts of meals in the identical given particular person.

The meals must be digested correctly not only for acquiring vitality but in addition as a result of improperly digested meals trigger formation and accumulation of undesirable issues like ama and excreta within the physique. They trigger harm to tissues in the long run. This types the muse for a lot of problems to manifest in future days. The intermediate merchandise of digestion like ama sooner or later of time grow to be physique toxins and disturb easy functioning of all organs and techniques.
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Subsequently whereas analyzing the illness or diseased the doctor ought to duly think about the examination of digestion energy of the affected person.

Grasp Vagbhata says that each one ailments have their origin from a weak digestion energy, primarily the belly problems. Indigestion of meals, consumption of contaminated meals and accumulation of wastes within the physique are the opposite causes.

In Madhava Nidana we are able to discover a reference
‘Individuals who shouldn’t have self management over their meals habits eat with animal intuition. This turns into accountable for manifestation of indigestion which is the foundation of many ailments’. 
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One other reference about ama tells – ‘Wherever there’s ama, ache (illness) is manifested in the identical place’.

This ama is a byproduct of improper digestion. Ama is the foundation supply of many problems.

Sama Agni or balanced digestive capability is among the indicators of complete well being. Subsequently a balanced state of digestive hearth and indicators of correct digestion of meals signifies good well being of the digestive system and general well being. Then again, imbalanced digestive energy and indicators and signs of indigestion of meals recommend dangerous well being of the digestive system and general dangerous well being.
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Sanskrit Verses

Agni Imbalances, Sorts of Indigestion

There are primarily 3 sorts of imbalanced digestive hearth. They’re –

Sl No Type of imbalance of digestive hearth Dosha affect on digestive hearth Type of indigestion induced Penalties
1 Mandagni  – weak hearth and decreased digestive capability Kapha Amajirna – meals is badly and incompletely digested Kapha problems
2 Tikshnagni – intense hearth and elevated digestive capability Pitta Vidagdhajirna – meals is burnt and likewise digested in fast time Pitta problems
3 Vishamagni – fluctuating and bizarre hearth and erratic / fluctuating / unpredictable digestive capability Vata Vishtabdajirna – meals is usually digested correctly and generally poorly Vata problems

The complete department of Kayachikitsa offers with curing the ailments by the use of balancing the digestive hearth. Subsequently analyzing the digestive energy of the affected person is a key element of examination of the affected person.
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Examination of Ahara Shakti

Grasp Charaka tells –The affected person must be examined from the point of view of his digestive capability.

Ahara Shakti means the measure of what amount of meals one would comfortably devour and what and the way a lot is his capability to digest the consumed meals. The examination of the capability  of digestion of meals may be very important whereas analyzing the affected person as a result of the meals is the chief supply for one’s energy and sustenance of life.

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Inquiries to affected person

Do you’re taking non vegetarian meals? Typically good Ahara Shakti
Roughly how a lot oil or ghee or fats you utilize in your food plan? What’s the nature of fats that you just use? Which oil do you utilize to cook dinner?
Questions associated to bowel actions, digestive well being

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