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7 Day GM Weight-reduction plan Plan for Weight Loss

The unique GM Weight-reduction plan Plan was developed by Basic Motors, with the assistance of the Meals and Drug Administration and america Division of Agriculture, in 1985 for its workers. The concept was to make these workers more healthy, and within the course of, enhance workforce productiveness. The preliminary outcomes had been spectacular and the employees underwent important weight reduction in only a week which confirmed improved effectivity, power and confidence.

Whereas the GM Weight-reduction plan Plan for weight reduction was deemed successful and is taken into account simple to comply with, most nutritionists don’t advocate that you simply comply with it. Though it ends in rapid weight reduction, the food regimen additionally has a number of unwanted side effects that we’ll be discussing later within the article.

At HealthifyMe, we imagine one ought to intention to comply with a balanced food regimen that will guarantee weight reduction whereas additionally serving to the physique take in the vitamins it requires. In the event you’re on the lookout for a food regimen chart that can assist you drop some weight and preserve you wholesome, we propose you check out one of the best Indian diet plan for weight reduction.

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7 Day GM Weight-reduction plan Plan

The GM Weight-reduction plan Plan is concentrated on making certain the consumption of complicated carbs, together with low-calorie meals. This mixed with an elevated water consumption may end up in a big weight reduction within the span of every week. The concept is to restrict one’s weekly food regimen to only fruits, greens, brown rice, and rooster. The plan, initially designed for the workers of Basic Motors, is as proven under.

Day Meal
Day 1
  • All fruits – besides bananas
  • Really useful fruits are watermelon and muskmelon
  • 8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 2
  • Massive boiled potato
  • Cooked or raw greens of your selection with out oil
  • 8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 3
  • All fruits – besides bananas
  • Cooked or raw greens (besides potatoes) of your selection with out oil
  • 8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 4
  • 8 to 10 bananas
  • 3 to 4 glasses of milk
  • 8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 5
  • 6 tomatoes
  • One cup of brown rice
  • 12 to fifteen glasses of water
Day 6
  • One cup of brown rice
  • Cooked or raw greens (besides potatoes) of your selection with out oil
  • 8 to 12 glasses of water
Day 7
  • One cup of brown rice
  • Any greens
  • All fruit juices

GM Weight-reduction plan Plan Indian Model

The Indian model of the GM Weight-reduction plan Plan wouldn’t change very a lot from the unique model. However, whereas the unique GM Weight-reduction plan permits the consumption of meat within the type of beef, this will probably be changed in India with vegetarian alternate options, since a large portion of the inhabitants doesn’t devour beef.

Whereas the non-vegetarians can nonetheless devour protein within the type of rooster on day 5 and 6, the vegetarians can substitute the meat with a cup of brown rice.

GM Weight-reduction plan Plan – Day 1

sliced fruits

Begin the food regimen by consuming as many fruits as you want to on the very first day as there aren’t any particular directions on the amount and when one ought to eat them. Nonetheless, watermelons and muskmelons are extremely beneficial since they comprise excessive quantities of fiber, you may also embody apples, oranges, and papaya in your food regimen.

One other vital a part of the food regimen could be to devour 8 to 12 glasses of water within the day and one should keep away from ravenous at any level of the day. In the event you’re hungry at any time, be happy to eat some fruits and fulfill your starvation.

These fiber-rich and low-fat meals preserve a person full for longer, thereby decreasing a person’s calorie consumption. The excessive water consumption can even serve to flush out the toxins from the physique and put together it for the remainder of the food regimen.

On day one, keep away from any type of greens fully and keep on with consuming fruits. Amongst fruits, it’s ultimate to steer clear of bananas. Day one ought to really feel slightly simpler because the monotony of the meals could be but to kick in. So, keep on with the plan, and really feel lively and energetic for the remainder of the day.

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Time Meal
8:00 AM 1 medium apple

A number of plums or an orange

10:30 AM ½ bowl of sliced muskmelon
12:30 PM 1 bowl of watermelon
4:00 PM 1 giant orange or mosambi
6:30 PM 1 cup of muskmelon and pomegranate salad
8:30 PM ½ cup of watermelon

GM Weight-reduction plan Plan – Day 2

In contrast to the primary day, the second day of the GM Weight-reduction plan includes consuming simply greens. These veggies will be consumed uncooked or will be cooked in an effort to make them palatable. Additionally, be certain that there isn’t any oil concerned of their preparation.

In the event you select to eat potatoes, keep away from selecting unhealthy choices like deep-fried, or perhaps a packet of your favourite model of chips, although you’ll be able to snack on greens at any time of the day in case you’re hungry. If completely required, olive oil or butter can be utilized sparingly for flavour.

Greens comprise all of the vitamins that it is advisable maintain the physique. You get the required carbs from potatoes, protein from peas, and carrots and beans are full of fiber and all important nutritional vitamins. After a comparatively low-carb day one, this can assist restore the carbohydrate content material in your physique and additional offer you sufficient power to maintain the food regimen going. As per the plan, it’s essential to steer clear of fruits altogether on day 2.

Time Meal
8:00 AM 1 cup of boiled potatoes
10:30 AM ½ bowl of cucumber
12:30 PM 1 cup of lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and capsicum
4:00 PM ½ cup sliced carrots and a glass of lemon juice with a pinch of salt
6:30 PM 1 cup boiled broccoli and inexperienced peas
8:30 PM 1 cucumber

GM Weight-reduction plan Plan – Day 3

On the third day of the food regimen, one should keep on with consuming a mix of vegatables and fruits. These meals may very well be the identical as these consumed within the first two days. Nonetheless, the one meals that should be averted are potatoes and bananas.

Midway via the week, your physique would have begun to regulate to the brand new food regimen. After a day of consuming solely greens, the fruits could be a welcome addition to it as a result of the mixture of vegatables and fruits additionally gives the physique with the advantages of excessive fiber and protein.

You’d additionally want to incorporate 8 to 12 glasses of water in an effort to flush out all toxins from the physique. Along with replenishing your physique and giving the physique all of the vitamins it wants, you may also add the GM Weight-reduction plan Soup to your food regimen on the third day. This transformation can even assist fulfill your style buds and break the monotony of the primary two days.

Time Meal
8:00 AM ½ bowl of muskmelon
10:30 AM 1 cup of pineapple or pear
12:30 PM 1 cup of lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and capsicum
4:00 PM ½ cup sliced carrots and a glass of lemon juice with a pinch of salt
6:30 PM 1 cup of boiled broccoli and inexperienced peas
8:30 PM 1 cucumber

GM Weight-reduction plan Plan – Day 4

bananas for gm diet day 4

The bananas that had been averted over the primary three days can lastly be consumed on the fourth day and one should devour 8 bananas over the course of the day. The consumption will be break up throughout the day’s meal and snack instances. Along with that, one also needs to devour a giant glass of milk every, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In case this turns into monotonous, a bowl of soup will also be included within the food regimen.

Bananas are wealthy in pectin, and therefore, they assist in digestion. In addition they present one’s physique with the moment power they should preserve going. Together with different vitamins, they’re additionally excessive in potassium, and low in salt. Moreover, the milk one consumes on today can be an amazing supply of potassium and calcium. Because of being fortified with Vitamin D, the milk additional helps strengthen bones.

On Day 4, one should fully keep away from snacking on fruits apart from bananas. Although you may also substitute bananas and milk with fig and soy milk. Potatoes and candy potatoes should be ignored as properly.

Time Meal
8:00 AM 2 bananas
10:30 AM 1 banana
12:30 PM Milkshake (2 bananas + 1 glass of milk + a splash of cocoa powder)
4:00 PM 2 bananas
6:30 PM 1 banana

1 glass of milk

8:30 PM 1 glass of milk

GM Weight-reduction plan Plan – Day 5

On day 5, vegetarians can decide to eat a bowl of brown rice, whereas non-vegetarians can devour a lean protein supply like fish or rooster breast. Along with that, one should additionally eat 6 giant tomatoes.

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Whereas vegetarians can eat a bowl of brown rice for lunch, it’s essential to take care to make sure that minimal oil is used for cooking, non-vegetarians can eat about 500 g of baked or evenly fried skinless rooster, together with the 6 tomatoes. You may fight the excessive quantities of uric acid that your physique will probably be producing by ingesting as much as 15 glasses of water each day.

Brown rice is wealthy in fiber and helps with digestion. On the similar time, rooster and fish are wonderful sources of lean protein. Moreover, fish additionally has omega-3 fatty acids and the excessive fiber in tomatoes means they support digestion too.

One should be aware this, it is very important keep away from potatoes and candy potatoes amongst greens, and bananas amongst fruits that had been beneficial earlier within the week. You may as well have a bowl of GM Weight-reduction plan Soup as a part of the mid-morning or night snack.

Time Meal
9:00 AM 3 tomatoes
12:30 PM ½ cup of brown rice

Sautéed assorted veggies

4:00 PM 2 tomatoes
6:30 PM 1 bowl of brown rice

1 tomato

½ cup of sautéed veggies

GM Weight-reduction plan Plan – Day 6

Day 6 of the GM Weight-reduction plan requires the person to have cooked or raw greens. As instructed earlier than, vegetarians can go for a cup of brown rice, whereas non-vegetarians can embody a lean protein supply like fish or rooster breast of their food regimen.

One other comparatively excessive meals consumption day, the sixth day additionally follows a sample just like the day past with the addition of cooked or raw greens. One should guarantee that the greens are boiled and never fried and salads shouldn’t have any heavy dressing both.

Non-vegetarians can devour as much as 500 g of skinless rooster together with greens aside from tomatoes and potatoes. Along with the day past’s meals, the combination of greens on day 6 additionally gives the required fiber for the physique.Ideally, one should keep away from all fruits together with potatoes and candy potatoes.

It’s nice to see the outcomes after such a tough food regimen as on the sixth day, the burden loss progress will now be exhibiting.

Time Meal
9:00 AM 1 glass carrot juice
12:30 PM ½ cup of brown rice + ½ cup of veggies
4:00 PM 1 cup of cucumber slices
6:30 PM ½ bowl of brown rice

½ cup of veggie, rooster/cottage cheese

GM Weight-reduction plan Plan – Day 7

On the final day of the 7-day plan, one could be consuming a cup of brown rice, an assortment of greens, and fruit juice. One can eat a cup of brown rice together with a bowl of boiled greens for lunch. As for hydration, drink a glass of sugarless fruit juice after each meal or snack to enrich the nutrient-rich greens.

The rice and greens will present the physique with some much-needed power to maintain the physique to operate effectively and the fruit juices will assist flush out the toxins from the system.

As with the earlier 6 days, one should keep away from sure meals on the seventh day as properly. It’s advisable to steer clear of greens like potatoes and candy potatoes, whereas fruits like banana, cherry, mango, and pear are to be averted as properly.

Time Meal
9:00 AM 1 glass of orange/apple juice
12:30 PM ½ cup of brown rice

½ cup of sautéed veggies

4:00 PM 1 cup of watermelon/few assorted berries
6:30 PM 1 bowl of GM Soup

GM Weight-reduction plan Soup Recipe

The GM food regimen soup is a vital a part of the food regimen. It may be consumed in comparatively greater portions on any day, in an effort to guarantee that one doesn’t go hungry.

gm diet soup


  • One cabbage
  • Three medium-sized tomatoes
  • Six giant onions
  • Two inexperienced peppers
  • A bunch of celery
  • Half a liter of water


  1. First chop the onions and peppers. Place them in a pot and sauté them in olive oil until they flip gentle brown.
  2. Then, reduce the tomatoes, celery, cabbage and add them to the pot together with water.
  3. It takes about 60 minutes for the soup to get cooked. The greens should be boiled and left to simmer. Subsequent, season the soup with some salt and pepper, and luxuriate in a bowl of scrumptious soup.

Aspect Results of GM Weight-reduction plan

The GM Weight-reduction plan is in style all around the world. Nonetheless, they’ve a number of unwanted side effects that must be thought-about earlier than one chooses to comply with the food regimen.

      • Though the food regimen could allow you to drop some weight shortly, it’s excessive in fiber however low in protein, carbs, and fat. Due to this, your physique could not obtain the important vitamins.
      • The GM Weight-reduction plan can result in a metabolic slowdown in your physique. Whereas your weight reduction course of might not be affected initially, this is able to finally make it tough to keep up your physique weight.
      • The physique would use all of the fluids within the food regimen for metabolism. The food regimen may, subsequently, lead you feeling dehydrated.
      • The opposite attainable unwanted side effects of the GM Weight-reduction plan additionally embody weak spot, complications, and starvation pangs.

Skilled Assessment

GM food regimen is a crash food regimen that goes in opposition to the rules of a balanced food regimen. Although the burden loss or the outcomes are fairly fast and evident, the long-term results are extra damaging. Because you bear a drastic change in your common consuming routine, the physique sheds weight and whenever you resume your regular food regimen, one beneficial properties as a lot or extra weight than they misplaced.

It’s believed that any food regimen which requires you to cease consuming your day-to-day common staple meals isn’t sustainable. Weight administration requires constantly good consuming habits and a balanced food regimen with all vitamins. Keep away from following an unrealistic food regimen that requires additional effort to alter your life-style fully, and put the identical effort into balancing your day by day meals. This may assist preserve a very good life-style change and guarantee sustainable weight administration.


By specializing in the consumption of complicated carbs and low-calorie meals, the GM Weight-reduction plan Plan nearly ensures weight reduction. Nonetheless, following the GM Weight-reduction plan may result in a person not receiving the vitamins they require. Along with that, it may additionally make it tough to keep up one’s physique weight after the food regimen has helped one drop some weight.

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